When Henry Ford was making his famed Model T ford, he had a problem. They were too expensive to make making it hard for his customers to buy them.


At that time the wages for workers in his plant was $2.25 per day which was a good rate at the time. The problem is that even at that wage level, Ford was unable to retain workers at his factories and his turnover rate was high as workers would leave for easier jobs for the same or near the same wages.


Turnover in a business is expensive. Employees have to be trained to do their jobs in most cases. This means that productivity is going to be lower than a fully trained worker and there is also the costs associated with hiring the workers such as advertising for the jobs, interviewing applicants and so forth.

The process today is far more expensive and time consuming than it was in Ford’s day but it was still costly for him. Because of these expenses, he could not price his cars low enough for the average person to be able to afford it.


Ford came up with a novel way of solving this problem. He doubled the daily wage to $5.oo per day plus bonuses. Along with some of the reforms he was making with mass production, this became an incentive for workers to stay with Ford.

The average Ford car at that time was $450.00. With the advent of credit reforms that allowed a buyer to pay for a car over time and these new wages, thousands of people could now afford to buy his cars.

It was not long before other large companies were forced to raise their wages in order to compete with Ford. That and mass production led to the industrial revolution that has resulted in the way we live our lives today.

That lesson seems to have been lost among the business community which has gotten into the habit of paying low wages and putting up with the resulting turnover as workers get frustrated and go where they can make the most amount of money for the least amount of work.

A growing number of workers find it is worth more to simply not to work and drop out of the labor market all together.

The business community needs to learn from the past and learn new ways to decrease turnover and find ways to eliminate worker frustrations with their jobs.

Increasing wages is one important step. The reason is simple, the more a person makes, the more they can afford to buy. The more a person makes, the more he can eat. He can afford a better place to live. He can have more discretionary income to spend on things he may not need but may still enjoy.

Rather than coming up with ways to make the most profit by paying the least amount in wages, businesses should be finding ways to make the most profit while looking for ways to pay the highest wages as well.

With the price of automobiles going into the tens of thousands of dollars, fewer and fewer people can afford to own one. This trend is also present when one wants to own a home.

These are the two most important and common products that are the goals of most of the working class. Unless the business sector understands this and does something that would allow more people to buy more cars and houses, this economy will collapse.

It is time to learn the lesson of history. It is time to learn the lesson of Henry Ford.

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pres1Once again, I find myself inducing eyestrain by trying to discern yet another filing Deric has made in his ongoing civil dispute with his critics. For some strange reason, he refuses to invest in a typewriter or printer.


This time around, Deric has filed a request with the court to require that the defendants in his case preserve all their records both on and off the internet that involve any mention made about him to anyone.

Let me go through this filing to see exactly what it is he is demanding.

The introduction is rather broad in that it is demanding that virtually everything the defendants have done through any form of electronic and non electronic communications be preserved.

Take, for instance, the sentence, “Digital and physical records..” One would gather from reading it, that Deric is demanding even paper records of personal phone and utility (cable or internet access) invoices be preserved. This could amount to a great deal of man (and woman) hours spent on sorting through what is covered and not covered under the preservation order.

There are also legal and constitutional issues that arise from such an order but more on that later.


In the next screenshot, Deric defines on who has to preserve their records. Again the requirement is rather broad. It would appear that a lot of people will be getting notices having to do with Deric’s request if granted by the court.


This is the first of a number of mentions of what exactly is covered, device wise, under Deric’s preservation requests. Considering the number of people included in his request, that is a hell of a lot of material.


If the preservation of device content was not enough, Deric demands that virtually all of the social media activities of the subjects of the orders be preserved as well. Again this covers a wide range of social media accounts ranging from Facebook to a multitude of image and other multimedia websites the subjects may be involved with.


Deric is also demanding that comments of subscribers to various blogs and forums be preserved along with any identifying information as to who those commenters may be. This appears to be an attempt to identify those individuals for further litigation purposes.


Deric is leaving nothing to chance by including, phone calls, faxed documents, Wordprocessed documents and as if to make sure nothing is left out “any and all digital communications data.”


Deric, at this point, seems to want to school the subjects as to the rules of legal procedure when it applies to E.S.I:


While Deric has set Feb, 1, 2015 as a center point date in his demands, he seems to be leaving an opening for preservation of records prior of that date as well.


Deric wants to be certain that the records are not moved or destroyed.


In this next chapter, Deric seems to be warning the subjects that they should no longer use their cellphones and other devices where the existing records may be stored. This might create a problem for people who use these devices for ongoing personal and business purposes. pres12

Deric does not want any evidence destroyed. Obvious request.





The last paragraph makes it clear that Deric would seek punishment from the court should any “evidence” be deleted and destroyed.





The question one has to ask is, will the court grant his request?

One would think the answer would be an automatic NO, but it might not be as simple as that.

There are areas in his filing that just might be granted and other areas that may be rejected by the court. I will try and get into the specifics in a later article.


One thing remains clear. Deric is not being deterred by the fact that he may be on the way to jail next year. With a December 20th, 2017 court date looming, it is clear he intends to make the most of the time he has left.

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As if to prove my point, on the very day I wrote about the fake #pizzagate debacle, Tim Holmseth, the blogger I discussed in the article, linked a youtube video on the subject on his Twitter account.


Mr. Holmseth did not bother to inform the public that this is a fake news story. The reason is simple. Tim believes the story because he is obsessed with conspiracy theories about missing children.

Ever since he started “investigating” the Haleigh Cummings case, he has come up with increasingly outlandish reasons why the child vanished and in the process, defamed innocent victims by naming them as accomplices in the various criminal actions he theorized had something to do with what happened to her.

Under normal circumstances, people like Tim Holmseth would be ignored as out of this world fringe lunatics. These times are not normal, however.


Because of the strong political divisions in this country, any wacko fake news story is picked up and shared by those who are biased against the subject of the fake news story. The stories get shared with no consideration for the truth.

The net result is that people with no self control take it upon themselves to react to these stories in dangerous ways.


#pizzagate is a prime example. A man takes a gun into a pizza parlor and shoots it into the air because someone like Tim Holmseth writes a completely bogus story about a child trafficking ring.

Creating these fake news stories is akin to shouting FIRE!! in a movie theater and it is time to put a stop to it.

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The so called “fake news” movement is nothing new. This sort of thing has been going on for years, as far back as two or three decades on social media.


There are many examples but one that is most interesting is a multiple platform website run by a self proclaimed journalist out of the state of Minnesota.


He has made claim after claim of human trafficking and pedophile rings run by local state and federal officials for years. He has made outrageous and unproven accusations against a prominent Florida lawyer and a well known internet personality that has landed him into the courts on more that one occasion.

He and many like him write these stories without any proof to back up their accusations. In cases where there is so called proof, that proof turns out to either be completely made up or the author is unable to provide the source of the alleged proof used in their blogs.

The net result is that there are scores of blogs all over the internet that contain outright lies about people and there is no way to get rid of these blogs without a protracted legal battle to get them removed.

The problem, however is twofold. First by the time the articles are removed, the damage to the innocent victims has already been done and is beyond repair. Jobs are lost, reputations are destroyed and lives are shattered.

The second problem is that far to often, the website providers will resist the removal of the material citing first amendment grounds. It is legal to lie as long as the lies are done in “good faith.” or that it is a “civil matter” is the common argument from  WordPress, Blogger etc. When demands are made to police these kinds of social media sites.


Another example of a fake news site is one where the author hides behind the guise of satire or parody.

The author uses this excuse to perpetuate lie after lie with the disclaimer that she is “just kidding.” and that nobody should take her seriously.

The problem with that author is that she abused the format and not only published highly private and personal information about the targets of her abuse, but was alleged to have created scores of sock accounts pitting various individuals against each other using the same unproven propaganda sources found on other abusive blogs and websites.


That blogger was soon exposed and is now shunned. Many of us now recognize how easy it is to spread false narratives and how easy it is to be believed when we allow our biases to cloud our common sense and better judgement.

Now it is the general public that needs to learn that lesson when it comes to fighting the trend of fake news reaching a national and international level.

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DERIC V THE INTERNET. A PECULIAR COINCIDENCE ” My father told me when I was a child, if you do the crime, you do the time.”

agdnAt the suggestion of someone on Twitter, I was doing some research to determine exactly when the 16 year old Jane Doe found out about being raped and how it came to be reported to Law enforcement.

The alleged rape occurred on August 11,2012 and JD realized she was raped the next day. Even though she was against reporting the incident, she eventually did so at the insistence of her parents. On August 22nd 2012, the two suspects were arrested.

All of this and more came about in a March 22, 2013 interview of Alexandra Goddard by the media site Democracy now:

Midway through the interview, Ms Goddard said in part

” My father told me when I was a child, if you do the crime, you do the time.”

In what is a remarkable coincidence, In March of 2017, four years after that interview, Deric Lostutter is set to be sentenced for the two counts he plead guilty to as a result of his involvement in that case.

Perhaps Deric should have paid more attention to that famous quote.

Stay tuned





I, for the life of me, cannot understand how Mr. Bannon has managed to remain in business for as long as he has without understanding how a free economy works and what the relationship is between companies that advertise their goods and services and who they choose to invest their advertising dollars with.


There is a golden rule in business that one learns early. There is a right to both refuse service and a right not to purchase any goods or services that a business or customer chooses.


It is not unusual for companies to withdraw their advertising from a tv, radio, or on line media outlet. It is done virtually every day. Advertisers have pulled endorsement deals from athletes for various reasons and they have also pulled ads from tv shows or radio shows for any number of reasons for doing so.

By calling for a boycott of those who have decided to no longer advertise on his broadcasts, Mr. Bannon has demonstrated that he has no clue how to run a business.

There is one simple solution to his ad revenue problem. Go and find new advertisers. There are well understood ways to shop for clients and markers are in business to do just that.

I would think that Mr Bannons broadcasting company have staff members whose job it is to procure ad revenue. If not he should hire someone.

There is this guy who has a really big business that Mr. Bannon could call to buy ad time on his media outlet.

His name is Donald J Trump.

It is obvious, however, that Mr. Bannon is pulling a publicity stunt right out of the Rush Limbaugh play book.

That has to be the reason because he cannot be that stupid.

Or could he?

Stay tuned




One of the more curious reasons Deric gave for seeking donation was his claim to have contracted something he called Cat Scabies. This has had me puzzled for quite some time and until recently I had not paid that much attention to his claim of having contracted this malady.

As it happened, I had an occasion to talk to someone who volunteers for an animal rescue organization, about Scabies since he had recently transported an animal infested with Scabies.

The one thing I learned is that there are two different kinds of Scabies. There is one that infects animals and another that infects humans.

One important thing I learned is how humans do and do NOT contract this infestation which is caused by mites unless the animal is severely infested and the area where the animal resides is severely unkempt.


First, let me get into the subject of Cat Scabies, or more accurately Animal Scabies since the same mite infects ALL animals.

As you might have gathered by now, this condition is caused by a mite that bites the host. It results into an infection commonly known as mange on animals which is also caused by Fleas.

Cat scabies is quite rare and is usually prominent in areas that are unsanitary and usually common among feral cats who are prone to areas where the mites thrive. It is unheard of for Cat Scabies to occur in a clean domestic environment. If, however, the home or apartment is unkempt or unsanitary, this would explain how Cat Scabies may develop to the extent where it would affect humans sharing the domicile.

Now comes the more common condition of human scabies or what is usually defined only as scabies.

It is this malady that is most commonly acquired as it is  quite contagious.


Sexual contact is one of the most common ways to contract Scabies.

Other ways to contract Scabies is in an environment  where water is not available or from people with poor or non existent hygiene habits.

The most effective way NOT to get any kind of Scabies is to bathe often and use soap and shampoo when doing so.

There are inexpensive ways to treat scabies if caught early enough that would not require having to seek donations:


Now nobody can be certain of exactly how Deric acquired Scabies and what the condition of that cat was that he claimed caused the problem but it does seem that the way he cared for both the cat and himself may well have been the primary cause of getting this infestation severely enough to require a doctor’s care.

As for how Deric REALLY got infested with what he calls cat scabies, that is for those who read this blog to decide for themselves.

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