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2017 was a bad year but 2018 is going to be so bad that everyone is going to wish they had 2017 back. There will be changes coming throughout 2018 that will be so profound that when 2019 comes to be, all of our lives will have changed so drasticly and quickly that we will wonder what the hell happened.

That is, if we are still around. There is always the danger that we may not exist at this time next year.

As I said this post is the last one for this year. It will also be the last post on this blog, period. The only exceptions are if developments having to do with the subject matter written about recently takes place.

I am starting a new blog on Jan 1, 2018.

The new blog will be a work in progress and those who choose to visit will notice that a lot will be different.

This blog will remain open for all to read but by Jan 10th or so, comments will be shut off.

Stay tuned


As some of you might know, I have been having an ongoing battle with someone who claims to be an investigative journalist obsessed with a missing child case out of Northeast Florida. The individual had taken it upon himself to accuse me of some of the most horrific crimes imaginable and of being actively involved in the above case.

I had learned a few months back that he intended to turn over a number of recordings to the court in the form of 2 cd’s as evidence of some serious criminal actions he alleges to have taken place in relation to that case.

On December 26th at 2:00 pm est they arrived in the mail. I listened to them and to say I was stunned would be an understatement. I had not understood the depth and degree the accusatins that were being made and the content of some of recordings that were said to include some of some of those who had been the subject of his articles over the past few years.

I am now in both a state of confusion and concern based on what I have heard today. While I have not reached a firm conclusion based on what I have heard, they have raised a lot of questions that I would like to have answered.

The main question I have is why these recordings have not been released to anyone in the media after the hearing since they are now public recrod and can no longer be banned or otherwise restricted. 

Since the “journalist” has made accusations against me that are part of the court records, I cannot release the material. If he had not brought me into this case in the manner he had, I may have been inclined to release the recordings.

At this point, I am uncertain of any future actions on my part. I know that I have a lot of thinking to do and a lot of questions that I need to have answered.

Stay tuned


A new year brings with it new changes and it is going to be no different with my social media websites. I will be adding new content on my websites both old and new between now and the end of this year, I will be setting up things and working out any problems that goes along with these changes.

I am hoping that all these changes are worthwhile and that I will be able to provide content that makes it worthwhile to visit my social media websites and see the results.

This blog will remain open but may not see my presence as often as in the past. As 2017 moves on, it is time to move on from this blog as well. That does not mean that I will not add content from time to time but that content will be limited.

It is time for a fresh start and that is what I intend to do. I will make announcements on here shortly before the end of the year.

Stay tuned



Over the past decade, Tim Holmseth, Self proclaimed Investigative journalist and pizza delivery driver has boasted he has secret recordings and files that would amaze the world when they came out. He boasted that he could not release this information because his life would be in danger and so forth.

And then something weird happened

In his latest article he boasted that now all of this secret information is public record since they appeared as evidence in his latest court appearence on December 13th.

His biggest revelation, according to him, were the two cd’s containing the audio recordings and evidence of the alleged crimes he claims to have been done. 

The evidence turned out to be absolutely worthless as it is more of the same things he has publised in his not so banned book and on his youtube and other accounts. The only thing that is different is that he was able to find a way to disclose the names he is probited from doing so by court order.

Of course, everybody knows exactly who he is talking about. He gave so many clues in his posts as to who is who that even the most ineptet arm chair detective could figure it out. 

The content of the recordings are also worthless as the people making the claims and accusations on them have not appeared in court to testify under oath. The recordings are hearsay. Anyone can claim anything and can accuse anyone they please but they have to prove what is being claimed or that the accusations are true.

The recordings and other material Holmseth has provided do none of this. Nobody knows the source of a lot of the material contained within the files and recordings. Nobody knows the contex of the material and recordings.

Not one expert has examined anything that Holmseth has provided to verify the authenticity of any of his “evidence.”

Tim Holmseth has aligned himself, recently, with a group of conspiracy nuts that draw and extremely narrow audience. While their numbers may be good, their impact is not. They preach to the choir of those who believe what is not provable. Because of that their damage may be limited.

I would suspect that the recordings will find their way onto the internet eventually but they will not get there by me. I will examine them when they arrive sometime within the next 10 days or so, but I doubt I am going to do much beyond that.

I have set a deadline of December 31 of this year as when I am going to end my on line battle with Mr Holmseth to get him to finally tell the truth and take down the lies he has posted about me for almost a decade.

Come 2018, I will be moving on to more productive matters and will change the way I handle Mr. Holmseth.

Stay tuned


For at least a half a decade Timothy Charles Holmseth and his assiciate @Astro has made some serious accusations against me on his various blogs and youtube accounts. Virtually all of his and Astro’s accusations involve serious federal offencs that come under the jurisdiction of the FBI as well as scores of Local and State law enforcement agancies.

I have denied these accusations, of course, but Mr Holmseth and Astro persist on repeating these accusations almost on a daily basis. So it is time to get these people to either back up their words with action or to shut the hell up and start deleting those accusations off their accounts.

I have sent Tim Holmseth several links to the FBI on his blog as well as this ultimatum on Twitter. I cannot contact him on Facebook because he blocked me.

Pinned Tweet

You want me investigated? Pick up the phone, give them a call and demand that I be investigated. I DARE you. Be sure to record it as proof you called. FBI Orlando area contact information: Address: 850 Trafalgar Ct #400, Maitland, FL 32751 Phone: (407) 875-9976

I will be personally visiting my local FBI office in Maitland FL to discuss their accusations.

Stay Tuned


For some strange reason Timothy Charles Holmseth simply cannot keep from lying. He made this rather snide remark in his blog earlier today:

Today, Murtaugh published clipped segments of the court’s order on his website

According to the Polk County, Minnesota Register of Actions, the Order was filed on December 14, 2017. Yet – Murtaugh, who lives in Florida, already has a copy of the Order. Parties in the case have not even received a copy – and the case is still classified as Open.

How Murtaugh obtained the Order almost immediately is not known.

Well, apparently Tim Holmseth did not examine the document very closely. First let’s go over some details.

First, the hearing was on Wednesday, December 13th.

Next. I obtained a copy from the ruling by the judge by e-mail.

Now take a REAL CLOSE look at the top right hand corner of the document:

You can  clearly see that the document was recorded within hours of the hearing. The judge made the ruling FROM THE BENCH which meant that all parties in the courtroom heard her final decision.


I had obtained the document 2 hours prior  to my blog article. I published my article late in the afternoon of December 15th which is over 48 hours from the time the document was filed with the court (1:01 PM polk county  Mn. time on Dec 13th)

Holmseth then adds this rather odd remark:


There’s a reason Murtaugh is following the case – he’s nervous – VERY nervous.”

WRONG, Mr Holmseth. What I am is both angry and annoyed that you lied about me in a court proceeding. I did not ask to be brought into your little soap opera and have you lie about me over and over again since at least 2012.

I have asked you, Mr Holmseth to remove my name from your fantasy blog and you refuse to do so.

Because of YOUR actions, Mr. Holmseth I am FORCED to follow any legal proceeding that I am mentioned in to keep track of exactly what you are accusing me of.

Speaking of being worried. Tim Holmseth must be scared of something since he has blocked me from his Facebook account where he posts things about me that does not always appear on his WordPress blog. Just what is  on his Facebook account that Tim Holmseth is frightened of me seeing.

Someone else on his Facebook account must be worried since it was at her insistence that I was blocked from his Facebook account.

One final thing:

Tim Holmseth made this remark near the end of his slanderous blog:

“Holmseth believes Murtaugh and the attorney he publishes for need to be investigated by the FBI per Wayanne Kruger’s claims they steal babies and sell them.”

Two points here. It is HOLMSETH that has made the above accusations since Ms Kruger has never accused me of ANY wrongdoing.

Second: I agree that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies investigate this and other accusations that Holmseth has posted on his various blogs. I also feel that Holmseth himself needs to be investigated and charged with violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse act as well as countless charges of perjury and issuing false instruments to various courts and law enforcement agencies.

I will be sending out a series of letters to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies demanding that the accusations against me be investigated and that Holmseth along with the Astro user account who is his accomplace also be investigated regarding their accusations and actions on Holmseth’s blog and on other internet websites.

If you, the reader, wants me and the others investigated, here is the addresses you need:

FBI Headquarters. 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, D.C. 20535-0001.

FBI branch, Central Florida (where I live) Address: 850 Trafalgar Ct #400, Maitland, FL 32751

Stay Tuned




I was rather puzzled as to why the pretend journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth did not publish the decision of the judge until this morning when my copy of the court records arrived.

There are two things to be noted. First of all, there are no audio recordings in the court record. Tim had claimed that he submitted unedited audio recordings to the court that would have named the South Florida attorney. This appears not to be the case as any evidence submitted to the court would have been available through a FOIA request.

UPDATE: Apparently there was a miscommunication between me and the clerk of the court. She thought I was asking for audio transcripts of the hearing rather than the 2 cd’s that Holmseth had submitted to the court earlier.


Second the  court record did indicate that the restrictions against BOTH parents discussing the details of Tim’s investation remain in place. Holmseth accomplished NOTHING with his visit to the court and nothing has changed regarding the custody of his son.

If Tim Holmseth continues to claim that is life is in danger if he releases his “secret information” he will be lying.

I would suggest that if anyone disputes what I say in this article that they obtain the court records themselves. The Case number is 60-fa-13-468 and can be attained by anyone who calls the Polk County Minnesota  Clerk of the Court.

Stay Tuned



Several years ago a rather strange woman contacted me because she felt we had a mutual enemy on the internet. I asked her how do I know who it is that I am talking to. To assure me who the person was who she said she was, she gave me her phone number and we talked several times.

Now, today, the person behind the account says that she is not the person I talked to  so many years ago. This would mean that she is either lying or that the account has been taken over by another person or group of persons.

This individual is a staunch supporter of someone who claims that I am involved in some serious criminal actions involving missing and murdered children. He bases some of his specualtion on Postings that have been made on the internet purported the use of my surname and one or more of my on line identities.

I have argued in the past that none of those postings were made by me and were either fabricated or made by hacking or impersonating one of my accounts. Now comes this claim that the current holder is, in fact, not a single individual but is, rather, a group of people with access to that one account.

It looks like I have been both vindicated and proven right once again. You cannot rely on a person being who they are behind any on line account unless you regularally take steps to confirm who it is that is communicating with you and visa versa. 

Stay tuned


With most of the goals I had set for this year being attained, I am not certain what the fate of this blog will be in 2018. I may start another one and leave this one remain as I have done with my other one.

I had never indended to become a blogger but circumstances being what they were, that is what happened. Now that the year is coming to a close, I must decide if that is what I will continue to do or if I will return to multimedia webcasting which is what I had intended to do.

In the short run, I will probably suspend blogging until that decision is made.

Thanks go out to all of you who have visited this blog in the past.

Stay Tuned


Tim Holmseth has blocked me from reading his Facebook account after I exposed a hoax he was perpatrating about a child being the victim of Setanic ritual abuse. I am actually surprised that he has not done this earlier since he is too much of a coward to account for the lies he has told about me and others. Tim had recently posted an image misrepresenting a baby as being a victim of Setanic child abuse when it was, in fact, from an article about male circumscison. 

I understand that he is now using the excuse that he used the image as an example what happens to a baby that is subjected to this kind of abuse. The problem here is that no honest journalist would engage in or condone such a practice. If you are going to write about setanic abuse rituals, use an image that is specific to that subject and not from a source that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

I suppose that now that I am unable to see Holmseth’s posts, he will once again start defaming me and others as he has this habit of blocking anyone who is either his target or those he is scared of having to confront over his false and defamatory content. 

At least now that he has blocked me, his content will no longer show up on my Facebook account which is a victory of sorts. 

Update: I find it rather odd that a journalist would want to reduce the audience and attention to his work. But since that is Tim Holmseth’s choice, I am going to grant him his wish. I had intended to go through his book and discuss why it had been banned thus aiding him, in a way of getting his side of the story out.

However, since he has decided to self censor himself, I have found that giving him any kind of attention would not be in the interest of the general public. It is much better that Holmseth be isolated and given as small an audience as possible. 

This will be the last mention of Timothy Charles Holmseth with, perhaps the exception of the so called December 13th hearing he is scheduled to appear in. Once that little saga is completed, Tim Holmseth will go into obscurity along with the Atlanta blogger who is also no longer relevant. 

Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned