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Tim Holmseth has blocked me from reading his Facebook account after I exposed a hoax he was perpatrating about a child being the victim of Setanic ritual abuse. I am actually surprised that he has not done this earlier since he is too much of a coward to account for the lies he has told about me and others. Tim had recently posted an image misrepresenting a baby as being a victim of Setanic child abuse when it was, in fact, from an article about male circumscison. 

I understand that he is now using the excuse that he used the image as an example what happens to a baby that is subjected to this kind of abuse. The problem here is that no honest journalist would engage in or condone such a practice. If you are going to write about setanic abuse rituals, use an image that is specific to that subject and not from a source that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

I suppose that now that I am unable to see Holmseth’s posts, he will once again start defaming me and others as he has this habit of blocking anyone who is either his target or those he is scared of having to confront over his false and defamatory content. 

At least now that he has blocked me, his content will no longer show up on my Facebook account which is a victory of sorts. 

Update: I find it rather odd that a journalist would want to reduce the audience and attention to his work. But since that is Tim Holmseth’s choice, I am going to grant him his wish. I had intended to go through his book and discuss why it had been banned thus aiding him, in a way of getting his side of the story out.

However, since he has decided to self censor himself, I have found that giving him any kind of attention would not be in the interest of the general public. It is much better that Holmseth be isolated and given as small an audience as possible. 

This will be the last mention of Timothy Charles Holmseth with, perhaps the exception of the so called December 13th hearing he is scheduled to appear in. Once that little saga is completed, Tim Holmseth will go into obscurity along with the Atlanta blogger who is also no longer relevant. 

Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned


Conspiracy theorist Timothy Holmseth hit a new low in a Facebook post he made the day of this writing using the image of a baby. He claimed the child represented the result of setanic ritual abuse. 

The problem is that is not the reason for the photograph. The truth is that the photo was taken of a male baby who had been Circumcized. Apparently Holmseth could not find a photo of a baby that had been a victim of setanic abuse. Instead, he steals a photo of a baby that was the victim of something else entirely.

This is a pattern seen over and over again. Holmseth either steals material from another source and then misrepresents it or he simply lies about an incident. The above is a prime example of his subtle plagiarizing.

Truth is a stranger to Holmseth and he will use anything out of context to garner the attention he so craves.

Those who believe everything Tim Holmseth writes about should take his recent action into account when making the decision to support or disavow him.

Stay tuned


I am not going to mince words here. Timothy Charles Holmseth is a serial stalker. Law enforcement has said it, courts have said it and at least two people have been granted civil protection orders against Timothy Charles Holmseth because of it. Timothy Charles Holmseth is under investigation because of it.

The problem comes as how to deal with Timothy Charles Holmseth because nothing so far has been successful against stopping his absurd and dangerous behavior.

In my case, I have tried engaging in a reasonable discussion with Timothy Charles Holmseth, asking him to back up his accusations with proof. Instead I get called a retard time and again or he posts illegal phone calls to me which are legally considered harassment and a form of stalking.

These are the same kind of “prank phone calls” Timothy C Holmseth rails are made against him. It is most likely, however, that the phone calls are actually made by him to him as part of a publicity stunt to garner donations under false pretenses by the few gullible fools to follow him and condone his actions.

I then tried to ignore him and to stop discussing his actions. This has also turned out to be a futile effort considering what he published the day before I wrote this article. His minions called me a troll because I continued to ask Tim Holmseth for proof and was rebuffed by these mindless trolls who do not seem to care if there is any proof or not to be provided by Holmseth for his outlandish accusations against me and many others. They demanded I stop posting on his blog and I complied. That did not work either.

So the question becomes how does one deal with a serial stalker and his continued habit of lying? Since ignoring Tim Holmseth does not work and confronting him in public does not work, there has to be another more effective way to deal with him.

I may have found a way.

Stay tuned


If you are going to post emails as proof of activities or statements, be certain they match the originals. In a rather strange effort to disprove clear proof someone provided last year that the person identified in an expose was, in fact, the owner and author of a blog based in Atlanta, Georgia, a series of emails purported to be from a certain party to the blogger was posted on the comment section of a blog operated by an obscure conspiracy theorist located in Northwest Minnesota. 

What I could not understand is why was the whole matter brought up on the Minnesota blog in the first place. There had been no articles written where the Atlanta blogger was the subject recently. The antics of the Atlanta blogger was a closed matter, for the most part, and proof beyond a doubt was published on the internet last year.

The answer turned out to be rather simple. The Atlanta blogger was resuming her habit of wanting to stir up conflicts between various parties so that she could sit back and watch people go at each other. She turned to her old habit of making up fake usernames to spread disinformation that would have caused certain people to react in a way that would cause old fights to resume.

Or at least that was her hope.

Unfortunately for her, all the parties concerned have maintained a policy not to allow outside parties instigate conflicts. Nobody is going to start fighting anyone else. All parties involved maintain current statuses with no intention of questioning the motives of anyone other than the two bloggers who seem to have teamed up in an attempt to spread unnecessary discourse.

It turns out that there is a great deal of additional proof that one or more key individuals targeted by the Atlanta blogger as to her true identity. Because of these recent actions there might be additional information forthcoming to further prove the exact identity of this pest who seems to have not learned her lessson and gone on to more productive projects.

Old habits never die, apparently and it looks like 2018 will be the beginning of the end for the kind of conduct a lot of people had to endure due to the actions of a single individual who lacked the moral and ethical judgment and understanding of the consecqences of her actions.

Stay tuned


This is an all too familiar story. A 3 year old girl vanishes at 3 am in the morning from the bedroom of her mobile home. One parent is a step parent and the other is a biological parent.

The child also has a medical condition, in this case the need for orthopedic shoes which were left behind.

There has not been much reported on social media as of yet but as the story intensifies and if the child is not located soon, I would suspect that the trolls and conspiracy theorists will come out of the woodwork once again and a repeat of the Haleigh Cummings fiasco will rear it’s ugly head.

Stay tuned


A while back when Tim Holmseth claimed that people were calling him, I challenged the truth of his claims by pointing out that the calls may have been faked using voice altering, voice imitating or text to speech software.

He denied all of this, of course, but there is just one problem. On the day of this writing Tim Holmseth has used a text to speech utility using a female voice to narrate one of his videos.

What surprised be about this is that he found a utility that I have been unable to locate. The voice quality of the software is not that bad and could prove useful. All the other programs and apps I have researched are either of poor quality or quite expensive.

So either Tim has come into some money or he has had this software all along and has been using it to fake the phone calls I discussed a while back.

Now to sit back and see how he wiggles out of this one.

He could also do me a favor and tell me the name of the software so that  I can get it and use it for my own purposes.

Stay tuned


“Separation makes the heart”……go elsewhere. It seems that there are indications that an infamous internet celebrity might find his marital status changed to single once again upon his release from prison.

I first became aware of this rumor when I happened upon a Twitter thread today. Upon further investigation I noticed that the current spouse had changed her instigram profile removing any mention of her spouse and marital status and has been posting some rather provicative photos of herself. Also doing so without her wedding ring.

This is not the kind of thing one would have expected from a devoted wife and the mother of his children and would be doing while he wiles away in prison but this seems to be the impression a growing number of people are getting when checking out her social media accounts.

It is not unusual for couples to be separated for long periods of time. Couples have to contend with this problem when one of them is serving in the military, on cruise ships, long haul truckers and other circumstances where one spouse is away doing whatever is needed to support their family.

A majority of couples stick the separation out but, unfortunately, many do not. The separation and lonleyness sometimes is too much to bear and one or both either strays or moves on and thus Divorce enters the picture.

This seems to be what is happening here. A young vibrent and attractive woman with children to raise has made the decision to seek out a more fruitful relationship.

As to the truth to this speculation, only time will tell.

2018 is shaping up to be an interesting year in more ways than one.

Stay tuned


As I had written about recently, I had obtained a copy of the book that is alleged to be banned from being sold due to a court order out of Florida through a convoluted process. I had spent several months trying to find a copy on line. There were no copies available anywhere on line or through rare book brokers. 

Then the day prior to this writing, I was sent a message on Twitter that there were two copies of the book for sale on Amazon. I thought this rather odd so I want and looked for myself and there were, in fact two copies for sale. 

Well, now there is only one copy available since I purchased one of them. There are a number of reasons for purchasing a second copy of the book I recently came into possession of.

The main reason is to see if any revisions had been made to the book in order to comply with the court order or if this book is the same version of the one I currently have.

Also, since this is an extremely rare book, I wanted one in good condition that I could preserve for a future sale. Rare books usually become more valuable if an important event having to do with the author or subjects within the book generates a lot of public interest.

If Tim Holmseth gets arrested and put in jail, there is the remote possability that the book might increase in value and I could put it up for auction. There are other reasons for the purchase that I will not go into right now. 

What is surprising is that the book suddenly appeared on Amazon after I wrote about the ordeal I went through obtaining my copy. I am wondering if someone is trying to take advantage of the publicity or if there is someone helping Holmseth sidestep the court order by selling the book under a different name and then forwarding the proceeds to Holmseth.

This, of course, would be illegal and subject whoever would be doing this to being charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. The penalty would be quite severe and I would think whoever might be tempted to do such a thing would have thought about the consequences.

My copy is scheduled to be here sometime this weekend. When It arrives, I will do both a blog and video about the book and anything else I found out in the meantime.

Stay tuned



Tim Holmseth’s website host has been hit with a subpoena of information as to the ownership of the website. That owner is obviously Timothy C Holmseth as admitted to on his most recent blog article:

I, Timothy Charles Holmseth have been notified I am under criminal investigation by the Lighthouse Point Police Department in Broward County Florida with the assistance of Assistant States Attorney Michael J. Satz.

Today, I received a notification from WordPress notifying me that on November 3, 2017 Attorney Satz subpoenaed account and payment information, as well as the identity of the owner of which is a website I operate.”

The reason for the investigation is that for at least the second time, Tim Holmseth has violated a court order instructing him to cease and desist stalking an attorney out of Southeast Florida.

What Holmseth does NOT explain is that his information is available to anyone who wants it. A simple ICANN search provides all of the information that the law enforcement agency is asking for. All the above request is for is to cover a legal hurdle necessary for when Holmseth is eventually charged and arrested for his violations.

During the hightened interest in the Haleigh Cummings case, Holmseth was alleged to have stalked the attorneys family and associates to the extent that a court order was granted by the State of Florida ordering him to stop his stalking and remove any mention of her on the internet.

The order also resulted in his having to stop the publication and sale of his book.

Through a considerable amount of effort, I was able to locate one of the copies of the book that had been sold prior to the order taking effect.

I will begin going over the contents of the book shortly. I will go over the book to determine why it was banned and also present insights as to the kind of person Holmseth is using his own words.

Stay tuned


The one thing that has always confused me as I go through Tim Holmseth’s banned book is why did he give up? Why didn’t he dispute his right to speak his mind? There were a quite a number of why’s to be asked here.

I discussed this subject with a number of associates where were experts on this sort of thing and was informed that if Tim Holmseth had made some adjustments to his book and followed the proper protocols most speculative journalists use, he could have prevented the book from being banned. Instead, Tim broke every rule in the profession of investigative journalism and he keeps making these same mistakes time again right up to the present day.

It is not the first time someone has made the kind of outrageous and false claims that appear in the book. It is done almost on a daily basis. Take the case of Judge Moore. He claims the accusations against him are false and is threatening to sue those who broke the story.

One publication was even served with a cease and desist order. Their response was a resounding no and a letter of response to his threat.

Moore also threatened to sue the Washington post but has yet to do so. President Trump has threatened to sue over the accusations against him. To date not one lawsuit or even a cease and desist order has been forthcoming.

The simple fact is that false accusations are hard to fight. I know this from personal experience as I am falsely accused many times over by Tim and the cultists that follow him.

It would cost me thousands upon thousands of dollars that I do not have to take him and his cultists to court. I have been to lawyer after lawyer who say it would be next to impossible to accomplish and since he has no assets it would not worth any lawyer’s time.

Perhaps, but one individual was able to stop the publication and sale of Tim’s book in it’s tracks. I have found nothing anywhere that indicates that Tim Holmseth put up any kind of fight.

This is rather strange considering that day after day Tim Holmseth keeps claiming that he is filing with the court to bring forth evidence that he claims will prove his speculations about the case of what happened to several missing and murdered children as fact.

One would have to look at the situation regarding the banned book and speculate that all Tim Holmseth is doing is using the book in an ongoing publicity stunt to garner support and as a means to seek donations to cover his alleged loses of income.

I will be going over this book point by point in great detail over the next several weeks to examine exactly who Tim Holmseth really is and just what there was in this book that caused it to be banned. 

Stay tuned