Astro has an interesting Twitter page. On that page is a screen grab of a retweet of a blog I had written and taken down shortly after.

astrobioThere was a brief period of speculation as to why I removed it. I am not going to get into specifics but I am going to say that the blog is an example of when I get things wrong and correct my mistakes.

It was right after I wrote the blog that I found out that I had my facts wrong and the best solution was to remove the article.


It is obvious why I got my facts wrong. I took the word of the person who is the TRUE source of the sock accounts. I took the word of the one person who was the actual source of virtually all of the attack sock accounts that have come and gone for the past several years.

Jetty or whatever his/her name is never provided one piece of evidence to back up that accusation. It was just another piece of information he/she put on his/her blog in order to inflame people into more infighting.


Instead the stunt backfired and we all now know who was the puppet master.

The game player is now silenced and posting weak retorts in order to gain at least some attention. The game player seems to think it is a big issue that some people adjust their twitter accounts be removing followers or pruning their follower list, something that Jetty has done himself/herself.

There will likely be more attempts to stir things up. Jetty has a new ally, Astro, who has been sucked into the game playing.

Both of them have mutual goals and so they can feed off of each others need for revenge and to get even for perceived wrongs.

They both face the problem of the fact that people are wise to what has been happening all these years. The old tricks will no longer work and now everyone is on guard for any new tricks that might arise.

Stay tuned




The recent claims of outing the owners certain sock accounts actually supported a point I have been making for years.

One of the disputed accounts is run by someone who claims to be male yet those who are confident they have identified the owner says it is a woman.

The owner of the disputed account claims to be a male and is an IT expert. Those who claimed to have identified the owner claim it is owned by a female owner. They also claim the woman is a lawyer.

Now here is the interesting part. The owner of a certain blog and Twitter account claims to be a former employee of ATT who is now an expert consultant for the telcom industries and holds Two degrees, one in Electrical Engineering and the other in Mechanical engineering.

She (yes the person claims to be female) also claims to be interested in Ham radio hence the source of her username and also is expert to some extent when it comes to computers.

“She” claims to be married with at least one adult child. Those who claim to have proof of the identity of the disputed accounts do not seem to consider the possibility that the person they support may not, in fact, be who “she” claims to be.

Over the past four years this person has been on the internet, there has not been one person who met “her” in person. There has not been one image on the internet and certainly no audio of “her” voice.

At least two people have stated that when they talked to “her” the voice sounded strange. They seemed to think “she” was using a voice altering device and actually sounded male.

This makes me to once again remind people that you really do not know who it is on the other side of the keyboard unless you meet the person in the flesh and they prove they are who they say they are.

I find it odd that seemingly intelligent people still do not understand this point and still take what the person says at face value.


Some people are just plain gullible.

Stay tuned




Jetty or Judy or whatever the hell her name is is going down a dark road and has reached the point of no return. Her conduct over the past 24 hours has been to such a hateful degree that I doubt that she will ever recover from nor be forgiven no matter how sincere her apology might be.

She must have thought that I would be jumping for joy and would be pleased that my “enemies” were being exploited and shamed the way she has been doing on her twitter account.

She would be sadly mistaken. What I am is completely and absolutely disgusted. Why would this person who had developed such close friendships with the people who happened to be my “enemies” do to them what has been done, not only today, but from what I have been learning been doing to them for at least the past four years?

It is becoming clearer by the minute that Jetty or Judy has been been behind a vast number of trolls attacking people for at least four years and perhaps longer. The proof is piling up faster and faster each day.

There has been a result just within the past hour that I never thought I would ever see. It is an experience that few people have and it is one of those experiences that makes one wonder what have transpired if circumstances had been different.

It is, I feel something private and not to be disclosed here. It is, however, one of those things that gives one faith that there is good in most people.

The question now is what is to be done about whoever Jetty is. I do not have the answers. Those answers lie with the people out there that have the resources and the will to deal with her in the most appropriate way possible.

We all deserve to be treated with respect and that should start right now.

Stay tuned




The single biggest advantage of being anonymous is that you do not have to take responsibility for your actions. You can lie to your hearts content and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

By being anonymous, one could be a confessed pedophile (remember Windchime the former moderator at Websleuths?) and nobody would be the wiser.

There is one blogger who knows this all too well and takes full advantage of not having to take any responsibility for their actions.

Some of the things this person has done of the years could land most people in jail for years, cause them to pay out vast sums in civil damages or be shamed into internet exile.

It is this unwilling to take responsibility for their actions that should make anyone reading that person’s blog and Twitter postings to take that into account.

Anyone not willing to take responsibility for certain accusations or disclosures should not be believed.


They would be ignored and allowed to fall into the well of obscurity.

Stay tuned



donsaywutOne of the more interesting pieces of information that came out of Don Carpenter’s reporting of the Deric Lostutter trial is that one of the more interesting anonymous Twitter accounts had been reported to belong to Deric Lostutter. It was reported that the information came from the prosecution and that Deric had admitted to this in the civil lawsuit.

Unfortunately nobody has been able to find Deric’s admission anywhere in his civil complaint nor has there been any documentation to show that the prosecution has  made any such claim.

The owner of the Say Wut account was quick to point out the reasons it is unlikely Deric that has any connection to that account.


Since we are at the early stages of the Deric trial saga, information may come out to either prove or disprove this claim. We will have to wait and see.

Another issue that has come up is the claim that the owner of the Say Wut account has been identified.

What has not been disclosed is the proof to back up the claim that the person is who the blogger who wrote about, is the person who the accuser claims her to be.

Also in the recent game of exposing the owners of anonymous twitter and blog accounts is the denial of the blogger of her own exposed identity. She mocks the information that has been posted recently as if to say that those accusers are getting it wrong.

Perhaps they are wrong and perhaps the blogger is wrong as well.

Time will tell if the accusers are right or the accused is right or if nobody is right.

I do find it rather odd that the person who hides who they are with very extreme measures should be interested in exposing those who wish to hide their identity as well.

Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

Stay tuned




I woke up this morning to see someone has been on a bit of a Blogging rant. She (or he) seems to be calling a lawyer a liar when it comes to certain biographical information that was posted on Twitter yesterday. That or she is mocking the information that was posted.

What needs to be remembered here is it is the blogger who posted that bit of trivia in the first place. The information is gone now along with other information that did not make sense.

This can only lead everyone to one conclusion. The blogger lied. This is no surprise since it is now known and confirmed that the blogger is a pathological liar.

What the blogger might not know is what information may have been passed around in private and that perhaps that the information passed around in private may have been disclosed to others that would be interested in it.

Much has been made of the fact that the person behind the blog has gone through unusual lengths to hide from the public.

On the flip side that blogger has made a big issue out of the fact that two other accounts have been outed and that one of the alleged accounts is a revenge porn supporter.

Or that is the claim anyway.

Now this is the interesting point regarding these exposures and the continued support of someone who is completely unknown.

IF one of the “exposed” anonymous accounts is a supporter of revenge porn, what does the still unidentified anonymous account support?

Pedophilia? Kiddie porn, perhaps?

Food for thought.

Stay tuned




I was made of a problem earlier today that I never knew existed. It seems people have been unable to leave comments on this blog.

After a lot of working on the blog, I was able to trace the problem to a plugin that somehow was blocking the comments from being sent to my email for approval. I moderate all comments and after making some modifications a year or two ago, the comments stopped coming.

I fixed the problem and made some adjustments in the blog that includes changing the template. I may make further changes later on.

In the meantime, feel free to comment.

Stay tuned




Federal court Judge Robert E Wier imposed more stringent restrictions against Deric Lostutter after he was found in violation of the terms of his pre trial release conditions.

Surprisingly his violation regarding his donation sites was comparatively minor according to the court transcript.


The major violation that triggered the imposition of the new restriction turned out to be his on line communication with a woman.  The court alleges that Deric threatened the woman with a lawsuit and criminal prosecution.


The court found that because his business comprises of investigation over the internet that he could not continue to engage in that business without further violating the court restrictions.

Deric has been ordered to find third party employment which means he can no longer be self employed at least until after the trial is over.


This will essentially put him out of business since he would not have the resources to maintain the expenses associated with running such a business.

The court made it clear that if Deric violates the orders again, he will be confined until the end of the trial and depending on the verdict, afterword.

Since the violation hearing, not one word has been heard from Deric,  his wife, or anyone associated with him.

Stay tuned




In a way I feel sorry for Astro for coming to the support of someone she hates as much as Kim. I am reminded of the many hours Astro and I spent in private chat going over time after time that Radio attacked her in the most cruel ways I have seen done on the internet.

“Someone” even impersonated her husband and created a sock demanding I leave his wife alone. Astro was the most upset at that.

I would suspect that now in their private communications Radio is turning the blame over to Kim for that stunt and many others.

On the accusation of a grand alliance between me and Kim.

Both Astro and Radio have it wrong. There is no grand alliance between me, Kim or the others. The differences we all have remain unsettled.

What has happened is that I UNILATERALLY decided to stop hostilities and wrote about Deric the way I did and with my own bias.

There were no secret deals nor were there any agreements to remove blogs or content in return for writing anything on my blog.

What is telling here is that my so called cease fire had included Radio. I had no intention of addressing the Sock situation any further.

It is Radio who is the ONLY one who is keeping this going. It is Radio who went on to further claim that Kim created even one hate sock and accused her of involving me in the creation of these socks.

All of these accusations come from Radio with no proof, of course. There is no phone number belonging to Kim being offered as proof that she created ANY sock.

Does Kim have multiple Twitter accounts? Yes, but like mine, everyone knows they belong to her and are identified as such.

I neither condone or condemn her creating these known accounts. They are her business.

What has always been the problem are the ANONYMOUS hate blogs and twitter accounts by a person or persons who refuse to take responsibility for what they create.

I do not hide behind sock accounts as much as Radio wishes she could prove that I do. I take responsibility for what I say or do, right or wrong.

I do not expect a quid pro quo from anyone. I went to Kim years ago for help and she refused. She gave me her reasons and even though I strongly disagree with those reasons to this day, I accepted them and moved on.

In closing Astro needs to remember this one important fact. Radio has made many accusations and statements against her without once offering any proof to back them up.

Once Radio is done with Astro she will be thrown to the wolves as she has done to the others. One only  has to remember the attacks by Radio against Michelle and others. The blogs about them may be gone but the archives are not.

Enjoy YOUR bread crumbs Astro unless it is you that becomes the meal.

Stay tuned




I read your comment to your friend Jetty. While you seem to understand the situation when it comes to my critics you also seem to have been blind to the actions of your friend.

You might want to do some research of your friend Jetty as well. Be reminded of some of the things she accused me of and the actions she took.

Your friend Jetty is the one who posted that I hated my son. Your friend Jetty is the one who posted my son was not mine.

Your friend Jetty is the one who gave out the address of my residence (the wrong one by the way) and encouraged people to call the management of this mobile home park  to remind them “what kind of person I am.”

These incidents are but a small sample of Jetty’s actions, there are tons more she is guilty of.


Your friend Jetty is not honest and your friend is no seeker of the truth. Your friend is guilty of the things she accuses others of doing.


She seeks not the truth but to play games. She takes advantage of the disputes between me and my critics and plays us against each other.

She did so by creating sock accounts that one of the most successful and well known lawyers in my state has proven she was behind.


Don’t you find it rather odd that when your friend “took her little vacation” that the sock accounts attacking my critics in my name suddenly came to a screeching halt?

Did you also forget, by the way, that over three years of her blog vanished overnight as well as that of her twitter account, this all happening at an important period of time?

Or are you brainwashed by this friend of yours simply because she says the things you WANT to hear?

You may not be honest with me, but try being honest with yourself.

The truth is finally coming out about your friend weather you are willing to accept it or not.

As for the bread crumbs?

I feed them to my dog.

Stay tuned