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Monthly Archives: September 2013

anonmaskamandatoddThere seems to be a trend among Anonymous and those affiliated with them to increase their use of the practice of doxing. The mere posting of so called “public” information by these cyber abusers is not enough. They add to their doxing serious but unproved accusations that puts their target’s safety and security at risk. The favorite trend of Anonymous is the doxing of their targets accusing them of being a pedophile, rapist or accusing them of other serious crimes without the proper authentication of the so called evidence they put forth to back up their claims.

A prime example of how careless Anonymous is when doxing targets is an incident in the high profile case of Amanda Todd:

“A New Jersey member of Anonymous tweeted to others to stop spreading the address, that though they had the right man it was the wrong house. The group got other major details about the man wrong, Slate reported. Amanda Todd’s tormentor is 19 years old, not 32, as first claimed. The RCMP told News1130 radio that allegations by Anonymous were unfounded.

“They released a cache of identifying information including his Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, links to his accounts at perv sites like Jailbait, photos, chat transcripts, and home address. And, as is traditional, a bombastic “Expect Us” video.

The Internet cheered. The media made house calls. And the RCMP reportedly dispatched two squad cars to the house in case someone decided to go vigilante IRL.

Only one problem: wrong house.”


A common retort when the target protests the Doxing by Anonymous  is that the burden of proof now lies on the accused and not the other way around. These people totally disregard the rule of law and  dole out their version of justice not thinking of the ramifications of their acts. Due to some high profile cases being reported on MSM, the general public is keenly aware of the increasing number of arrests of those accused of the above crimes.

Because of these heated passions, it is only a matter of time that someone is killed or seriously injured because of these vigilantes. It is past time for law enforcement to enforce the laws already on the books before things reach the point of no return. It seems that the only way law enforcement becomes involved is when someone gets killed due to the actions of cyber abusers or when someone commits suicide because of the constant harassment by someone who vows to continue these actions for an extended period of time.

It will be sooner then later when the day comes where a breaking news headline will be the death of someone as a result of doxing.

Stay tuned



nggoofyNancy grace seems to have done what the Putnam County Florida Sheriff’s department has not been able to do. It is expected that on her show this evening, this former prosecutor turned bombastic true crime show host will drop one of her famous bombshells and scream out that Haleigh is dead at the hands of others. In a desperate race for ratings, Nancy Grace, on her heavily promoted show will offer her evidence as to why Haleigh is now dead.

In the mean time there are others out there that have not given up on Haleigh and they do so at their peril. There are those who believe she might be alive and there are those who think  she is dead and gone. The two camps battle each other in an internet civil war. It is quite remarkable, really that such intense emotions get stirred up over a little girl that a majority of these internet warriors know only from MSM and the blogs. Such is the nature of things.

One holdout for hope is The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department who still considers Haleigh an open case and her photo still resides on their website.


At least there is someone in Putnam county that has not given up on Haleigh.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here


timholmsethOne of the more interesting characters to emerge from the Haleigh Cummings case was a previously unknown journalist/blogger by the name of Tim Holmseth. Mr. Holmseth once said that he had been asked to look into the case. Whatever the reason for his involvement, he soon made his mark by contacting various parties who were involved directly in the case. As a result of his involvement, there would be soon an internal struggle between Tim, a Florida attorney, a bounty hunter, law enforcement in at least two states , a number of bloggers including me.


This is the first installment in a series where we will look into the various aspects of Tim Holmseth from who he is to the current court case where I found myself among several others becoming part of the evidence he has provided in his case against the mother of his children.

Over the years, I have been getting source information for various court documents that are posted on the internet. As a result of obtaining these documents, I had decided to write an article about Tim Holmseth and his troubles that grew out of his involvement with the case of Haleigh Cummings. One of the articles I wrote triggered an action by Timothy Holmseth where he filed a statement with the court implicating Me, Florida Atty Kim Pickazio and Mr Levi Page in some kind of plot to wrest the custody of his son from him and turn custody over to the boy’s biological mother.

Upon learning of this statement being filed with the court, I began contacting The Polk County Mn Sheriff’s department, the county attorney and the clerk of the Polk County Court. I filed a FOIA request for a number of documents plus a cd. The documents arrived on the day of this writing.

What I got was far more then I expected.

Over several blog entries, I will be posting the various court documents and explore why Tim Holmseth felt it necessary to include the parties he has in his legal battle with the mother of his children.

Stay Tuned






nofreespeechI find it hard to understand why a difference of opinion is so important that people would find it necessary to call someone’s employer and demand they be fired. It has been brought to my attention that such an incident recently took place. There seems to be an increase of these kinds of incidents. For whatever reason, bloggers, groups and individuals find it necessary to blunt dissent by silencing it. There are a number of methods employed, one is doxing, where everything about the target is put up in public file sharing sites with no regard for the safety and security of the victims.

bookburninguscommieAn even more dangerous tactic is for the calls to start. Employers are being called to demand the person be fired. Customers are contacted and encouraged not to by from business owners. Fake newspaper articles are published. Scores of blogs are written about the target and even impersonations take place. As these incidents increase, more and more people weigh the risks of putting forth their opinions or participating in on line causes of one kind or another.

Our freedoms are not being taken away by the terrorists. Our freedoms are not being taken away by Russia. Our freedoms are not being taken away by North Korea or Iran.

Our freedoms are being taken away by us.

Stay tuned until I am silenced


I am not writing this article as one of those many out there who are shouting with outrage about how violent the video games that the kids and young adults play today. What I decided to write about is some of the consequences that seems to have come out of playing them. There was a lot of publicity recently of the amount of money that was made by the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, and the millions that is being made by the creator of this game.



The premise of this game is rather simple. You steal  cars, get away from the cops, killing as many of them and innocent bystanders in the process.  Grand Theft Auto is but one of a myriad of games out there that has raised the ire of the public of late.

Almost from the beginning of the creation of these violent games, there have been incidents where the games were blamed for murders or violent attacks. One such incident appears in this article:

This was six years ago. Reports of these kinds of incidents have increased many fold over the years. There is also another unintended consequence of playing these games. They can kill you. At least that is the accusation. There was a remarkable article written over a decade ago about people that die from playing these games

diablo  A Louisiana woman is suing Nintendo, alleging her 30-year-old son suffered seizures after playing video games for eight hours a day, six days a week.

There have been studies over the years of the health consequences of playing these video games hours and hours on end. The studies about video games remind me of the studies about the use of cellphones causing cancer and other medical side effects and also the danger of using certain electrical devices on airplanes. It seems that no matter what we do or what gadget we use, it is going to kill us or otherwise make our lives miserable.

It is hard to know what the answer is. Do we start censoring these games? By that I mean, do we start prohibiting these games because of their violent content.? I certainly do not know the answer. The extent of my online gaming is harvesting fake crops, deploying a bunch of fake boats and trains, and building fake cities and theme parks. I guess it is a generational thing where the oldsters play Farmville while the grandkids play role playing games where they virtually kill each other.

Time will tell where the deadly theme of the newer games will lead us. One thing is certain, adults will need to pay ever closer attention to what is being inserted into that game console or what that on line game is all about that has your child’s undivided attention.

In the meantime, I have virtual pigs to feed.

Stay tuned



craigslist killerThere was a time when going on Craigslist to answer an ad was as routine as answering an ad in a local newspaper. Craigslist was and is a handy way to find just about anything. Now there is an additional perk of answering a Craigslist ad. It is a perk that nobody wants. It is death. More and more often we tune into the news or see a feed on the internet where someone has been the victim of a crime due to an ad on Craigslist.

There were the incidents where someone would answer an ad for an Ipad in a sealed factory box, go through with the transaction, and when the seller left, find themselves the proud owner of an empty box. There are the ads for free items with an address given, only to find out that the ad is a prank and those who answer the ad find themselves in the back of a police car under arrest for rummaging around in the victim’s house.

And then there are the killer ads. These are the ads that make the headlines. These are the ads that show that Craigslist is not such a safe place anymore.


In southeast Ohio there was once a farm. This farm was owned by Richard Beasley. He is described as a street preacher, a man of god. It turns out that Mr Beasley is also a man of death.

Even answering an ad selling an ATV can be a deadly experience as one New Jersey man found out.


weberEven a reporter for a major market radio station fell victim to the lure of Craigslist death when he answered an ad for sex

Using Craigslist to run a business can have deadly consequences as well as one New York City woman found out.


There was recently a movie made That tells the story of Phillip Markoff who lured women to their death through ads on Craigslist

There are many more examples of how ads on Craigslist as well as Facebook and other social media websites. More and more often when someone answers these ads, they find themselves at death’s door.

Stay tuned







Even a reporter for a major television station was murdered when he answered a Craigslist ad


flboyThis story reminds me of those out there that declare Haleigh Cummings as being dead and Trenton Duckett as being dead. It seems all too easy to say that after a year or two that a child is probably dead and that everyone should give up and move on. 13 Years ago an infant was taken from his home in Florida. The father never gave up hope. I can imagine that there were those back then who did give up hope. The case in the public’s mind was long forgotten.


This is likely why, so far, that nobody has identified the boy since nobody can remember who disappeared way back then. In 2000 there were not that many blogs, forums or discussion groups discussing missing children. This was 6 years before Trenton Duckett and in the years between these children went missing countless numbers of children went missing and whose fate remains unknown to this day.

grannyI wrote a metaphor back in 2007 entitled The Angry Giant. The gist of this essay was a hypothetical of what might happen if Trenton Duckett should somehow find out that he had been presumed dead at the hands of his mother and instead he finds himself in the care of someone who has hidden him away for an untold number of years without telling him the truth why he was in the care of this person.

This is exactly what happened with this child. He was in the custody of a caretaker. The caretaker made a mistake. The caretaker was his grandmother. She went to enroll the teenager into school and it was soon found who the boy was.



It is all too easy for the speculators to say children like Haleigh and Trenton are dead and gone. It is easy to say that this person or that person killed the child. It is not so easy that some caretaker has the child and is roaming around the country homeless.


Now that today’s story is working it’s way across the MSM and the internet, it will not be so easy that a missing child is dead and gone.

pcgcSometime in mid September of 2013, a Minnesota based journalist filed a statement with the Polk County Family court in conjunction with a case in which he is the petitioner. In the document, he made a number of accusations against myself and other individuals. On his website, the journalist posted one page of the statement along with the names with one name blacked out. On the date of this writing I called the Clerk of the Court and ordered copies of the statement and other records concerning the case.

Upon receipt of these documents, I will be publishing them in their entirety and without redaction of any adults names contained within them. The names and ages of minor children will be redacted from these documents.

Stay tuned


to1There was breaking news in Orlando today. This is the kind of news that generates mixed feelings of the parents of a missing daughter. Human remains were found in the woods in an area where searches were made for Tracy Ocasio who went missing in May of 2009. When I went to Facebook and read the comments made by Marinade Dave, a prominent blogger known for covering the trials of Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman. A post by the parents of Tracy caught my attention. They now have to wait with mixed emotions to find out if the remains are that of their beloved Tracy or if they will  go forward once again not knowing what happened to their daughter and once again with the hope she may still be alive.


We must all send them our prayers that they have the strength to deal what answer may be in store for them  tomorrow.

Stay tuned


puwebpageWhile watching CNN, I was made aware of something called Project unbreakable. The website displays rape survivors holding up hand made signs using common phrases used by their attackers, mostly in date rape situations. This project is generating far more attention than was done in a recent rape case in Ohio where the message regarding Rape Survivors was lost in a morass of accusations and counter accusations by those on both sides of the debate as to how the rape in question happened and how law enforcement and others handled the aftermath.

Those supporters of rape survivors may want to study efforts like Project Unbreakable to learn a more effective way of getting your message out there.

Stay tuned