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anonmaskamandatoddThere seems to be a trend among Anonymous and those affiliated with them to increase their use of the practice of doxing. The mere posting of so called “public” information by these cyber abusers is not enough. They add to their doxing serious but unproved accusations that puts their target’s safety and security at risk. The favorite trend of Anonymous is the doxing of their targets accusing them of being a pedophile, rapist or accusing them of other serious crimes without the proper authentication of the so called evidence they put forth to back up their claims.

A prime example of how careless Anonymous is when doxing targets is an incident in the high profile case of Amanda Todd:

“A New Jersey member of Anonymous tweeted to others to stop spreading the address, that though they had the right man it was the wrong house. The group got other major details about the man wrong, Slate reported. Amanda Todd’s tormentor is 19 years old, not 32, as first claimed. The RCMP told News1130 radio that allegations by Anonymous were unfounded.

“They released a cache of identifying information including his Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, links to his accounts at perv sites like Jailbait, photos, chat transcripts, and home address. And, as is traditional, a bombastic “Expect Us” video.

The Internet cheered. The media made house calls. And the RCMP reportedly dispatched two squad cars to the house in case someone decided to go vigilante IRL.

Only one problem: wrong house.”


A common retort when the target protests the Doxing by Anonymous  is that the burden of proof now lies on the accused and not the other way around. These people totally disregard the rule of law and  dole out their version of justice not thinking of the ramifications of their acts. Due to some high profile cases being reported on MSM, the general public is keenly aware of the increasing number of arrests of those accused of the above crimes.

Because of these heated passions, it is only a matter of time that someone is killed or seriously injured because of these vigilantes. It is past time for law enforcement to enforce the laws already on the books before things reach the point of no return. It seems that the only way law enforcement becomes involved is when someone gets killed due to the actions of cyber abusers or when someone commits suicide because of the constant harassment by someone who vows to continue these actions for an extended period of time.

It will be sooner then later when the day comes where a breaking news headline will be the death of someone as a result of doxing.

Stay tuned