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I am not writing this article as one of those many out there who are shouting with outrage about how violent the video games that the kids and young adults play today. What I decided to write about is some of the consequences that seems to have come out of playing them. There was a lot of publicity recently of the amount of money that was made by the latest version of Grand Theft Auto, and the millions that is being made by the creator of this game.



The premise of this game is rather simple. You steal  cars, get away from the cops, killing as many of them and innocent bystanders in the process.  Grand Theft Auto is but one of a myriad of games out there that has raised the ire of the public of late.

Almost from the beginning of the creation of these violent games, there have been incidents where the games were blamed for murders or violent attacks. One such incident appears in this article:

This was six years ago. Reports of these kinds of incidents have increased many fold over the years. There is also another unintended consequence of playing these games. They can kill you. At least that is the accusation. There was a remarkable article written over a decade ago about people that die from playing these games

diablo  A Louisiana woman is suing Nintendo, alleging her 30-year-old son suffered seizures after playing video games for eight hours a day, six days a week.

There have been studies over the years of the health consequences of playing these video games hours and hours on end. The studies about video games remind me of the studies about the use of cellphones causing cancer and other medical side effects and also the danger of using certain electrical devices on airplanes. It seems that no matter what we do or what gadget we use, it is going to kill us or otherwise make our lives miserable.

It is hard to know what the answer is. Do we start censoring these games? By that I mean, do we start prohibiting these games because of their violent content.? I certainly do not know the answer. The extent of my online gaming is harvesting fake crops, deploying a bunch of fake boats and trains, and building fake cities and theme parks. I guess it is a generational thing where the oldsters play Farmville while the grandkids play role playing games where they virtually kill each other.

Time will tell where the deadly theme of the newer games will lead us. One thing is certain, adults will need to pay ever closer attention to what is being inserted into that game console or what that on line game is all about that has your child’s undivided attention.

In the meantime, I have virtual pigs to feed.

Stay tuned