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nggoofyNancy grace seems to have done what the Putnam County Florida Sheriff’s department has not been able to do. It is expected that on her show this evening, this former prosecutor turned bombastic true crime show host will drop one of her famous bombshells and scream out that Haleigh is dead at the hands of others. In a desperate race for ratings, Nancy Grace, on her heavily promoted show will offer her evidence as to why Haleigh is now dead.

In the mean time there are others out there that have not given up on Haleigh and they do so at their peril. There are those who believe she might be alive and there are those who thinkĀ  she is dead and gone. The two camps battle each other in an internet civil war. It is quite remarkable, really that such intense emotions get stirred up over a little girl that a majority of these internet warriors know only from MSM and the blogs. Such is the nature of things.

One holdout for hope is The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department who still considers Haleigh an open case and her photo still resides on their website.


At least there is someone in Putnam county that has not given up on Haleigh.

Stay tuned for as long as I am able to be here