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flboyThis story reminds me of those out there that declare Haleigh Cummings as being dead and Trenton Duckett as being dead. It seems all too easy to say that after a year or two that a child is probably dead and that everyone should give up and move on. 13 Years ago an infant was taken from his home in Florida. The father never gave up hope. I can imagine that there were those back then who did give up hope. The case in the public’s mind was long forgotten.


This is likely why, so far, that nobody has identified the boy since nobody can remember who disappeared way back then. In 2000 there were not that many blogs, forums or discussion groups discussing missing children. This was 6 years before Trenton Duckett and in the years between these children went missing countless numbers of children went missing and whose fate remains unknown to this day.

grannyI wrote a metaphor back in 2007 entitled The Angry Giant. The gist of this essay was a hypothetical of what might happen if Trenton Duckett should somehow find out that he had been presumed dead at the hands of his mother and instead he finds himself in the care of someone who has hidden him away for an untold number of years without telling him the truth why he was in the care of this person.

This is exactly what happened with this child. He was in the custody of a caretaker. The caretaker made a mistake. The caretaker was his grandmother. She went to enroll the teenager into school and it was soon found who the boy was.



It is all too easy for the speculators to say children like Haleigh and Trenton are dead and gone. It is easy to say that this person or that person killed the child. It is not so easy that some caretaker has the child and is roaming around the country homeless.


Now that today’s story is working it’s way across the MSM and the internet, it will not be so easy that a missing child is dead and gone.