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scottdmvI am really surprised that in all this whining about Obamacare by the republicans that nobody has done a thing about the blackmail by the Federal government that required states to enact various laws over the objections of the residents of that state. One prime example of this is those states that did not have laws in place requiring liability insurance in order to register a car. Florida had a law to address this situation. If a private automobile registrant did not want to buy commercial insurance one of two things would happen.

First, if someone did get into an accident and they were at fault, they would not be allowed to register or drive an automobile until the damages were paid to any party affected by the accident, provided it was their fault.

Second, the vehicle owner could purchase a bond that would cover the minimum coverage that would be required under the old law, which, by the way, is the same as it is now. A $25,000 bond was enough to meet this requirement and was 90% cheaper than obtaining regular car insurance.

The State of Florida objected strongly to being blackmailed by the Federal government in the exact same way Florida’s Republican Governor objects to Obamacare and who is making it harder for State Residents who want to enroll in the program to do so.

Gov Scott needs to be a purest and do the same thing with all the federal mandates that are imposed against the individual states that do not want them. Gov Scott needs to put his money where his mouth is and start fighting the other federal mandates as hard as he is fighting Obamacare.

Let’s end a lot of laws the individual states do not want. End the requirement to wear motorcycle helmets.

End the law requiring a truck driver to have a DOT physical in order to drive within the state. Car drivers do not have to meet this requirement and  Florida truckers did not have to until forced by the FED govt to do so.

Why not end ALL the federal laws imposed on the states. Why have a federal government at all. Why not have 50 individual countries rather than one united states. That seems to be what everyone wants.

For that matter, why have a government at all? let people do what the hell they want and screw the consequences.

Stay tuned