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Monthly Archives: September 2013

scottdmvI am really surprised that in all this whining about Obamacare by the republicans that nobody has done a thing about the blackmail by the Federal government that required states to enact various laws over the objections of the residents of that state. One prime example of this is those states that did not have laws in place requiring liability insurance in order to register a car. Florida had a law to address this situation. If a private automobile registrant did not want to buy commercial insurance one of two things would happen.

First, if someone did get into an accident and they were at fault, they would not be allowed to register or drive an automobile until the damages were paid to any party affected by the accident, provided it was their fault.

Second, the vehicle owner could purchase a bond that would cover the minimum coverage that would be required under the old law, which, by the way, is the same as it is now. A $25,000 bond was enough to meet this requirement and was 90% cheaper than obtaining regular car insurance.

The State of Florida objected strongly to being blackmailed by the Federal government in the exact same way Florida’s Republican Governor objects to Obamacare and who is making it harder for State Residents who want to enroll in the program to do so.

Gov Scott needs to be a purest and do the same thing with all the federal mandates that are imposed against the individual states that do not want them. Gov Scott needs to put his money where his mouth is and start fighting the other federal mandates as hard as he is fighting Obamacare.

Let’s end a lot of laws the individual states do not want. End the requirement to wear motorcycle helmets.

End the law requiring a truck driver to have a DOT physical in order to drive within the state. Car drivers do not have to meet this requirement and  Florida truckers did not have to until forced by the FED govt to do so.

Why not end ALL the federal laws imposed on the states. Why have a federal government at all. Why not have 50 individual countries rather than one united states. That seems to be what everyone wants.

For that matter, why have a government at all? let people do what the hell they want and screw the consequences.

Stay tuned



boener hearsecemetaryBefore you Republicans start crying foul, you might want to do your own homework before toeing the party line. Pres Obama and those before him did not fight for health care reform just for the hell of it. Many presidents and those in congress have known for decades that something needed to be done about the for profit health care system in this country. What a lot of people do not seem to realize is that our health care system is unique.

The United States of America is one of the few that has, primarily a private for profit health care system rather than a government run system. It is a system driven by greed rather than any compassion for the millions who have no access to decent health care.

The health care industry makes BILLIONS on the backs of the sick. The money is made in skyrocketing costs of health insurance as well as the skyrocketing costs of hospital stays, doctor visits, medicine and so forth. Those who are against Health care reform are those who are healthy and feel they do not need insurance as well as those WEALTHY enough to afford insurance premiums are as much as one would pay to own a luxury suv. Do not believe me? Get an insurance quote for someone with high blood pressure, eye problems and so forth.

What is going one here is a combination of class warfare and greed. The rich want more money to spend and the health care system wants the billions in profits generated by not having health care in place.

If the Gop gets it’s way, there will be a booming business in the funeral industry.

Stay tuned


media unitI had not intended to use this blog for the issues I have been discussing in my other blog, but someone who wants to play games leaves me no choice. Earlier this evening I was contacted by Holly Briley and told that my blog was suspended. Since I had not violated any rules with WordPress, I could not understand why the blog was suspended so I checked my e mail and sure enough, I was given the notice that my blog was suspended due to violating WordPress TOS. In the complaint A Canadian blogger was named as the person who filed the complaint which was a death threat sent to Holly Briley, not by her but from an e-mail account that was impersonating another blog.

What led up to all of this was an e-mail that was sent to Holly Briley recently. There was soon a flurry of activity while everyone went back and forth trying to get to the truth of the matter. The administrator of the blog in question told Mrs Briley that they did not send the letter. Through some investigating by the parties concerned, it was determined that the fraud somehow originated out of Ontario, Canada and the immediate blame was put on the Canadian blogger.

When I became aware of the situation, I wrote about it on my other blog. I included a screenshot of the letter that was extracted from Mrs. Briley’s twitter account. Imagine my surprise when I read the complaint and rather than Holly Briley being the one who complained, it was, instead, the Canadian blogger, or so I thought. A few hours before I wrote this blog, I had a rather heated exchange with the Canadian blogger who denied filing the complaint and placed the blame on Mrs Briley or perhaps another blogger who has been wanting my blog shut down for years.

I am not certain if anyone has ever read the TOS with WordPress when it comes to filing these complaints, but it might be advisable that people do so before filing these kinds of complaints:

If you have received a Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) Infringement Notice and believe it was submitted in error, you may submit a counter-notice. Counter-notices must be submitted by the user who uploaded the material or an agent authorized to act on their behalf.

Please note that under Section 512(f) of the DMCA, any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material or activity was removed or disabled by mistake or misidentification may be subject to liability. Thus, if you are not sure that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification, you should consider first contacting an attorney.”

This reinforces what I had stated in my last article on that blog. You cannot trust the source of content or who it is that puts content on the internet. At this point it is uncertain who made the complaint. That will be up to those who have the resources to do so to find out what the truth is.




Stay tuned



While I was at the residence of Casey Anthony’s Grandparents, taking photos of the press coverage of the search for Caylee, I met a woman whose username is @dsntslp. In the course of our conversation, the woman mentioned that she had been searching near a school around the corner from the North end of Hopespring drive. The woman and her husband had decided to search an area near the School that was located where Hopespring Drive ends at a turnaround dead end. She told me she had a strong hunch that Caylee would be found somewhere near the house.


Just before Christmas of 2008, 4 months after their search, Caylee Anthony was found amazingly close to where the woman and her husband were searching. Dsntslp trains search dogs. On that day in August, she did not have her dogs with her.

One has to wonder what would have happened if she had decided to bring her dogs with her.

Stay tuned




It now seems that George Zimmerman did not have a gun. Lake Mary, Florida police reported that George Zimmerman did not have a gun. This means the claims that his wife made in her 911 call may not have been true. Other accounts such as the destruction of the Ipad may also have been false narratives on the part of his wife. I guess one has to learn that women frequently falsely accuse their husbands of criminal actions during a divorce action.

There may be, however other charges having to do with domestic abuse that may be filed at a future date as this investigation is not over.

Stay tuned



zimmermanThe 911 call made by the wife of George Zimmerman was released a short while ago by The Lake Mary Police Department.

In the call, George is accused of smashing an Ipad and also punching the nose of his Father in Law. At last report, Mark O’Mara and George Zimmerman is in a small park under a tree across the street from the house.

Stay tuned