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timholmsethOne of the more interesting characters to emerge from the Haleigh Cummings case was a previously unknown journalist/blogger by the name of Tim Holmseth. Mr. Holmseth once said that he had been asked to look into the case. Whatever the reason for his involvement, he soon made his mark by contacting various parties who were involved directly in the case. As a result of his involvement, there would be soon an internal struggle between Tim, a Florida attorney, a bounty hunter, law enforcement in at least two states , a number of bloggers including me.


This is the first installment in a series where we will look into the various aspects of Tim Holmseth from who he is to the current court case where I found myself among several others becoming part of the evidence he has provided in his case against the mother of his children.

Over the years, I have been getting source information for various court documents that are posted on the internet. As a result of obtaining these documents, I had decided to write an article about Tim Holmseth and his troubles that grew out of his involvement with the case of Haleigh Cummings. One of the articles I wrote triggered an action by Timothy Holmseth where he filed a statement with the court implicating Me, Florida Atty Kim Pickazio and Mr Levi Page in some kind of plot to wrest the custody of his son from him and turn custody over to the boy’s biological mother.

Upon learning of this statement being filed with the court, I began contacting The Polk County Mn Sheriff’s department, the county attorney and the clerk of the Polk County Court. I filed a FOIA request for a number of documents plus a cd. The documents arrived on the day of this writing.

What I got was far more then I expected.

Over several blog entries, I will be posting the various court documents and explore why Tim Holmseth felt it necessary to include the parties he has in his legal battle with the mother of his children.

Stay Tuned