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nofreespeechI find it hard to understand why a difference of opinion is so important that people would find it necessary to call someone’s employer and demand they be fired. It has been brought to my attention that such an incident recently took place. There seems to be an increase of these kinds of incidents. For whatever reason, bloggers, groups and individuals find it necessary to blunt dissent by silencing it. There are a number of methods employed, one is doxing, where everything about the target is put up in public file sharing sites with no regard for the safety and security of the victims.

bookburninguscommieAn even more dangerous tactic is for the calls to start. Employers are being called to demand the person be fired. Customers are contacted and encouraged not to by from business owners. Fake newspaper articles are published. Scores of blogs are written about the target and even impersonations take place. As these incidents increase, more and more people weigh the risks of putting forth their opinions or participating in on line causes of one kind or another.

Our freedoms are not being taken away by the terrorists. Our freedoms are not being taken away by Russia. Our freedoms are not being taken away by North Korea or Iran.

Our freedoms are being taken away by us.

Stay tuned until I am silenced