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Monthly Archives: October 2013

putinIt seems to hit home that the world is not happy with the new Russian anti gay law. In a recent visit of Olympians to his summer residence, Putin said “We are doing everything, both the organizers and our athletes and fans, so that participants and guests feel comfortable in Sochi, regardless of nationality, race or sexual orientation.”


Russia is spending a boatload of money on preparing the Olympics and is also using the event to show that Russia is now a modern country and is in touch with the rest of the world. The outrage over the anti gay laws Putin signed into law may have caused Putin to have a change of mind, at least when it comes to the Olympics.


Could this spell the end of this legislation as Russia and Putin see the error of their ways?

Stay tuned



“The highest manifestation of life is this; that a being governs their own actions.”
St Thomas Aquinas

The one thing I will never understand is why certain bloggers and individuals have to spend so much time backbiting each other. There seems to be a number of bloggers and individuals that have nothing better to do than constantly go after people simply because they either do not like that person or disagree with their actions or beliefs. One would think that there could be a wide variety of opinions that one would have that would differ from others.

One would also think that if someone did not like or believe in what an individual does or says that they would move on towards those with whom they get along with and simply do their own thing. This seems not to be the case. It seems that intolerance rules the day and certain bloggers and individuals will go out of their way to demean, and slander those with whom they have an issue of some sort. I have seen a great deal of wasted effort by those who resort to these kinds of actions.

I stated quite a while back on my other blog that I was done with the petty nonsense that others seem to want to draw me into. I have moved on doing my own thing. There are others who seem not to be content with this action. Their actions continue almost to the degree when I was actively disputing their actions and their false narratives. I am not here to say that I am going to resume this practice but am, instead reiterating what I stated earlier. I am done trying to right the wrongs of others. The truth does not matter to these people no matter how obvious it is. Character assassination seems to be all that certain people are interested in. These individuals for whatever reason seem to be determined to want me in some sort of drama or fight.

I am having none of it. I am tired and I am fed up. I am profoundly disappointed in the blogger community for squandering a powerful resource on nothing more than petty backbiting. We have at our disposal a powerful tool that could be used for the common good. Rather than uniting in a just purpose, everyone has gone off on their own separate directions and thus have decided to impose their will on others in the process.

To all of you I say, savor your drama, squander what could have been useful. Destroy each other as that seems to be your intent but…

Leave me out of it.

Stay Tuned


The CNN movie Blackfish has set up a firestorm. Even Jack Hanna was scorned along with Sea World as a result of what has seen on CNN tonight.


As of this moment, the trend on twitter is highly negative. Out of the hundreds of twitter post has there been few if any pro Sea World trend regarding this issue. It would appear that much damage has been done to Sea World and other water parks as a result of this film. The question now is how effective will the backlash be? Will the restriction asked for pass? If this petition is successful, what will happen to Sea World and parks like it?

Stay tuned


dawnJane Valez Mitchell in the promotion of the CNN special Blackfish, a controversial special aired on CNN this evening  stated “If you were stuck in a bathtub for 25 years, wouldn’t you go stir crazy?” Some who would hear that statement might think that Orcas are just another animal and it would not matter if they were in a big pool or the ocean. The main argument that advocates such as Mitchell make is that “Killer whales” or Orca whales as they are better known are self aware.


Self aware? What the hell does that mean? It means, simply, that just like you or me, Orcas know who they are. They can look in a mirror and think “I am me.”

In fact, it is a “mirror test” That is used to determine if an animal is self aware.


Since Orca whales are self aware and are also highly socialized animals, it would seem that confinement for life might not bode well for the species and thus explain how Dawn Brancheau, A trainer at Sea World Orlando was killed during the famous show that was presented there. It turns out that Tilikum had killed before.

The first death occurred in 1991 when trainer Keltie Byrne slipped into the tank where Tilikum and two other whales were kept at Sealand of the Pacific.


The second death occurred once again at Sea World Orlando when the body of Daniel P. Dukes was found nude on Tilikum’s back. One rather odd detail is that  the man’s “private parts” had been pulled off.


It is clear that the movement against having these animals in captivity is getting stronger. It appears that sometime in the near future we may see an evolution as to how animals are housed in zoos and other forms of confinement. There may come a time when zoos are no longer and that people will have to travel to natural preserves to see these animals or watch national geographic tv.

Stay Tuned







wonkThe axim “beware of unintended consequences” hit home for a government employee when his “Anonymous” twitter identity was found out after a group of those who were his targets investigated his account and finally outed him. Jofi Joseph held a rather important position within the NSC. His rather scathing twitter rants had been an irritant of beltway insiders for the two years the account had been on twitter.


Unfortunately, Jofi found out the hard way that there are consequences for what one says or does on the internet. This is even more true when one goes around slamming the boss. This incident also brings home the warning for others out there that engage in these kinds of practices that you may face consequences from your actions that may ruin your prospects for certain careers. More and more potential employers are checking social media sites to determine the character of those who may be applying for jobs.


If a prospective employee is seen posting sexist or hate filled content on the internet, the employer may decline to hire the applicant in order to prevent any kind of scandal by having the person as part of their company. The more important the job being applied for, the higher the consequences for whatever content shows up in a resume search.


Those who are self employed or operate a small business are not exempt either. As more victims learn about sites where they can report these abuses, those who make offensive posts on the internet may find themselves losing customers when their exploits are reported on websites were efforts to have these complaints to  removed can prove to be impossible or at least expensive to do so.


This incident should also serve as a warning that it is getting far more difficult to remain anonymous on the internet. Sooner or later, someone who is determined to do so will find out who an offending poster is and make that person accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned






cementplantbsedwickSome of the strangest stories come out of Central Florida and this one certainly takes the cake. There was this bullying case that broke down in Polk County Florida which is about an hours drive from where I am sitting right now. A teenaged girl had committed suicide due to incessant bullying by a couple of other teenaged girls who then bragged about causing the girl’s suicide on Facebook. A short time later The Polk County Sheriff’s department arrested the two girls and charged them accordingly.

polksheriff chargedvosburg


The next thing we know the mother is making the rounds on the talk shows saying that her daughter could not possibly be guilty and that her Facebook account had been hacked.

As bad as this story was, it got worse when recently the step mother of  the girl who had bragged on Facebook was herself arrested for beating up a teenager. Even this was not the end of this story . It turns out that the reason the step mother was arrested is because there was a video posted on Facebook of her beating the living daylights out of the teenager. The mother is now in the Polk County Jail with a bond of $300,000 needed to be posted in order for her to get out.


I am wondering if the Polk County Sheriff will now seize the mother’s pc and see what HER actions have been on the internet. In light of her actions in this case, one has to wonder if there are things she has done on line that needs to be looked into.

Stay tuned





mariagypsiesA routine inspection by Greek officials of a Gypsy camp wound up sparking a widely discussed world wide topic when a blonde blue eyed Caucasian girl peeked out of a bundle of clothing in a filthy unsanitary bedroom. Once again the speculation of human trafficking rose to the top of the discussion list of the talking heads on the MSM. Early in the discussion was the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Her case had already been in the news with Scotland Yard and INTERPOL releasing a composite sketch of a man who was seen carrying a small girl resembling Madeleine around the time she had gone missing.


Now comes the case of Maria and the discussion about human trafficking that was around at the time of when Haleigh Cummings went missing and once again hope gets renewed that Haleigh and other children may well be alive.


Among the families with a slim hope that this may be their missing child are the parents of Lisa Irwin. This child went missing two years ago in October. She was 10 months old which would fit her into the Greek authorities guess that Maria was born sometime around 2009. It will take matching the dna between Maria and the father to see if there is a match and this is in fact their daughter.

A long shot for certain, but the slimmest of hope that is better than no hope at all.

Stay tuned



consOnce again, another example of how easy it is to create fake documents makes the news. Once again this faking of documents deals with the state of Florida and once again, to a small extent, document faking has a link to the Casey Anthony case. This example comes about in the case of two convicted killers who were sentenced for life who somehow managed to walk out of prison, not by some kind of elaborate prison break, but by what was seemingly a release order by one of the most famous judges in the state of Florida.

perryAs some might remember, Judge Perry presided over the trial of Casey Anthony. It turns out that someone forged his signature on an order for the two prisoners to be released from the North Florida prison where they were being held. The bureaucrats at the Florida Department of Corrections took the order at face value and summarily released the convicts. It took a call from the family of one of the victims to alert The Florida Department of Corrections that they had made a big boo boo.

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device001-2.jpg

The two lifers were recently captured after their extended vacation only 80 miles from the prison that they were held in.  What is also interesting is that this is NOT the first time that someone has tried a stunt like this. There had been two efforts of this type in the recent past but the perps were caught.

Once again an example of how easy it is to create fake content is presented as a lesson for people to learn. It seems that not only the general public needs to learn this lesson but those in law enforcement and the prison system needs to learn this lesson as well.

Stay tuned





spiderhouseSome people just do not learn. There has been this picture circulating on the internet about this huge spider that is said to eat dogs and other small animals.  There has been this photo of what is being called an Angolan Witch spider that is the size of a small house. A quote on Facebook where this thing is showing up states “they migrated from South America. they primarily eat dogs and cats In Texas this abnormally large spider was found on the side of this home..”

There is, of course, no such spider. A small amount of research of GENUINE sources brings out the true story of this little hoax. This is actually a Wolf spider. An artist by the name of Paul Santa Maria created the fake image using a photo of the wolf spider which is much smaller.


This is yet another reason to question the motives of those that will post certain content and then tout it as genuine. The content can be things like the image in this article to twitter accounts and posts, videos, audio clips, direct messages, e-mails and other content purported to have been created by an individual or group. While most of the time, these items are harmless hoaxes, some content can be of such a serious nature that people’s safety and security can be put at risk by what some of the creators of the counterfeit material accuse their target of.

So the lesson to be learned here is that when you see something claiming someone committed a crime or said something of a serious or immoral nature, consider carefully what you choose to believe.

Do not allow yourself to be played for a fool.

Stay tuned





paattywvaattyI usually do not “name the theme of the year” this early but indications I have been seeing lately puts the title I am giving 2014 is The Year if Resolution. That is because there are indications on there has been movement in THIS year’s transition has been towards the resolution of certain issues that have been floating around for years. There might even be an early start towards that end. The seeds for all of this change seems to have been planted in an area around Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

There has been some activity in these two states that might signal a movement towards a long over resolution of some important issues.

Stay tuned