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cementplantbsedwickSome of the strangest stories come out of Central Florida and this one certainly takes the cake. There was this bullying case that broke down in Polk County Florida which is about an hours drive from where I am sitting right now. A teenaged girl had committed suicide due to incessant bullying by a couple of other teenaged girls who then bragged about causing the girl’s suicide on Facebook. A short time later The Polk County Sheriff’s department arrested the two girls and charged them accordingly.

polksheriff chargedvosburg


The next thing we know the mother is making the rounds on the talk shows saying that her daughter could not possibly be guilty and that her Facebook account had been hacked.

As bad as this story was, it got worse when recently the step mother of  the girl who had bragged on Facebook was herself arrested for beating up a teenager. Even this was not the end of this story . It turns out that the reason the step mother was arrested is because there was a video posted on Facebook of her beating the living daylights out of the teenager. The mother is now in the Polk County Jail with a bond of $300,000 needed to be posted in order for her to get out.


I am wondering if the Polk County Sheriff will now seize the mother’s pc and see what HER actions have been on the internet. In light of her actions in this case, one has to wonder if there are things she has done on line that needs to be looked into.

Stay tuned