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consOnce again, another example of how easy it is to create fake documents makes the news. Once again this faking of documents deals with the state of Florida and once again, to a small extent, document faking has a link to the Casey Anthony case. This example comes about in the case of two convicted killers who were sentenced for life who somehow managed to walk out of prison, not by some kind of elaborate prison break, but by what was seemingly a release order by one of the most famous judges in the state of Florida.

perryAs some might remember, Judge Perry presided over the trial of Casey Anthony. It turns out that someone forged his signature on an order for the two prisoners to be released from the North Florida prison where they were being held. The bureaucrats at the Florida Department of Corrections took the order at face value and summarily released the convicts. It took a call from the family of one of the victims to alert The Florida Department of Corrections that they had made a big boo boo.

Scanned from a Xerox multifunction device001-2.jpg

The two lifers were recently captured after their extended vacation only 80 miles from the prison that they were held in.  What is also interesting is that this is NOT the first time that someone has tried a stunt like this. There had been two efforts of this type in the recent past but the perps were caught.

Once again an example of how easy it is to create fake content is presented as a lesson for people to learn. It seems that not only the general public needs to learn this lesson but those in law enforcement and the prison system needs to learn this lesson as well.

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