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mariagypsiesA routine inspection by Greek officials of a Gypsy camp wound up sparking a widely discussed world wide topic when a blonde blue eyed Caucasian girl peeked out of a bundle of clothing in a filthy unsanitary bedroom. Once again the speculation of human trafficking rose to the top of the discussion list of the talking heads on the MSM. Early in the discussion was the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Her case had already been in the news with Scotland Yard and INTERPOL releasing a composite sketch of a man who was seen carrying a small girl resembling Madeleine around the time she had gone missing.


Now comes the case of Maria and the discussion about human trafficking that was around at the time of when Haleigh Cummings went missing and once again hope gets renewed that Haleigh and other children may well be alive.


Among the families with a slim hope that this may be their missing child are the parents of Lisa Irwin. This child went missing two years ago in October. She was 10 months old which would fit her into the Greek authorities guess that Maria was born sometime around 2009. It will take matching the dna between Maria and the father to see if there is a match and this is in fact their daughter.

A long shot for certain, but the slimmest of hope that is better than no hope at all.

Stay tuned