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Monthly Archives: October 2013

BRAGOne has to wonder of the young cyberbullies are learning from the adults around them. This astonishing incident just a short drive from Orlando should make those adults bullying each other on the internet are passing these lessons on to their children and the children around them. Imagine, if you will, that there are teens and pre-teens that read some of the smear blogs and follow the actions of trolls on twitter and elsewhere. Why should these teens and pre teens stop their actions when the adults around them intensify their own?




Children imitate the actions of the adults around them. Who is to say that the bullying of their peers by teens and pre teens were not the result of observing the actions of the adults around them?

Stay Tuned



PETITIONANDRALLYExcerpt from press release;

“The McClain Special Needs Advocacy Group announces the need for special needs parents to join their peaceful protest against the new Disney DAS this October 19th. Kim McClain plans to deliver a petition of 35,000+ signatures opposing the new services for guests with cognitive disabilities”


There are also plans for a set of petitions to be delivered to Walt Disney World in Lake Buena, Florida.

Stay tuned


GACThere is a growing anger throughout the kingdom of the mouse. What is the cause of this anger one might ask? It is the decision, a short while back, by Disney management to change their Guest Assistance Card system. Guest Assistance Cards were issued to guests who needed special assistance when accessing the rides at the various Disney parks. Frequently, the cards allowed the Guests to “jump the line” and get on the rides before other guests.

The local press in both Florida and California aired stories where, in order to address abuses to the system, Disney management had made drastic changes to the system causing a great deal of upset in the special needs community in the process.  One prominent website has taken the lead and has staged peaceful protests at Disneyland to bring attention to the adverse effects brought about by the Disney decision.




A number of people on the Facebook page have made remarks such as this one:


“just sent an email to Chase, who handle the Disney rewards system. I told them when Disney changes to through I will also close out my accounts with them as will not longer have a need for Disney rewards since we won’t be going to Disney any longer. Just maybe Chase can also put a little financial pressure on Disney if they find it effects their bottom dollar too.”

One of today’s emails:“Hi Kim we just got home to the UK today we had the same thing on the 9th we went to renew my wife’s GAC card the cast member was quite rude, she said we don’t have that card now as you are in a powerchair (its her own not rented) you don’t need one, as my wife tried to explain to her why she kept repeating what’s your issue with the park after my wife trying to explain several times, all the time getting asked what’s your issue with the park, she said to me I am not sitting here wasting my time lets go, they have no idea how hard this is making for disabled people, no more annual pass for us we may not even go back to WDW. ”
There are rallies scheduled for this coming Saturday, October, 19th to protest the policy change put in place by Disney management as of October 9th.
A  website have been set up to cover the rallies as well as a petition site to address the problem of the new GAC system.
Stay tuned

shareEvery day on millions of Facebook walls are items posted by subscribers of both a mundane and serious nature. There is a list of options at the bottom of each item. The most important is the option to share. What makes this option important is that more and more often the share option is used to spread the word about a missing child or adult, abandoned animals up for adoption and various calls to join in important events advocated by the poster.

What makes this significant is what is being seen on a lot of blogs as of late. A growing number of blogs that are springing up are not for the purposes of advocating a cause or sharing in trying to solve a problem or find the missing, but, rather, to attack an individual or group that they have issues with. At one time blogs were touted as the emerging fifth estate to compete with the mainstream media. Blogs at one time covered those news events that the mainstream media did not cover.

The blogs gave those with no voice, a voice.

This is no longer true. The blogs have sunk into the morass of bullying, defamation, and personal attacking. Blogs are no longer the fifth estate. Blogs are no more than a tool of the abuser.

The answer instead is Facebook and the option to share thoughts and ideas and to lobby for assistance in finding a missing person or adopt an animal.

Facebook strives to promote hope while the blogs strive to promote hate.

Stay tuned


loundessheriffA few short miles north of the Florida state line adjacent to Interstate 75 lies the typical Georgia city of Valdosta. I know this city well. As an over the road truck driver I have either passed by or stopped in this city over the past several decades. Valdosta is typical in many ways. It is a city that has a combined industrial agricultural economic base. Valdosta is also a university town. Valdosta State University is located there. Lately, however, Valdosta has become known for something sinister.valdostamatlhsjohnsoncrump

It has become known as the story of the boy in the mat. Kendrick Johnson, then 17 years old was found inside of a rolled up gym matt. Law enforcement had concluded that he had gotten stuck, trying to retrieve a lost sneaker that had somehow fallen inside of  the mat.

Case closed? Not quite. The family did not buy the conclusions of  law enforcement and started and investigation of their own. It has come out that there were some questionable bruises on his body. In another strange twist, after his body was exhumed by a medical examiner hired by the family, it was found that some of his internal organs were missing and that newspaper was stuffed in him in their place.

Valdosta is now in the national spotlight. The Sheriff is shunning cameras and the state and federal governments may now step in and investigate what is turning out to be one of the strangest true crime stories in the country today.

There are a couple odd coincidences regarding this story. The lawyer for the family of Treyvon Martin was hired by the Johnson family on October, 10th, which would have been his 18 birthday. It is a birthday both Kendrick and I share.

Stay tuned


puppyA single woman had her house broken into and not only had her tv stolen but her purebred puppies as well. Orlando tv station WFTV has posted the photos of the puppies in the hopes that someone can help find them. These puppies face a dire future if not found.

WFTV story of puppy theft

Stay tuned


apmaddiemaddieOne has to wonder how a story is considered to be put on a mainstream talk show. This time around it is the story of the missing child Maddie McCann. Nancy Grace recently did a segment where the claim that she had been spotted alive a few short weeks ago was discussed.. There have been a number of people howl in protest claiming that Nancy has gone off the deep end. These detractors claim that Maddie is dead at the hands of her parents.

Nancy grace segment

nggoofyBut, and this is a big but, there have been an increasing number of incidents where the missing have been found alive. Both high profile cases and those cases that were unknown, have examples of children and other missing persons suddenly turn up after being missing and presumed dead for years and even decades. What would be so different in this case? Nothing, except that perhaps if a child in such a high profile case as this one were to turn up alive, this might finally break the barrier to hope that the detractors put up, and prompt people to take a more proactive role to finally answer the question of what happened to the still missing children in these high profile cases that have been so hotly debated for the past several years.

Stay tuned


tigersTwo high school football players and a video of a teenaged girl? Are we going down this same road yet again? It seems that way. What is disturbing about this incident is not the reaction of the adults or any charges of a cover up, but the reaction of their peers. Admittedly, this same thing was present in the Steubenville case, but the bloggers and the media were concentrating so much on alleged cover ups and the mixed messages regarding rape survivors, that this attitude on the part of the rape survivor’s peers went unnoticed.

This is an attitude that has to be changed. If the attitude that it is almost always the victim’s fault that they were either raped or were being exploited in a pornographic video is allowed to go unchecked, it will become that much harder to curb this attitude as these teenagers become adults. This is a multifaceted problem. BOTH the parents and the educators need to get a handle on this problem. The children under their care must be taught how wrong this kind of attitude is.

Circleville is yet another one of these cases that needs to be followed to see how the incident is handled and those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned


bigredUm, no, not THOSE pm’s but a set of pm’s that were supposed to be a conversation between someone on twitter and the mother of the rape survivor Jane Doe in the Steubenville rape case. What IS significant here is that the blogger questioned a set of pm’s based on an analysis of how a parent is “supposed” to act when it comes to the circumstances related to how these pm’s came about and why. At this point, there has been no action to disprove or prove the validity of the pm’s.

What is significant in this situation is that this same blogger easily dismissed the pm’s as a fraud yet steadfastly refuses do do the same in the case of a blogger it happens to have a disagreement with. It sounds like a personal bias is the basis for judgement rather than any factual evidence.

Only time will tell if this pm issue will get resolved or not.

Sometimes one runs across the kind of story on the internet that has one asking “Say what????” It seems that a judge in San Diego sentenced a man convicted of first degree murder to a term of 53 years to life. Not much of a story here until on learns on what happened AFTER the trial. The judge then not only marries the convicted criminal in court, she allows them to kiss and even baked the couple a cake!!!

Judge Officiates Man’s Wedding Right After Sentencing Him Up To Life In Prison For Murder


Now, if the cake has a file in it…….

Stay tuned