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“The highest manifestation of life is this; that a being governs their own actions.”
St Thomas Aquinas

The one thing I will never understand is why certain bloggers and individuals have to spend so much time backbiting each other. There seems to be a number of bloggers and individuals that have nothing better to do than constantly go after people simply because they either do not like that person or disagree with their actions or beliefs. One would think that there could be a wide variety of opinions that one would have that would differ from others.

One would also think that if someone did not like or believe in what an individual does or says that they would move on towards those with whom they get along with and simply do their own thing. This seems not to be the case. It seems that intolerance rules the day and certain bloggers and individuals will go out of their way to demean, and slander those with whom they have an issue of some sort. I have seen a great deal of wasted effort by those who resort to these kinds of actions.

I stated quite a while back on my other blog that I was done with the petty nonsense that others seem to want to draw me into. I have moved on doing my own thing. There are others who seem not to be content with this action. Their actions continue almost to the degree when I was actively disputing their actions and their false narratives. I am not here to say that I am going to resume this practice but am, instead reiterating what I stated earlier. I am done trying to right the wrongs of others. The truth does not matter to these people no matter how obvious it is. Character assassination seems to be all that certain people are interested in. These individuals for whatever reason seem to be determined to want me in some sort of drama or fight.

I am having none of it. I am tired and I am fed up. I am profoundly disappointed in the blogger community for squandering a powerful resource on nothing more than petty backbiting. We have at our disposal a powerful tool that could be used for the common good. Rather than uniting in a just purpose, everyone has gone off on their own separate directions and thus have decided to impose their will on others in the process.

To all of you I say, savor your drama, squander what could have been useful. Destroy each other as that seems to be your intent but…

Leave me out of it.

Stay Tuned