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tabwish1There are times when one sees something on line that gives us hope about the new generation. At the same time there are stories that makes one wonder about the selfishness of some of the adults out there. This is one of these rare times when both of these stories collide in a single story. This is the story of Tabitha. This is the story of a conversation overheard. This is the story of how, a week later, the actions of a little girl had a profound effect on 7 strangers as well as those who have read her story.

Like many of us on Facebook, when I logged in, I went through some of the items that get shared and came across the story of a little girl that went to the local DMV to get an id. While waiting in line, the girl overheard a man say no to the question asked of him about becoming an organ donor.


As you go to these links remember the selflessness of this young lady and then ask yourself what it is that make so many of us adults so selfish.

Stay tuned