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wonkThe axim “beware of unintended consequences” hit home for a government employee when his “Anonymous” twitter identity was found out after a group of those who were his targets investigated his account and finally outed him. Jofi Joseph held a rather important position within the NSC. His rather scathing twitter rants had been an irritant of beltway insiders for the two years the account had been on twitter.


Unfortunately, Jofi found out the hard way that there are consequences for what one says or does on the internet. This is even more true when one goes around slamming the boss. This incident also brings home the warning for others out there that engage in these kinds of practices that you may face consequences from your actions that may ruin your prospects for certain careers. More and more potential employers are checking social media sites to determine the character of those who may be applying for jobs.


If a prospective employee is seen posting sexist or hate filled content on the internet, the employer may decline to hire the applicant in order to prevent any kind of scandal by having the person as part of their company. The more important the job being applied for, the higher the consequences for whatever content shows up in a resume search.


Those who are self employed or operate a small business are not exempt either. As more victims learn about sites where they can report these abuses, those who make offensive posts on the internet may find themselves losing customers when their exploits are reported on websites were efforts to have these complaints to  removed can prove to be impossible or at least expensive to do so.


This incident should also serve as a warning that it is getting far more difficult to remain anonymous on the internet. Sooner or later, someone who is determined to do so will find out who an offending poster is and make that person accountable for their actions.

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