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Monthly Archives: November 2013

When Val McClatchey heard a noise and went outside of her house to investigate. Her act of taking a picture of a plume of smoke had the unintended consequence of her being accused of being a part of a vast government plot to fake the 911 attacks. The photo was used in any number of blogs and home made videos such as Loose change or on the website as well as the various other blogs out there. The woman wound up being harassed and attacked for being a part of this vast so called government conspiracy.



This example of how the ordinary action of taking a picture can be taken way out of context by crack pot bloggers is why the accusations by most bloggers against individuals simply cannot be taken seriously. In a vast majority of the cases involving these accusations, the author or authors of these blogs have no investigative experience, are not journalists nor do these accusers have any evidence to back up their accusations. Those who cling to the bloggers ignore these facts and the damage done the innocent victim continues.

Some bloggers and their associates even go to the extent of knowingly creating false content and outright lying to support their accusations. In a majority of the cases, the bloggers will assume anonymous names to hide their true identity in order to avoid the legal ramifications of their actions.

In one well known case where the identity of the blogger was known, she found herself at the receiving end of a civil lawsuit. Did she defend her actions and offer the proof of her accusations? No.

Instead, she ran away, fleeing clear across the country. The victim simply ran out of the resources (money) needed to have the woman and those on her blog who made the various defamatory comments held accountable. A settlement of sorts was reached where the victim got what he was asking for in that the blogger had to state that he was not the mastermind of the rape of a Jane Doe. The blogger stated that she FINALLY learned to use the word alleged when stating certain accusations about her target, which is something anyone who is a professional journalist learns at the onset.

One other fact has also emerged from incidents such as I have eluded to in this article. It is impossible to undo the damage done by these kinds of crack pot blogs. They remain on the internet for eternity.  In many cases the targets of these blogs are denied access to them. In many cases, the accusers refuse to allow their target to dispute the claims. The blogger refuses to divulge sources of their claims nor will the blogger provide indisputable proof of their claims.

It becomes the duty of the victim to prove their innocence which is opposite of how the judicial system works. In a court of law, it is the accuser who must provide the burden of proof. In the world of the blog it is the accused who has the burden of proving their innocence.

In many cases, however, no amount of proof will ever satisfy the blogger or their minions for they do not seek the truth, they seek revenge.

The question is, what are they seeking revenge for?

There is a woman somewhere in Pennsylvania who would like the answer to that question.

Stay tund



Before the 911 attacks, blogs were emerging as an alternative to the mainstream media. Those who had the firmly held belief that the mainstream media were those of a specific political viewpoint and were biased for that reason turned to blogs and forums as an alternative source of information. Those who felt that certain important issues were being ignored also turned to the use of blogs and forums to address their pet concerns.


A growing number of the general public began to be interested in this trend and began to turn to these new sources of information and inspiration as the views of the bloggers and forum operators reflected their own concerns. There began to be growing acceptance of blogs and forums.

That was, until right after the 911 attacks.

Right around the time of the 911 attacks, internet technology began to go through an explosive evolution. The first step in this evolution was the rapid expansion of broadband access to the internet and the expansion of bandwidth available to an increasing number of non-commercial subscribers and what for lack of a better term “ordinary people.” Up to the time of 911, the vast majority of those who went on the internet did so to either play games or to use the most basic utilities offered on the internet. In fact, the number of people using the internet for non business purposes was fairly small.

Extranets such as Prodigy and Compuserve were at their peak as a source of usage by those logging on the internet as well as those who would log onto on line games such as Everquest. Most housewives at that time were still watching Oprah or the vast numbers of soap operas that were widely available at that time.

Then came the intersection of the 911 attacks and the increased  level of accessibility by the general public. Within a week following the 911 attacks, the conspiracy theories started. Soon blogs exploded with all kinds of wild theories about the 911 attacks trying to explain away the generally accepted fact that it was a group of terrorists that highjacked 4 airplanes and crashed 3 of them into The World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

As the claims of these various blogs began to be debunked by the facts, the public began to abandon them as a source of truth or as an alternative source of information. This abandonment continues to this day. As more and more subscribers begin to understand that a majority of the blogs on line today are operated by individuals who have absolutely no experience in journalism or even in the area that they write about, they either discount the validity of the content of the blog or abandon it all together.

The problem is, however, is that there is still a small core of the gullible that will hang on to every word of any crackpot that runs a blog before they finally understand that they were duped and made a fool of.  Even when blogs are debunked and soon collapse, the damage done by irresponsible bloggers remain. Lives of innocent victims are destroyed. The crack pot bloggers go unpunished. In some cases the blog administrator will close one blog and start another repeating the same false information. Subscribers log on not realizing that they are once again being made fools of.

What is starting to happen as a result is that the public is getting wise to this trickery. The public is being driven, instead, back to the mainstream media where certain rules of journalism apply.

The mainstream media emerges as the winner in this battle as the blog movement fades into obscurity.

Stay tuned


hoaxreciptgaywaitressIn recent weeks there has been the story of the gay waitress that claimed that the people she served not only did not leave a tip but also wrote a demeaning note all over the receipt for the meal. The story that first made the rounds on social media soon went mainstream with the MSM picking up the story and things went down hill from there. There was the usual backlash from the twitter and other social media vigilantes against the family that stiffed the waitress.

And now as Paul Harvey used to say “here is the rest of the story.” It turns the whole thing just might be a hoax or worse yet, a bald faced lie. The family has come forward with their own evidence that they, in fact left a tip and did NOT make any comment to the waitress on the receipt. The counter claim also seems to point to the restaurant as perhaps being in on the claims against the customer.


Whatever the truth may be, it is yet another lesson when it comes to judging accusations against people based on things published on the internet. The degree of fraud regarding these accusations are getting more frequent and intense. The problem with this is that these accusations are harder to disprove. Also, by the time the truth comes out about any false accusation the damage done to the target of the accusation is usually beyond repair.

Stay Tuned


ohiosasealThere is a light at the end of the tunnel, finally, as the unmitigated mess that was the Big Red Rape case fades into the annuls of internet history. The Grand Jury probe into the actions of individuals and institutions has resulted in a net indictment of a total of 6 individuals. How many of these individuals who were indicted that had a direct connection to the rape itself is unknown at this point. One person who was indicted was on charges unrelated to the Rape Case. It is said that one or more of the latest four indicted were unrelated to the case as well but were caught up in the probe into the actions of the town.

At the moment there are shouts of “hail victory” among those who have been crucifying the town and anyone remotely supporting the two young men prosecuted in the case or those who had even the slightest negative viewpoint regarding Jane Doe and any actions she may have undertaken that got her into the situation she was involved in. Those who are celebrating their victory seem to have forgotten how the justice system works in the United States as well as in the State of Ohio.

anonmaskThere is this peculiar rule that one is “innocent until proven guilty” that seems to get thrown out the window by those who follow or go to the extremes and even barge into the case making the lives of total strangers miserable because they  feel they have a personal mandate to see that justice is done. There is this vigilante mindset that takes over where the participants feel that the system is not working and they feel compelled to take matters into their own hands.

Such as was and still the case with the Steubenville Big Red rape case. It was not enough for the parties involved to engage in a civil debate as to who did what and why. Certain individuals felt compelled to get directly involved investigating anyone they felt had even the most remote connection to the rape or, by their perception, had something to do with trying to cover up the rape and prevent the prosecution of those they felt deserved to have the book thrown at them.

A lot of unsuspecting victims wound up having their personal information put on the internet. There were “investigations” into the actions of extended family members of anyone the vigilantes felt necessary to “look into.” These investigations expanded to include anyone that offered a viewpoint that anyone dared make that went against the grain of this particular group. There was and still is a vast amount of name calling against those who have the so called “wrong headed” point of view.

Labels such as  sluts, shrews and rape supporters appear in blog after blog. Now that the indictments are coming down there are calls for resignations and questions of why this person or that person was not named in the indictments.

bigredWhat these people who are celebrating this big victory fail to understand is that these are merely indictments. This matter is not resolved by a long shot. The State Attorney now has to decide who to take to trial and how they are going to proceed. There has to be a jury picked (or in some cases a judge will render a verdict)  as well as various motions to be filed by the officers of the court on both sides. It will be months before all the cases are heard. Charges may  wind up being dismissed. There might be negotiations for reduced sentences or even probation (withholding of adjudication) or any number of alternatives short of having the book thrown at one or more of the individuals indicted.

There might even be acquittals by a jury of one or more of those charged. The game is not over for the game has not even started yet.

There is the old adage “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” I hope she can carry a tune.

Stay Tuned



minnsealIn a recent court ruling out of The Ninth Judicial court in Polk County Minnesota that ruled against Blogger/author Timothy Holmseth, the court clearly ruled that they did NOT believe claims made by Mr Holmseth that I was a pedophile nor did I claim to have murdered any child. Mr. Holmseth in both his filings in the court as well as on his blog claimed that I, along with Kim Pickazio,  a top Florida attorney and Levi Page, a new media author and webcaster conspired to deny his retaining custody of his son.

In unusually stark language, the court found Holmseth’s claim as “astonishing.”

“The Petitioner also noted that the Respondent was delayed in filing her motion, and alleges that this is because she was collaborating with Kim Picazio.  Finally, the Petitioner makes fairly astonishing claims of being stalked and threatened by

William Murtaugh, who he alleges has confessed to killing children.  >>>>The Court has difficulty accepting these claims as true.<<<<<


There was also this statement by the court regarding Holmseth’s claims IN SPITE OF HIS PRESENTING THE PM’S attributed to me to the court:

“Specifically, they cite evidence of the Petitioner’s online activities (mostly relating to the Haleigh Cummings I Kim Picazio case in Florida) together with a new online embroilment by the Petitioner with a person named William Murtaugh.  The Petitioner himself alleges that Mr. Murtaugh is “sexualizing” **** online, although the Petitioner did not present specific evidence of this”

In fact, the court stated that by involving me, Ms Picazio and others in his petition, Mr. Holmseth “The Respondent and Mr. Petrovich believe that the Petitioner’s significant, prolonged involvement with these online activities are affecting **** in a negative way – whether directly or indirectly, **** is aware of the Petitioner’s online activities and it is affecting him for the worse.

One of the many requirements that Mr. Holmseth is required to meet is that “the Petitioner is prohibited from discussing with **** any mention of the Haleigh Cummings case, Kim Picazio, William Murtaugh, or any other adult matters he is handling.”

At a future date, I will be posting the entire order after I redact the name of the child as leaving his name in the documents may cause the same upset when I wrote about this case earlier this year.

It would seem that involving me in his court conflict, using materials supplied to him by outside parties backfired and made matters for him worse.

Thus the sage advice:

“Beware the unintended consequences of your actions” Mr Holmseth.

There is a pending petition by this author to the court to have Mr Holmseth charged with Perjury.


Stay Tuned







wausauIn this age of outsiders in missing persons cases declaring “he/she is dead, it is time to move on” comes yet another reason do dismiss their admonition and always have that ray of hope that the lost may someday be found.


In 2004 a then 16 year old Wisconsin girl vanished after being drugged by her boyfriend and taken to Mexico. Their family never gave up. Three months ago, the family was surprised to hear that their loved one was alive and well in Mexico and wanting to come home. It seems that it is getting more frequent that these stories being seen of long lost loved ones that are turning up alive. In a number of high profile missing person and child cases there are still those detractors who declare that the person is dead and that is time to move on.

Perhaps as more of these stories come to light, people will learn not to give up that slim hope that the lost will someday  be found.

Stay tuned



mcbrideYet another “Stand your ground” incident involving an African American and a white shooter. This time, however this was a a woman who had knocked on the shooters door, when her knocks went unanswered and she turned to walk away, she was shot in the back of the head. This is only the beginning of the story.


As the case of Zimmerman vs Martin fades from our collective memories, yet another stand your ground case garners our attention making us wonder if it is time to correct the errors made when the Stand Your Ground laws were enacted.

Stay Tuned.


A number of hackers are now on the FBI most wanted list as this area of crime is becoming more of a problem throughout the US and the world. One of the more interesting crimes that one hacker is being sought for is that of installing Keyloggers on victims computers. This is also a tool by a number of bloggers who use keylogging to infiltrate their target’s computers in an effort to either find dirt on their target or find social media log in information in order to impersonate their targets.


One has to wonder who else may hit the FBI wanted lists in the future.

Stay tuned


mmmThere has been a Pastebin put up accusing CNN to caving into pressure by the FBI not to cover the Anonymous sponsored million march that was supposed to be held at 450 locations  around the world.


The monumental event was streamed to some extent on social media sites such as but none of the protests were covered by CNN. Also it seems that other mainstream media outlets both local and national did not cover the event live. In most cases, any mainstream media mention of the million man march was placed on their blog sites and perhaps a brief mention on the local market stations.

Part of the fault most likely resides with Anonymous who did not do a good job of organizing the various venues. A similar movement by the 99 percent occupy movement has shown a much better ability to plan and advertize their events. Another reason for the lackluster results of their event was Anonymous’s not contacting the various blogs to ask for their help. The main message that Anonymous sent out was “there will be a million man march on Nov 5, 2013. Get some people together and march. No effort was made to coordinate the various venues resulting in many on line not knowing if a march was going to be held in their cities.

There were some successes such as the march at the White House and various locations throughout the world. For the most part, however, the event was an epic fail.

Perhaps if they try this again, Anonymous will do a better job of executing something of this nature.

Stay Tuned


johnsonmatsIn order to get the right answer, one must ask the right question. Over the past few days, I have been watching the coverage of the Kendrick Johnson case and the efforts of his family to reopen the investigation into his death. The one thing I noticed is that nobody asked the right questions when it came to how he wound upside down in the gym mat where he was found. I do not know how many of you out there have ever taken a gym class and are familiar with the kind of athletic mat that he was found in the center of.

In most cases these mats are made of a dense foam material to minimize injuries of those who engage in athletic events in the gymnasium. While they are somewhat firm, they remain flexible enough to be rolled up in much the same way one would roll up a carpet when moving. It is this that begs the question regarding the mat that Kendrick was found stuck in.

The questions I have not seen asked or answered are these:

How did the shoe or sneaker wind up in the center of the mat to begin with? Were they thrown there?

Did he take his sneakers off or were these a second pair that he forgot earlier and was going back to look for them?

Why did Kendrick climb up what was said to be a mat placed in a vertical position?

The third question is the important one since it defies logic. It does not make sense that someone would somehow climb on top of a rolled up mat that is at least 6 feet tall and then work his way down through the middle of it. He would certainly have to know that he needed to be able to get out of the mat and by being upside down, it would be next to impossible to do so.

It would be a simple matter for Kendrick to tip the mat back down to a horizontal position on the floor and then reach down behind it to get his shoes. Gravity would had caused the shoes to be on the floor of the gym at the bottom of the mat.

There is also the question of how he was found. In order for someone to have known he was in the center of the mat was to have placed it in a vertical position. Was a class getting ready to use the mat for a sporting event?

The final and most important question to ask is why the local law enforcement did not ask these questions in the first place?

Stay tuned