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Before the 911 attacks, blogs were emerging as an alternative to the mainstream media. Those who had the firmly held belief that the mainstream media were those of a specific political viewpoint and were biased for that reason turned to blogs and forums as an alternative source of information. Those who felt that certain important issues were being ignored also turned to the use of blogs and forums to address their pet concerns.


A growing number of the general public began to be interested in this trend and began to turn to these new sources of information and inspiration as the views of the bloggers and forum operators reflected their own concerns. There began to be growing acceptance of blogs and forums.

That was, until right after the 911 attacks.

Right around the time of the 911 attacks, internet technology began to go through an explosive evolution. The first step in this evolution was the rapid expansion of broadband access to the internet and the expansion of bandwidth available to an increasing number of non-commercial subscribers and what for lack of a better term “ordinary people.” Up to the time of 911, the vast majority of those who went on the internet did so to either play games or to use the most basic utilities offered on the internet. In fact, the number of people using the internet for non business purposes was fairly small.

Extranets such as Prodigy and Compuserve were at their peak as a source of usage by those logging on the internet as well as those who would log onto on line games such as Everquest. Most housewives at that time were still watching Oprah or the vast numbers of soap operas that were widely available at that time.

Then came the intersection of the 911 attacks and the increased  level of accessibility by the general public. Within a week following the 911 attacks, the conspiracy theories started. Soon blogs exploded with all kinds of wild theories about the 911 attacks trying to explain away the generally accepted fact that it was a group of terrorists that highjacked 4 airplanes and crashed 3 of them into The World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

As the claims of these various blogs began to be debunked by the facts, the public began to abandon them as a source of truth or as an alternative source of information. This abandonment continues to this day. As more and more subscribers begin to understand that a majority of the blogs on line today are operated by individuals who have absolutely no experience in journalism or even in the area that they write about, they either discount the validity of the content of the blog or abandon it all together.

The problem is, however, is that there is still a small core of the gullible that will hang on to every word of any crackpot that runs a blog before they finally understand that they were duped and made a fool of.  Even when blogs are debunked and soon collapse, the damage done by irresponsible bloggers remain. Lives of innocent victims are destroyed. The crack pot bloggers go unpunished. In some cases the blog administrator will close one blog and start another repeating the same false information. Subscribers log on not realizing that they are once again being made fools of.

What is starting to happen as a result is that the public is getting wise to this trickery. The public is being driven, instead, back to the mainstream media where certain rules of journalism apply.

The mainstream media emerges as the winner in this battle as the blog movement fades into obscurity.

Stay tuned