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mmmThere has been a Pastebin put up accusing CNN to caving into pressure by the FBI not to cover the Anonymous sponsored million march that was supposed to be held at 450 locations  around the world.


The monumental event was streamed to some extent on social media sites such as but none of the protests were covered by CNN. Also it seems that other mainstream media outlets both local and national did not cover the event live. In most cases, any mainstream media mention of the million man march was placed on their blog sites and perhaps a brief mention on the local market stations.

Part of the fault most likely resides with Anonymous who did not do a good job of organizing the various venues. A similar movement by the 99 percent occupy movement has shown a much better ability to plan and advertize their events. Another reason for the lackluster results of their event was Anonymous’s not contacting the various blogs to ask for their help. The main message that Anonymous sent out was “there will be a million man march on Nov 5, 2013. Get some people together and march. No effort was made to coordinate the various venues resulting in many on line not knowing if a march was going to be held in their cities.

There were some successes such as the march at the White House and various locations throughout the world. For the most part, however, the event was an epic fail.

Perhaps if they try this again, Anonymous will do a better job of executing something of this nature.

Stay Tuned