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hoaxreciptgaywaitressIn recent weeks there has been the story of the gay waitress that claimed that the people she served not only did not leave a tip but also wrote a demeaning note all over the receipt for the meal. The story that first made the rounds on social media soon went mainstream with the MSM picking up the story and things went down hill from there. There was the usual backlash from the twitter and other social media vigilantes against the family that stiffed the waitress.

And now as Paul Harvey used to say “here is the rest of the story.” It turns the whole thing just might be a hoax or worse yet, a bald faced lie. The family has come forward with their own evidence that they, in fact left a tip and did NOT make any comment to the waitress on the receipt. The counter claim also seems to point to the restaurant as perhaps being in on the claims against the customer.


Whatever the truth may be, it is yet another lesson when it comes to judging accusations against people based on things published on the internet. The degree of fraud regarding these accusations are getting more frequent and intense. The problem with this is that these accusations are harder to disprove. Also, by the time the truth comes out about any false accusation the damage done to the target of the accusation is usually beyond repair.

Stay Tuned