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johnsonmatsIn order to get the right answer, one must ask the right question. Over the past few days, I have been watching the coverage of the Kendrick Johnson case and the efforts of his family to reopen the investigation into his death. The one thing I noticed is that nobody asked the right questions when it came to how he wound upside down in the gym mat where he was found. I do not know how many of you out there have ever taken a gym class and are familiar with the kind of athletic mat that he was found in the center of.

In most cases these mats are made of a dense foam material to minimize injuries of those who engage in athletic events in the gymnasium. While they are somewhat firm, they remain flexible enough to be rolled up in much the same way one would roll up a carpet when moving. It is this that begs the question regarding the mat that Kendrick was found stuck in.

The questions I have not seen asked or answered are these:

How did the shoe or sneaker wind up in the center of the mat to begin with? Were they thrown there?

Did he take his sneakers off or were these a second pair that he forgot earlier and was going back to look for them?

Why did Kendrick climb up what was said to be a mat placed in a vertical position?

The third question is the important one since it defies logic. It does not make sense that someone would somehow climb on top of a rolled up mat that is at least 6 feet tall and then work his way down through the middle of it. He would certainly have to know that he needed to be able to get out of the mat and by being upside down, it would be next to impossible to do so.

It would be a simple matter for Kendrick to tip the mat back down to a horizontal position on the floor and then reach down behind it to get his shoes. Gravity would had caused the shoes to be on the floor of the gym at the bottom of the mat.

There is also the question of how he was found. In order for someone to have known he was in the center of the mat was to have placed it in a vertical position. Was a class getting ready to use the mat for a sporting event?

The final and most important question to ask is why the local law enforcement did not ask these questions in the first place?

Stay tuned