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minnsealIn a recent court ruling out of The Ninth Judicial court in Polk County Minnesota that ruled against Blogger/author Timothy Holmseth, the court clearly ruled that they did NOT believe claims made by Mr Holmseth that I was a pedophile nor did I claim to have murdered any child. Mr. Holmseth in both his filings in the court as well as on his blog claimed that I, along with Kim Pickazio,  a top Florida attorney and Levi Page, a new media author and webcaster conspired to deny his retaining custody of his son.

In unusually stark language, the court found Holmseth’s claim as “astonishing.”

“The Petitioner also noted that the Respondent was delayed in filing her motion, and alleges that this is because she was collaborating with Kim Picazio.  Finally, the Petitioner makes fairly astonishing claims of being stalked and threatened by

William Murtaugh, who he alleges has confessed to killing children.  >>>>The Court has difficulty accepting these claims as true.<<<<<


There was also this statement by the court regarding Holmseth’s claims IN SPITE OF HIS PRESENTING THE PM’S attributed to me to the court:

“Specifically, they cite evidence of the Petitioner’s online activities (mostly relating to the Haleigh Cummings I Kim Picazio case in Florida) together with a new online embroilment by the Petitioner with a person named William Murtaugh.  The Petitioner himself alleges that Mr. Murtaugh is “sexualizing” **** online, although the Petitioner did not present specific evidence of this”

In fact, the court stated that by involving me, Ms Picazio and others in his petition, Mr. Holmseth “The Respondent and Mr. Petrovich believe that the Petitioner’s significant, prolonged involvement with these online activities are affecting **** in a negative way – whether directly or indirectly, **** is aware of the Petitioner’s online activities and it is affecting him for the worse.

One of the many requirements that Mr. Holmseth is required to meet is that “the Petitioner is prohibited from discussing with **** any mention of the Haleigh Cummings case, Kim Picazio, William Murtaugh, or any other adult matters he is handling.”

At a future date, I will be posting the entire order after I redact the name of the child as leaving his name in the documents may cause the same upset when I wrote about this case earlier this year.

It would seem that involving me in his court conflict, using materials supplied to him by outside parties backfired and made matters for him worse.

Thus the sage advice:

“Beware the unintended consequences of your actions” Mr Holmseth.

There is a pending petition by this author to the court to have Mr Holmseth charged with Perjury.


Stay Tuned