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wausauIn this age of outsiders in missing persons cases declaring “he/she is dead, it is time to move on” comes yet another reason do dismiss their admonition and always have that ray of hope that the lost may someday be found.


In 2004 a then 16 year old Wisconsin girl vanished after being drugged by her boyfriend and taken to Mexico. Their family never gave up. Three months ago, the family was surprised to hear that their loved one was alive and well in Mexico and wanting to come home. It seems that it is getting more frequent that these stories being seen of long lost loved ones that are turning up alive. In a number of high profile missing person and child cases there are still those detractors who declare that the person is dead and that is time to move on.

Perhaps as more of these stories come to light, people will learn not to give up that slim hope that the lost will someday  be found.

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