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When Val McClatchey heard a noise and went outside of her house to investigate. Her act of taking a picture of a plume of smoke had the unintended consequence of her being accused of being a part of a vast government plot to fake the 911 attacks. The photo was used in any number of blogs and home made videos such as Loose change or on the website as well as the various other blogs out there. The woman wound up being harassed and attacked for being a part of this vast so called government conspiracy.



This example of how the ordinary action of taking a picture can be taken way out of context by crack pot bloggers is why the accusations by most bloggers against individuals simply cannot be taken seriously. In a vast majority of the cases involving these accusations, the author or authors of these blogs have no investigative experience, are not journalists nor do these accusers have any evidence to back up their accusations. Those who cling to the bloggers ignore these facts and the damage done the innocent victim continues.

Some bloggers and their associates even go to the extent of knowingly creating false content and outright lying to support their accusations. In a majority of the cases, the bloggers will assume anonymous names to hide their true identity in order to avoid the legal ramifications of their actions.

In one well known case where the identity of the blogger was known, she found herself at the receiving end of a civil lawsuit. Did she defend her actions and offer the proof of her accusations? No.

Instead, she ran away, fleeing clear across the country. The victim simply ran out of the resources (money) needed to have the woman and those on her blog who made the various defamatory comments held accountable. A settlement of sorts was reached where the victim got what he was asking for in that the blogger had to state that he was not the mastermind of the rape of a Jane Doe. The blogger stated that she FINALLY learned to use the word alleged when stating certain accusations about her target, which is something anyone who is a professional journalist learns at the onset.

One other fact has also emerged from incidents such as I have eluded to in this article. It is impossible to undo the damage done by these kinds of crack pot blogs. They remain on the internet for eternity.  In many cases the targets of these blogs are denied access to them. In many cases, the accusers refuse to allow their target to dispute the claims. The blogger refuses to divulge sources of their claims nor will the blogger provide indisputable proof of their claims.

It becomes the duty of the victim to prove their innocence which is opposite of how the judicial system works. In a court of law, it is the accuser who must provide the burden of proof. In the world of the blog it is the accused who has the burden of proving their innocence.

In many cases, however, no amount of proof will ever satisfy the blogger or their minions for they do not seek the truth, they seek revenge.

The question is, what are they seeking revenge for?

There is a woman somewhere in Pennsylvania who would like the answer to that question.

Stay tund