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Monthly Archives: December 2013

prostituteIt is amazing that women will turn to prostitution in order to accomplish their goal of trying to get me off the internet. First there is the Ohio blogger who has offered blow jobs to inflict bodily harm to me, then the woman from Washington state that has offered the same thing and now this unknown troll who will offer sex to anyone near Atlanta that will shut down my websites. This sure says a lot about the lack of moral character of someone going around falsely accusing me of things that they know are not true.

What a hell of a way to end the year.

Stay tuned


The civil lawsuit between the owners of brings to the forefront what is either a little known or ignored secret of several major true crime websites and personalities. This little known fact or secret is that these folks are on the true crime social media circuit. What is also a fact is that those out there who criticize their targets for making money off of true crime are the big money earners.


It was the Caylee Anthony case where both the criticism of making money off of true crime came about. What is now coming out is that those behind the criticism are the ones making the money off of this and other cases. Hints of the money making methods have been under the surface for years. Because of the diversion by these critics, people were not made aware they they were being scammed by the dishonesty of the critics themselves.

One interesting example of this is when one well known guest of a true crime show made the announcement that he would cease his social media broadcast site because he was not being paid enough to do the broadcasts. That personality still criticizes those he thinks is making money off of true crime while at the same time doing the exact same thing. It has been announced that this person is going to start broadcasting again in 2014. It will be interesting to find out if he is going to be making money off true crime yet again. Time will tell.

The other revenue stream that seems to be in the works is that of the writing of books and speaking tours. In the Ohio Gang rape case, a number of principal social media personalities were and are making money off of the case by going on major media shows as guests, setting up donation sites and finding other ways of obtaining funds goods and services as a result of their involvement in the case.


One creative individual even used a raid by the FBI to garner THOUSANDS in donations for his legal defense fund as well as a separate donation drive to cover his personal expenses. The FBI raid has yet to take any action as a result of the raid TOWARD THIS INDIVIDUAL which has generated rumors that one or more individuals are PAID and non paid informants for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

One woman has been doing speaking tours and guest spots on national media interview shows getting travel expenses and other expenses in return. Two of the woman most involved in the Ohio case are said to be drafting at least one book having to do with their experiences.


There are many ways to generate monies through various social media websites and blogs. Some methods are well known and some that are so called trade secrets. Those who visit the social media sites in question may not be aware that some of the spam they get in their e mail inbox and elsewhere on their devices are a result of visiting those social media sites.


The conclusion to be reached here is to look closely at the critics of the money making going on in the true crime social media sites. It just may be the strongest critics that are making the most money.

2014 is shaping up to be the year of the book.

Stay tuned


websuit1The latest out of the Pruitt Griffith spat is not so much the discourse between these two partners but in the high dollar stakes that have been raised in the counter suit by Griffith. It seems that she is earning or at least declaring that she is entitled to a hefty $3000.00 PER MONTH for her part in the ownership and operation of the Website. This amounts to over $30.000 a year. I doubt many out there thought that was drawing in that kind of revenue.



As a general rule, administrative salaries are around 25% of the gross receipts of the company. This goes for ALL administrators. Ideally that would mean that would need to be generating at least 1/4 million dollars annually and would be more likely to be generating around a Million a year in gross revenue in order for this to be a reasonable amount to be drawing salaries from.

That is a hell of a lot of t-shirts.


The biggest complaint of those who follow the various true crime social media sites  was the making money off of crime victims. Websleuths it seems is the king of the hill in raking in the big bucks from the content of it’s website.

Do not get me wrong here, I am not denying Websleuths right to earn a living nor am I denying Griffith’s and Pruitt’s right to do so, but this does bring up that those who are complaining about money being made from the suffering from others are choosing the wrong target.

With all of the accusations floating around against individuals making money off of the victims of crime, the Goliath that is Websleuths seems to have escaped most of the criticism.

That is, until now.

Stay Tuned



LEVICNNcnnFor those of you readers who might not be aware of what doxing is I will clear this up for you. Doxing is the posting of as much personal information about someone that the person or persons doing the doxing can come up with. Most of the time the excuse is used that all of the information can be found through searching public records. Well, that is somewhat true. However, doxing can also include such things as social security numbers, vehicle registration information and so forth. ” It is closely related to cyber-vigilantismhacktivism, and cyber-bullying.”


No matter what the excuse is or the information provided is, the act of doxing can have serious consequences. This is a form of intimidation that is used by stalkers and trolls to try and influence their target. Most of the time it is to force them to get off the internet or quit some other legal activity that the stalker wishes the target to stop.


Such is the case with me. Levi H Page, for some strange reason has targeted me and this blog for erasure. He has been threatening me in one way or another for quite some time. I have not quite figured out why but I am getting more and more suspicious that it has something to do with the Haleigh Cummings case. It seems that there have been some rather serious accusations made against Levi H Page by a journalist from Minnesota as well as a number of anonymous persons who have established various twitter accounts and other social media accounts to discuss Levi H Page and his actions over the past several years.

These accusations have not painted Levi H Page in a favorable light. Levi H Page takes great pains to stem ANY criticism of him or his actions. He does anything and everything to get any negative feedback about him removed from the internet. When he cannot get the negative feedback removed he resorts to threats. In my case he threatens me with using his blog to write what he KNOWS is false and misleading information about me that I have disputed for years. He FALSELY claims that he has talked to law enforcement yet refuses to provide proof of any of these conversations.

Levi H Page is engaging in what is commonly known as yellow journalism. He is using the power of his blog to threaten and intimidate. He will send out a series of tweets threatening me in one form or another and then erase those tweets once he knows or thinks I have seen what he has posted. This, in spite of the fact that I have him blocked.

He recently wrote that he was going to do one blog about me and then quit posting on twitter either to me or about me. This turned out to be a Levi lie since he has been making posts both to me and about me since the blog was written.

Levi H Page continues to make demands of me as well as make the same tired old threats to write negative feedback about me on his blog almost on a daily basis.

What is odd about all of this is that I am a 63 year old retiree. I write one or two blogs that have 6 readers if I am fortunate. In most cases the blog does not get read at all yet Levi H Page seems real concerned about what gets written here and any comments that may be made about him.

This has to make one wonder what it is that he is concerned about. I wonder if there is something connecting Levi H Page to the Cummings case that he is trying to divert people from. His rather strange and deviant behavior towards me indicates that law enforcement should be encouraged to look deeply into Levi H Page’s background to see exactly what might be going on.

Stay Tuned


In another series of twitter rants, Levi H Page once again made a threat against me.


This time the threat was that if I were to seek donations, much the same way as one of his followers is doing, he would write more “truths” about me. We have yet another hypocrite. Either that or he has just stated that he cannot stand Michelle L McKee who is aiding someone seeking donations.


He would also state that he cannot stand Alexandra H Goddard who is aiding in this donation drive by retweeting the posts by Michelle L McKee where she is seeking DONATIONS for @Cassandrarules.



“. I now have to come up with $2300 to get it, plus pay rent,” There is also this: “I did add a donation link if anyone wants to help out”

Of course that would also mean that he cannot stand Cassandra because it is she who is seeking the donations in order to get money to pay the movers. I wonder if Levi will write any “truths” about Michelle, Alexandra or Cassandra.

Somehow I doubt it.

I will be standing by to see how Levi H Page wiggles out of this one.

Stay Tuned


4CHANanonmaskWhile driving around town today, I happened to enter a business that had a local talk show station tuned in. The talk show hosts were talking about a news story that caught my attention. It seems there is an Elementary School teacher who found he had hundreds of extremely violent pornographic videos and images downloaded on his lap top. Somehow the school superintendent found out about the incident and the teacher was fired.


After a protracted battle after the teacher hired a lawyer and took the case to court, it was recommended by the court that the teacher be rehired.

What the story is here is that the teacher claims that his computer was hacked and that a virus caused this material to be downloaded. It was this mention by the talk show hosts that caught my attention. I was drawn back to the fall of 2008 when Mike Deforest of WKMG tv Orlando did a story about my streaming the search for Caylee live while at Blanchard Park in Orlando. After Mike was done with the interview, he told me he would let me know when the segment would air.

A few hours later, Mike DeForest called me and informed me that my website was full of links to violent porn videos and images. There were hundreds of them. I also began to get reports from different people of the same thing. I immediately contacted my domain host and had the site shut down. I have been in contact with various parties of interest regarding the situation with the teacher and it seems the vary same people who attacked me are attacking him.

I am now working to provide the lawyer for the teacher with all the details of what has happened to me and who I feel is behind the actions against the teacher. I will be giving him the various links to the website where these individuals hang out and the various means they use to troll their victims and distribute the videos and other materials the teacher claims to have received.

I hope to help the teacher seek the justice he deserves even though it is too late for me.

I hope that some day, at least some of the people who destroyed his life will be held accountable even though it is too late for me.

Stay Tuned




If anyone ever needed proof of the hate and bigotry of those who have been attacking me since 2006, this Christmas eve is a prime example of just the kind of people these are.


About an hour before the writing of this blog, I was sent a number of tweets from a member of the cyber terrorist group Anonymous. The tweets contained the same usual childish accusations thrown at me for years. In addition, the twitter posts contained homophobic and bigoted slurs.

Since I an neither black nor gay, I can only conclude that this language was being thrown at me by those who have issues with people of color as well as those who are gay.

A set of PM’s that a certain few accuse me of being a participant of contains this language, That language is by the unidentified person on the other side of the alleged conversation. It seems that this would be clear cut proof that this is also a member of the KKK faction of Anonymous.

Is there a KKK faction of Anonymous? Yes, there most certainly is. Contrary to what most people believe about Anonymous, there is no set political belief. There is no set of beliefs period. Anonymous is a concept rather than an organized group. A member of Anonymous can be one individual or can be made up of a group of two or more.

In this case, the Anonymous after me is anti-gay, anti-black and anti-jewish. All one needs to do is go through the twitter logs of those Anonymous that have attacked me on Twitter and elsewhere. The hate speech is there for all to see.

One prominent fan of Anonymous who is connected to the Steubenville rape case story even has a picture of herself in a Nazi uniform which might indicate her agreement with those who are the Nazi factions of Anonymous. This particular blogger is a German National who is NOT an American citizen,

I would suggest those who might come across blogs and internet postings against me, may want to consider the kind of language that is being used against me on the internet. Those who use this kind of language are also capable of a high degree of extreme actions in order to push their agenda. These extreme actions would also include the creation of counterfeit content that they would subsequently attribute to me.

On top of this, engaging in this sort of behavior on Christmas eve, presents yet another clue as to the lack of morals and character of my attackers.

Stay tuned


In what has to be the ultimate dumb blonde moment, A woman by the name of Justine Sacco got herself fired over 54 characters she posted on twitter.


Sacco, who was a pr executive found herself out on the street after the infamous tweet sparked outrage throughout the world.

InterActive Corp issued a statement  Saturday distancing itself from the tweet and saying the employee was fired.

“There is no excuse for the hateful statements that have been made and we condemn them unequivocally,” the InterActive Corp statement said.

Interactive Corp is an interesting company. Just about all of us have been to one of their websites without even knowing it.


This little boo boo on the part of this dumb blonde brings home a new reality. What one does on social media will come to the attention of your employer or your clients. What one does on social media will come to the attention of FUTURE employers and clients for those seeking to obtain employment or start a new business. Those who engage in cyber abuse and create abusive social media websites may well find themselves ending their careers before they begin.


As Sacco type incidents become more common, prospective employers are going to take a closer look at the social media actions of applicants. If it turns out the employer does not like what the see, the application may find itself in the trash can or subject to the delete command.  The applicant may never know why they did not even get called for an interview as employers have no obligation to inform one that they are not being hired or even considered.

Therefore it is a word to the wise out there, clean up your act before it is too late. For those whom it is too late, you are a product of your own creation. Karma sucks.

Calling someone a troll might be calling oneself unemployed.

Stay tuned


NANONThe one common thread of Anonymous and trolls that seem to be targeting me lately is their bigotry and the use of hate speech. In this case it is a twitter account of someone who claims to be a young divorcee. This female complains that she is only getting 5000 a month in spousal support, even though she has no children. She drives a corvette (complaining it is a used one) because her Bentley got repossed, the latter a car that costs more than most houses, even used. On top of all of this, this so called woman is anti-gay as illustrated by this twitter post .


Several of the Anonymous group use bigoted language on an every day basis. The N word seems to be a favorite with the F word in reference to Gays seems to be a close second. Other bigoted language seems to prevail among the immature trolls who  make up the majority of those who adopt the Anonymous mantra.


anonymous Also an ever growing number of drunken frustrated females who have personal issues are also flocking to the Anonymous movement. It is these individuals, the broken members of society that have made it their mission to stalk and harass me, not for any noble cause, but for the lulz.

This group abuses the power at their disposal and misuse it to torment the innocent.

On December, 31st, on what would have been my deceased wife’s 61st birthday, you and I will find out just how evil Anonymous can be.

Stay tuned


dmcaQuite a while back, I wrote on my other blog about a threatening post that had been made against a well known blogger. Soon after I published the article, the blog was hit with a DMCA complaint by the person who claimed to have the rights to it. This was an improper complaint since the person who owned the rights to the e mail in question was the person who received it. I had taken the image of the e mail off the twitter account of the blogger who had been the target of the threat. The net result was that the blog was down while WordPress and I worked to resolve this fraud.

wordpressIn the process of dealing with the complaint, the person whose name appeared on the complaint denied she made it and put the blame solely on the other person. This was in spite WordPress supplying detailed information as to whom they said filed the complaint along with the ip information of the complainer.

Eventually the fraud was verified by WordPress and the blog restored. Over the past day or two, a renewed argument broke out between the same two individuals. I happened to be going through the twitter logs of one of them and lo and behold, I saw where at least a dozen images on that twitter account removed as a result of a DMCA complaint. Care to guess what it was that was the target of the DMCA complaint?



The blogger who had received the alleged threatening e mail. She had posted creen shots of statements and on line actions of the person who had made the DMCA complaint about my blog. As a result of false DMCA  incident, I had broken off any contact with this individual. We mutually agreed to not contact each other. canadaflagHowever, there seems to be some rather odd sock accounts being created on Twitter that winds up either tweeting to  me or following me. The reason for these accounts? To attack the same Ohio woman who was the owner of the e mail that caused the DMCA complaint in the first place.

Actions speak louder than words.

Stay Tuned