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LEVICNNcnnI find it astonishing to say the least that an American citizen who has been closely associated with the press would so openly and willingly brag about running people off of the internet and thus deny those he has run off their freedom of speech. Heated debate and dissent has always been a hallmark of this country. The first amendment is supposed to assure ALL of us that we have the right to freely express our opinions. The Bill of Rights also gives ALL of us the right to attain any goal we set forth without fear of reprisal.


It would seem that Levi H Page skipped his civics and American history classes when he made the pledge to run this author off the internet and also is bragging to have done the same to others. Levi H Page and others like him do not like certain things that people say or do on the internet. Levi and others have appointed themselves the Arbitors or internet police with the sole power to determine who can or cannot participate in the opportunities afforded on the internet.

They copy the tactics of Soviet Russia, China, North Korea, etc in their efforts to censor internet content. The primary way they do this is through smear blogs as well as various methods of intimidation in order to force their targets to leave the internet to prevent further stalking by Levi H Page and the other deviant bloggers who engage in this type of censorship.

I cannot understand why someone would be proud to go against what made this country unique throughout the world. I cannot understand why these people would go against the vary values our service personnel put their lives on the line to defend each and every day, to “To defend and protect the constitution of The United States of America.”

Levi H Page and his ilk are destroying these values without the use of a gun.

Stay Tuned