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websuit1The latest out of the Pruitt Griffith spat is not so much the discourse between these two partners but in the high dollar stakes that have been raised in the counter suit by Griffith. It seems that she is earning or at least declaring that she is entitled to a hefty $3000.00 PER MONTH for her part in the ownership and operation of the Website. This amounts to over $30.000 a year. I doubt many out there thought that was drawing in that kind of revenue.



As a general rule, administrative salaries are around 25% of the gross receipts of the company. This goes for ALL administrators. Ideally that would mean that would need to be generating at least 1/4 million dollars annually and would be more likely to be generating around a Million a year in gross revenue in order for this to be a reasonable amount to be drawing salaries from.

That is a hell of a lot of t-shirts.


The biggest complaint of those who follow the various true crime social media sitesĀ  was the making money off of crime victims. Websleuths it seems is the king of the hill in raking in the big bucks from the content of it’s website.

Do not get me wrong here, I am not denying Websleuths right to earn a living nor am I denying Griffith’s and Pruitt’s right to do so, but this does bring up that those who are complaining about money being made from the suffering from others are choosing the wrong target.

With all of the accusations floating around against individuals making money off of the victims of crime, the Goliath that is Websleuths seems to have escaped most of the criticism.

That is, until now.

Stay Tuned