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4CHANanonmaskWhile driving around town today, I happened to enter a business that had a local talk show station tuned in. The talk show hosts were talking about a news story that caught my attention. It seems there is an Elementary School teacher who found he had hundreds of extremely violent pornographic videos and images downloaded on his lap top. Somehow the school superintendent found out about the incident and the teacher was fired.


After a protracted battle after the teacher hired a lawyer and took the case to court, it was recommended by the court that the teacher be rehired.

What the story is here is that the teacher claims that his computer was hacked and that a virus caused this material to be downloaded. It was this mention by the talk show hosts that caught my attention. I was drawn back to the fall of 2008 when Mike Deforest of WKMG tv Orlando did a story about my streaming the search for Caylee live while at Blanchard Park in Orlando. After Mike was done with the interview, he told me he would let me know when the segment would air.

A few hours later, Mike DeForest called me and informed me that my website was full of links to violent porn videos and images. There were hundreds of them. I also began to get reports from different people of the same thing. I immediately contacted my domain host and had the site shut down. I have been in contact with various parties of interest regarding the situation with the teacher and it seems the vary same people who attacked me are attacking him.

I am now working to provide the lawyer for the teacher with all the details of what has happened to me and who I feel is behind the actions against the teacher. I will be giving him the various links to the website where these individuals hang out and the various means they use to troll their victims and distribute the videos and other materials the teacher claims to have received.

I hope to help the teacher seek the justice he deserves even though it is too late for me.

I hope that some day, at least some of the people who destroyed his life will be held accountable even though it is too late for me.

Stay Tuned