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LEVICNNLevi H Page, a former regular of HLN has yet again threatened to write a smear blog against me. Levi Page has claimed in a series of twitter posts to have spoken to several law enforcement officials regarding my coverage of the three missing child cases in the Central Florida area. Levi H Page, repeating a practice he engages in after making these threats, has DELETED them from his Twitter log. The main reason for doing this is so that some of those he is associated with such as

do not witness what he is writing on his twitter account when it comes to threatening individuals he decides to engage in a personal vendetta against .




It would be surprising if Levi H Page were to name the law enforcement officials he spoke to. Under Florida law. ANY conversation that law enforcement has with the public or a member of the press is subject to FOIA inquaries. If Levi uses ANY excuse for NOT naming any official he talks to,he will not only be guilty of a breech of journalistic ethics, but should require those reading his threatened expose to question his truthfulness as a journalist as well as his lack of moral character.

For some strange reason Levi Page has been obsessed with me since I tried to understand what the problem was with another target of Levi, Tim Holmseth.cnn


I did not take sides in the Holmseth issue, but rather had wanted to understand all sides of the saga concerning him. Since then, Levi H Page has intensified his attacks against me with the stated goal of driving me off of the internet.


This is also strange since my only presence on the internet is in writing this blog, playing Facebook games and the occasional twitter comment. Even this small presence seems to irritate Levi H Page who has bragged about also driving off the internet an elderly widow whose only form of expression was a small blog similar to this one where she was friendly with Mr Holmseth and questioned the criticism against him.


The actions of Levi H Page demonstrates a trend occurring with the various individually owned blogs on the internet. The owners of these various blogs target those they have issues with and do so in total disregard of ethics or morality.

Levi H Page is different somewhat in that he claims to be a journalist with mainstream media access. He does not seem to understand the responsibility he imposes upon himself with this declaration. TRUE journalists abide by this code of ethics.

The important section of this pledge of journalists is “Minimize Harm
Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects and colleagues as human beings deserving of respect.

Levi H Page and his circle of bloggers DO NOT follow this code. They engage in name calling, defamation, the use of revenge porn (almost all photoshopped) as well as other demeaning imagery or content.

Levi H Page also violates this code as do the other bloggers:

Act Independently
Journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public’s right to know.

Journalists should: —Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived.

Since this is a personal Vendetta by Levi H Page, this is clearly a conflict of interest on  his part. He is not an impartial judge of whatever it is that he writes. He is instead using the power of his blog as a personal vendetta against me rather than any finding of fact.

It is unfortunate that Levi H Page is going down this path of yellow journalism. It is a clear example of why the general public is turning away form individually run blogs as a source of information and venue of truth and again returning to mainstream media sources and their professional journalistic staff who abide by these codes as well as the laws that govern the dissemination of information to the public.

As much as I would liked to have moved on from this personal nonsense, I will be forced to address whatever accusation or reporting Levi H Page engages in on his blog as he threatens to do so. Rather than moving on, Levi H Page has brought this on himself.

Stay tuned