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I had long ago made the decision that I was not going discuss this particular blogger since getting this individual to understand the truth about certain matters and to act in a moral manner was futile. That was, until I was sent what has to be the meanest and most vile blog entry in recent memory.


A bit of background here. The Atlanta Blogger has had issues with Brianne Chantel, a gossip blogger out of Canada for quite some time. I have had issues with Ms CHantel myself and have severed any contact with her as well. It was this blog war between and Brianne Chantel that sparked this outrage.

Hours before this blog was written, several Bloggers started tweeting unfavorable remarks against Ms Chantel.  In the midst of these remarks came one by Radio, the owner of in regards to Brianne Chantel

In the article that was linked within this twitter post, Radio made the remark that she was hoping that Tilly Godwin was in fact Brianne that “offed herself.”

It is unfortunate that Radio did not do its homework for it may have found that it had mocked the death of an administrator of a Facebook page having to do with an infant suffering from CANCER rather than a women she clearly despises. It was on this Facebook that this announcement was made:

“It comes with great sadness to announce that one of the individuals who put this page together passed away suddenly this evening after being tormented online by a cyber-bully. Due to wanting to respect the privacy of their loved ones, we won’t be releasing any further information. That being said, we are going to be taking some time away from this page during the holidays and will return in the new year.”
It seems that Radio of feels it necessary to mock any mention of someone committing suicide due to internet bullying.



This is the problem with these vendetta based blogs. Out of hate and anger, the owners of these blogs make cruel and demeaning remarks about their targets. Sometimes when they do so, they pick the wrong one.

Unfortunately this Anonymous blogger who herself claims to be a mother, will never be held accountable for her actions since nobody knows who it is.

UPDATE: While researching this article, I came across an entry where those who had commented on Tilly were scorned by the creator of the Facebook for Tilly Godwin. It seems Radio got it wrong, yet again when IT claimed that the story on Tilly was a HOAX.

This prompted two responses from the administrators of the Facebook page in question:


“We are also disgusted by the individuals (Holly Briley, Levi Page and Tamara Tattles) who continue to say us posting news on Tilly’s apparent remission was a “hoax.” It was NOT a hoax. We got our information from Shane Meaney’s Twitter account just like everyone else did and assumed what he said to be the truth.”

The administrators went on to cite their sources for the story.

“We got our information from Shane Meaney’s Twitter account just like everyone else did and assumed what he said to be the truth. Shane’s Twitter post is here:
Shane also stated that he got his information directly from Britney, herself, here:


Because of the actions of ALL of the individuals who included Tilly in their dispute, the administrator of the Facebook made this announcement:

After discussing things with one of my other admins, we’ve decided that we will be closing down this page. Unfortunately the trolls and cyber-bullies (namely Holly Briley and Emily Cho) have infiltrated this page, and yes, in a way they have “won.” Since our project for Britney & Tilly was completed, and with the current drama that has surfaced, we feel that keeping this page open would be detrimental to our original game plan, and that game plan was to support Britney, Tilly and their family throughout their ordeal.”
Because of the thoughtless actions by a group of bloggers including that Facebook page in their spat, the administrators were forced to take the step of taking the blog down in order to not further harm the family.
Again, I cite the adage of “beware the unintended consequences of your actions.”
One of these days it is hoped that this group is going to learn to shut up and mind their own business. In the meantime, I will not be holding my breath.
Stay Tuned