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If anyone ever needed proof of the hate and bigotry of those who have been attacking me since 2006, this Christmas eve is a prime example of just the kind of people these are.


About an hour before the writing of this blog, I was sent a number of tweets from a member of the cyber terrorist group Anonymous. The tweets contained the same usual childish accusations thrown at me for years. In addition, the twitter posts contained homophobic and bigoted slurs.

Since I an neither black nor gay, I can only conclude that this language was being thrown at me by those who have issues with people of color as well as those who are gay.

A set of PM’s that a certain few accuse me of being a participant of contains this language, That language is by the unidentified person on the other side of the alleged conversation. It seems that this would be clear cut proof that this is also a member of the KKK faction of Anonymous.

Is there a KKK faction of Anonymous? Yes, there most certainly is. Contrary to what most people believe about Anonymous, there is no set political belief. There is no set of beliefs period. Anonymous is a concept rather than an organized group. A member of Anonymous can be one individual or can be made up of a group of two or more.

In this case, the Anonymous after me is anti-gay, anti-black and anti-jewish. All one needs to do is go through the twitter logs of those Anonymous that have attacked me on Twitter and elsewhere. The hate speech is there for all to see.

One prominent fan of Anonymous who is connected to the Steubenville rape case story even has a picture of herself in a Nazi uniform which might indicate her agreement with those who are the Nazi factions of Anonymous. This particular blogger is a German National who is NOT an American citizen,

I would suggest those who might come across blogs and internet postings against me, may want to consider the kind of language that is being used against me on the internet. Those who use this kind of language are also capable of a high degree of extreme actions in order to push their agenda. These extreme actions would also include the creation of counterfeit content that they would subsequently attribute to me.

On top of this, engaging in this sort of behavior on Christmas eve, presents yet another clue as to the lack of morals and character of my attackers.

Stay tuned