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LEVICNNcnnSay what? In a series of twitter rants where Levi H Page again is spamming me, he declares that he is going to have me Baker Acted. For those who do not know what this is, it is an involuntary commitment to a mental health facility usually for a 72 hour period.


Now the problem with Levi H Page’s threat is that it is not an easy process to get this done. The level of proof necessary is quite high. Writing a blog is not a criteria for getting one imprisoned in a mental facility for 72 hours.

The Florida Baker act is also rife with abuse. This blog article is one of many that address abuses and problems with this statute: “Then there are reports of individuals being confined due to others trying to punish them or use confinement as a means of political control”

Legal Information

“For those who are committing a person under The Baker Act, paperwork is essential to ensure the validity of the claim as well as the person signing off on the paperwork.”


” In total it is a twelve page document filled with questions regarding incidents that have led up to the commitment of the individual as well as questions about the facility they will be attending and if they qualify for commitment.”

“Anyone making false statements or providing false criteria for commitment recommendations may be subject to civil and criminal liability.”

Since Levi H Page is closely affiliated with a prominent Florida attorney who was closely connected to the Haleigh Cummings case, does this mean that he is threatening to have her petition for the state  to apply the baker act against me for the sin of criticizing Levi H Page? Is this how we defend free speech? Amazing.

I would certainly like to have Levi H Page try to burden the Florida taxpayers with this unnecessary stunt. The ramifications for abusing this act is quite serious. At least Levi would get three squares and a cot as well as a long term Florida vacation.

Stay Tuned