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In another series of twitter rants, Levi H Page once again made a threat against me.


This time the threat was that if I were to seek donations, much the same way as one of his followers is doing, he would write more “truths” about me. We have yet another hypocrite. Either that or he has just stated that he cannot stand Michelle L McKee who is aiding someone seeking donations.


He would also state that he cannot stand Alexandra H Goddard who is aiding in this donation drive by retweeting the posts by Michelle L McKee where she is seeking DONATIONS for @Cassandrarules.



“. I now have to come up with $2300 to get it, plus pay rent,” There is also this: “I did add a┬ádonation┬álink if anyone wants to help out”

Of course that would also mean that he cannot stand Cassandra because it is she who is seeking the donations in order to get money to pay the movers. I wonder if Levi will write any “truths” about Michelle, Alexandra or Cassandra.

Somehow I doubt it.

I will be standing by to see how Levi H Page wiggles out of this one.

Stay Tuned