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Just as I had expected, Levi H Page posted completely false information about me in a hate filled rant on his blog. In the blog he claims to have spoken to three law enforcement “sources.” He claims that he is doing so in order to protect the officers in question from having me contact their superiors”


“I’ve talked with 3 detectives, in 3 difference law enforcement agencies in Florida, who have described Murt as a “menace”, who tried to insert himself into the cases they investigated purely for the attention. They did not want to be identified because they did not want Murt calling them or their place of employment as he is often known to do.”

This is an old tactic that unethical journalists use in order to protect themselves from being called out on their lies. Levi H Page did NOT talk to ANY detective, period. There are Florida laws governing what law enforcement officials can and cannot say to reporters regarding private citizens. I am certain that

and other members of the press can enlighten Levi H Page on the laws and rules of ethics that deal with reporters citing confidential sources that are in law enforcement.

Levi H Page also posted the comment below regarding an alleged claim I had been to these parties.


I made no such claim in the post that was mentioned. No link to where the poster got this information was never cited. After several comments by me regarding this claim, the owner of the blog where this comment appeared never removed this comment nor did she ever make any comment regarding my challenging the claims made within this post. It can also be pointed out in this 2007 post that Chambord has never been identified. It is a sock puppet name and thus the person behind the comment can never be held liable for the comment. Levi H Page and the others who have used this comment are free to use this comment without having to go through the inconvenience of proving the claim as fact.

This hate filled blog by Levi H Page comes on the heels of him being involved in a dispute regarding the administrator of a Facebook page set up to follow the fight of a 2 year old infant fighting cancer. His comments regarding that facebook page have forced the administrators to shut it down rather than put the family of the infant through unnecessary pain and anguish.


For some reason, rather than presenting a “professional” expose of me, Levi H Page engages in childish name calling in his blog. The article is nothing more than an immature amateur blogger going on a kindergarten rant against someone he has never met.

The title of his article says it all:


In his rant against me Levi H Page also cites a photo that shows some trash in my front yard. Now why Levi felt it necessary to include this photo is beyond me, but apparently he did not bother to call the photographer, a local real estate agent and find out that the photo was taken while I was cleaning out the house and MOVING since the house was for sale. Levi would have found out that the photo was published in error and that a subsequent photo was taken after the trash had been removed .

Another misrepresentation of the facts made by Levi H Page had to do with the Billboard issue. I had offered to provide billboard space at a business I used to own in Ocala Florida. I had also arranged with a banner making company to make a banner to put on the billboard space. If anyone wanted to help pay for the banner, I had arranged with the printer to have donations sent to THEM and NOT TO ME. Levi H Page failed to leave out that information along with the fact that trolls also lobbied against the placing of the billboard.

I decided to drop the billboard idea after Kidfinders came to Leesburg with a mobile billboard that was more effective and a better format than my stand alone billboard. Again, Levi H Page omitted this well known fact.

Levi H Page also makes mention of a photo I took of the apartment where Trenton Duckett went missing from. It is unfortunate that Levi Mocked what was meant to be a reference to a playground Trenton probably played in before he went missing. What Levi H Page also failed to report is that I was but one of many that visited the area. One striking instance is were a Leesburg resident and her friend, a Clermont resident actually peered into the bedroom window of Melinda Duckett’s apartment that was Trenton Duckett’s bedroom.

One of the women photographed the other peering through the window. The woman in the photograph was so ashamed of herself that she demanded her face be blacked out since the photographer refused to discontinue publishing the photo.

I never repeated their actions nor did I seek entry into the apartment as did CNN and other mainstream media sources.

To be certain I did make mistakes in some of my actions regarding that case. I have taken responsibility for my actions, unlike others who made even more severe mistakes regarding their actions in high profile cases . The vindictive tone that Levi H Page has taken in writing his defamatory blog is a clear indication of his lack of journalistic integrity and lack of ethics when it comes to what he places in his blog and on his other internet social media sites.

I now sit back and wait for part two of the disgraceful blog smear of me by Levi H Page.

Stay tuned