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LEVICNNcnnFor those of you readers who might not be aware of what doxing is I will clear this up for you. Doxing is the posting of as much personal information about someone that the person or persons doing the doxing can come up with. Most of the time the excuse is used that all of the information can be found through searching public records. Well, that is somewhat true. However, doxing can also include such things as social security numbers, vehicle registration information and so forth. ” It is closely related to cyber-vigilantismhacktivism, and cyber-bullying.”


No matter what the excuse is or the information provided is, the act of doxing can have serious consequences. This is a form of intimidation that is used by stalkers and trolls to try and influence their target. Most of the time it is to force them to get off the internet or quit some other legal activity that the stalker wishes the target to stop.


Such is the case with me. Levi H Page, for some strange reason has targeted me and this blog for erasure. He has been threatening me in one way or another for quite some time. I have not quite figured out why but I am getting more and more suspicious that it has something to do with the Haleigh Cummings case. It seems that there have been some rather serious accusations made against Levi H Page by a journalist from Minnesota as well as a number of anonymous persons who have established various twitter accounts and other social media accounts to discuss Levi H Page and his actions over the past several years.

These accusations have not painted Levi H Page in a favorable light. Levi H Page takes great pains to stem ANY criticism of him or his actions. He does anything and everything to get any negative feedback about him removed from the internet. When he cannot get the negative feedback removed he resorts to threats. In my case he threatens me with using his blog to write what he KNOWS is false and misleading information about me that I have disputed for years. He FALSELY claims that he has talked to law enforcement yet refuses to provide proof of any of these conversations.

Levi H Page is engaging in what is commonly known as yellow journalism. He is using the power of his blog to threaten and intimidate. He will send out a series of tweets threatening me in one form or another and then erase those tweets once he knows or thinks I have seen what he has posted. This, in spite of the fact that I have him blocked.

He recently wrote that he was going to do one blog about me and then quit posting on twitter either to me or about me. This turned out to be a Levi lie since he has been making posts both to me and about me since the blog was written.

Levi H Page continues to make demands of me as well as make the same tired old threats to write negative feedback about me on his blog almost on a daily basis.

What is odd about all of this is that I am a 63 year old retiree. I write one or two blogs that have 6 readers if I am fortunate. In most cases the blog does not get read at all yet Levi H Page seems real concerned about what gets written here and any comments that may be made about him.

This has to make one wonder what it is that he is concerned about. I wonder if there is something connecting Levi H Page to the Cummings case that he is trying to divert people from. His rather strange and deviant behavior towards me indicates that law enforcement should be encouraged to look deeply into Levi H Page’s background to see exactly what might be going on.

Stay Tuned