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The civil lawsuit between the owners of brings to the forefront what is either a little known or ignored secret of several major true crime websites and personalities. This little known fact or secret is that these folks are on the true crime social media circuit. What is also a fact is that those out there who criticize their targets for making money off of true crime are the big money earners.


It was the Caylee Anthony case where both the criticism of making money off of true crime came about. What is now coming out is that those behind the criticism are the ones making the money off of this and other cases. Hints of the money making methods have been under the surface for years. Because of the diversion by these critics, people were not made aware they they were being scammed by the dishonesty of the critics themselves.

One interesting example of this is when one well known guest of a true crime show made the announcement that he would cease his social media broadcast site because he was not being paid enough to do the broadcasts. That personality still criticizes those he thinks is making money off of true crime while at the same time doing the exact same thing. It has been announced that this person is going to start broadcasting again in 2014. It will be interesting to find out if he is going to be making money off true crime yet again. Time will tell.

The other revenue stream that seems to be in the works is that of the writing of books and speaking tours. In the Ohio Gang rape case, a number of principal social media personalities were and are making money off of the case by going on major media shows as guests, setting up donation sites and finding other ways of obtaining funds goods and services as a result of their involvement in the case.


One creative individual even used a raid by the FBI to garner THOUSANDS in donations for his legal defense fund as well as a separate donation drive to cover his personal expenses. The FBI raid has yet to take any action as a result of the raid TOWARD THIS INDIVIDUAL which has generated rumors that one or more individuals are PAID and non paid informants for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

One woman has been doing speaking tours and guest spots on national media interview shows getting travel expenses and other expenses in return. Two of the woman most involved in the Ohio case are said to be drafting at least one book having to do with their experiences.


There are many ways to generate monies through various social media websites and blogs. Some methods are well known and some that are so called trade secrets. Those who visit the social media sites in question may not be aware that some of the spam they get in their e mail inbox and elsewhere on their devices are a result of visiting those social media sites.


The conclusion to be reached here is to look closely at the critics of the money making going on in the true crime social media sites. It just may be the strongest critics that are making the most money.

2014 is shaping up to be the year of the book.

Stay tuned