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rnbprofileWhen I wrote the article regarding the dispute surrounding the Facebook page where a suicide due to bullying was mocked by several parties involved, I made certain to include the relevant links so that the readers could go to the site in question and read for themselves what the events were and how they transpired.

For some strange reason Radio, yet again, drew my name into its rants even though I have ignored its blog for quite some time.

In a blog entry Radio delved into the announcement that one of the founders of the Facebook page had committed suicide due to bullying


I sadly assume Brianne has departed…
Such a tragedy. So young. So talented. So beautiful. So successful.  RIP!

****LAST MINUTE UPDATE – I’ve been informed it may be someone else who off’d themselves on a Facebook page, but I’m still going with Brianne, as we can all hope!

Now for some strange reason Radio decided to make a joke out of what is a serious situation. Suicide is nothing to joke about. Radio also hints that it wishes that the person behind the username is Brianne, in essence wishing her DEAD. For a blogger to express something like this, even in jest is a disgrace.

The subject of cyberbullying and those who commit suicide due to being victimized is no joke.

If it turns out that the suicide is a hoax, it is equally a disgrace but does not excuse those who make a joke out of this ever increasing problem.

Stay Tuned