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dmcaQuite a while back, I wrote on my other blog about a threatening post that had been made against a well known blogger. Soon after I published the article, the blog was hit with a DMCA complaint by the person who claimed to have the rights to it. This was an improper complaint since the person who owned the rights to the e mail in question was the person who received it. I had taken the image of the e mail off the twitter account of the blogger who had been the target of the threat. The net result was that the blog was down while WordPress and I worked to resolve this fraud.

wordpressIn the process of dealing with the complaint, the person whose name appeared on the complaint denied she made it and put the blame solely on the other person. This was in spite WordPress supplying detailed information as to whom they said filed the complaint along with the ip information of the complainer.

Eventually the fraud was verified by WordPress and the blog restored. Over the past day or two, a renewed argument broke out between the same two individuals. I happened to be going through the twitter logs of one of them and lo and behold, I saw where at least a dozen images on that twitter account removed as a result of a DMCA complaint. Care to guess what it was that was the target of the DMCA complaint?



The blogger who had received the alleged threatening e mail. She had posted creen shots of statements and on line actions of the person who had made the DMCA complaint about my blog. As a result of false DMCA  incident, I had broken off any contact with this individual. We mutually agreed to not contact each other. canadaflagHowever, there seems to be some rather odd sock accounts being created on Twitter that winds up either tweeting to  me or following me. The reason for these accounts? To attack the same Ohio woman who was the owner of the e mail that caused the DMCA complaint in the first place.

Actions speak louder than words.

Stay Tuned