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walkerThis is one of those strange situations where the truth is hard to believe. The reason is not so much that such a vibrant and young actor has passed away due to a tragic car accident but it is because of so many hoaxes that appear that claims that someone has either passed away or someone has said something on the internet.  A majority of the time, these claims prove to be a hoax. These claims turn out to to be cruel “jokes” played out by sick individuals who want to garner attention by engaging in such practices.


Not this time.

When the story of Paul Walker’s death began to appear on the various social media sites, Twitter, Facebooks and the many blogs that write about events in the entertainment industry, the claims that this was yet another hoax began to appear. Nobody believed what they read.

After several hours of arguing on the internet, there finally came confirmation from many sources that this is not a hoax and that Paul Walker is in fact dead as a result of a violent automobile accident in California.


It is sad that his death is another example of the consequences of so many false submissions on the internet. The common practice of bloggers and individuals to  log onto  to social media sites and post lie after lie and hoax after hoax has driven people to the mainstream media for the truth.

It was not until the mainstream media began to confirm his death that the truth finally sank in.

When something true is finally posted on the internet, it is even harder for people to believe.

My prayers go out to his friends family and survivors.

Stay Tuned