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MARYFORCEDLevi H Page, who was once affiliated with CNN, HLN, and who counts himself as a close associate of Jane Valez Mitchell as well as a number of other members of the mainstream media has once again announced his attention to do whatever it takes to “run me off the internet.” He certainly has a lot to say about me, most of which is false and certainly all of it recycling old accusations that have been floating around since 2006. I never claimed to be perfect and not to have made mistakes. Have I made mistakes? Yes. But who has not?


It is not so much that he has something to say about me that is the problem more than it is this intention of him and a few close of him to force those they target off of the internet. They want to stop people from posting on Twitter and other social media sites. They do not want their targets to write blogs. They do not want their targetsĀ  to have chats, or to have any kind of multimedia broadcasts.

Levi H Page and his associates do not want, most of all, ANY criticism made about them. They do not want to have their actions or comments questioned. They want complete control over what they say and do without having to be accountable for their actions.


The question is why? The question is why do these people turn their backs on the one fundamental right we all are supposed to enjoy in this country and that is the freedom of speech. Apparently Levi H Page and his associates want to control what people do and say. It is not only the freedom of speech they want to deny to their targets but also dictate what people can and CANNOT do to make a living or seek reimbursement for expenses.

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Levi H Page and his associates have appointed them selves judge and jury over the actions they accuse their targets of. It does not matter that the accusations they make are false. They make up their own rules of evidence. They disregard the rule of law for they make up their own law.

What is necessary to point out here is that this is not about one or two individuals. It is about a trend that is seen more and more often all over the internet. The group Anonymous and others have made themselves the new world order. The earliest example is Anonymous going after The Church of Scientology. Today, this rag tag group of activists go after anyone that displeases them. All rights afforded citizens under the laws of the various countries throughout the world, are meaningless to them. They appoint themselves the laws and the enforcers.

As long as people like Levi H Page and others are able to dictate who can and cannot participate in the freedoms set down by this country, there will be the danger that these freedoms will disappear.

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