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NANONThe one common thread of Anonymous and trolls that seem to be targeting me lately is their bigotry and the use of hate speech. In this case it is a twitter account of someone who claims to be a young divorcee. This female complains that she is only getting 5000 a month in spousal support, even though she has no children. She drives a corvette (complaining it is a used one) because her Bentley got repossed, the latter a car that costs more than most houses, even used. On top of all of this, this so called woman is anti-gay as illustrated by this twitter post .


Several of the Anonymous group use bigoted language on an every day basis. The N word seems to be a favorite with the F word in reference to Gays seems to be a close second. Other bigoted language seems to prevail among the immature trolls who  make up the majority of those who adopt the Anonymous mantra.


anonymous Also an ever growing number of drunken frustrated females who have personal issues are also flocking to the Anonymous movement. It is these individuals, the broken members of society that have made it their mission to stalk and harass me, not for any noble cause, but for the lulz.

This group abuses the power at their disposal and misuse it to torment the innocent.

On December, 31st, on what would have been my deceased wife’s 61st birthday, you and I will find out just how evil Anonymous can be.

Stay tuned