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Monthly Archives: January 2014

rodkimI just got through watching the CNN interview with Dennis Rodman. As most know, Mr Rodman has been taken to task for not intervening with the President of North Korea over the situation involving the American citizen who is in a hard labor camp for a questionable charge having to do with going against the North Korean Government. What is happening to Dennis Rodman is an extreme example of what happens to most of us on the internet on a daily basis. What is this that is happening? It is some of us associating with people others determined unworthy of that association or have done them or their friends wrong.

In the ongoing disputes with bloggers and those around them, this is a common complaint. People draw sides and have this unspoken rule that nobody should interact with those who are friends of or support “the enemy.” Another side of this argument is that once someone has “done you wrong” they should be ostracized and not paid any attention to. I have always disagreed with that policy. I have given second and third chances to people I felt have not acted in my best interests or with whom I had questioned their motives at doing what they did.

I have always felt that there comes a point where one can reach a certain level of interaction with others without fully agreeing what they have done to me or to others. This does not mean that I excuse their behavior but , instead, have made a personal decision that there is some worth in having some interaction with my former and in some cases , current enemies.

This has made me understand to some extent why Rodman considers the man we all consider a despot, a friend. He has found a level of compatibility with someone he calls a friend and that should be a lesson to all of us.

Stay tuned


jbjustinmugI was rather surprised that Justin Bieber was arrested around the exact same time I wrote my blog article “The Two Edged sword of Being Famous” in which I had used his problems in California as an example of how closely people will follow the actions of the rich and famous much closer than similar actions of the average Joe.

Justin’s fame just might result in his being deported from The United States. There are petitions and demands that he be deported in order to have him be an example of what can happen if the Rich and famous who are here as a legal immigrant.


Under normal circumstances, a Legal immigrant might have to have more serious reasons for deportation than is the case of Bieber but in this politically charged era, there are a great deal of powerful forces who want to use any excuse to get the bad apples out of this country.

There is at least one petition circulating demanding he be deported;

There are some who dismiss the idea that he can be deported and to them, I would suggest that you do some research into US law when it comes to what is probable cause for finding oneself in the sights of ICE and involved in a deportation action.

Over the next few weeks we will see if his money will buy him out of this latest set of troubles or buy the fuel for a private jet back to Canada.

Stay Tuned


jbThere are a few ignorant souls out there on the internet that accuse me of wanting to be famous. The rather crude term for this desire is “a fame whore.” True there are some advantages to being known by a vast number of people. One might get to the head of the waiting line, better food or even free food. One gets to meet and interact with other famous people. One might find themselves invited to some neat parties or on tv after taking a free plane ride, limo ride or get to stay in five star hotels for free. Finally, one stands to make a great deal of money which is why a lot of times famous people go out of the way to promote their fame.


And then there is the other side of being famous. The primary advantage of NOT being famous is that there is a lack of accountability for your actions. Depending on how many know you or of you, if you make a mistake or do something stupid, nobody is going to care. If you are NOT famous you are free to do just about anything you want. There is nobody looking over your shoulder. There are no car loads of paparazzi hounding you for photos of you on a bad hair day. Those following you on your social media sites are few and far between. In short nobody gives a flying fuck about you or what you do.


The famous, on the other hand. pay a big price for their fame. One only has to browse the check out stands at the local Wal Mart or tune into the late night comedy shows to see what famous person is being targeted for screwing up in one way or another or who is wearing a crappy dress. enq2

Then there is Facebook and twitter. That little blue dot on Twitter can land a famous person in a whole lot of trouble. That blue dot garners both who love you and who hate you because of who you are. Every second of your life gets probed into because everyone wants to know everything about you. The famous wind up being stalked by hundreds or thousands of people. Since they are public figures, it is far more difficult to fight stalking than if one is not famous.mf1mf2


Next those who are famous find themselves on Google, Bing or other search engines. There are links on those search engines about things that may or may not be true about the famous person. Defending oneself against the lies or hoaxes about them are much harder and most likely will fall on deaf ears.

I laugh at the famous out there because I can do anything I want and go anywhere I want. I am one of the millions of minions out there going about my unimportant life, partaking in my own little routine. I get to go on the social media and read about the famous out there, being arrested, exposed, chased, looking at the photos they do do not want people to see and read the articles people do not want them to read.

Enjoy your fame you famous people for I will read about you on twitter and Facebook or laugh at Jay Leno’s jokes about you.

Stay Tuned



gates hoaxgatesamaGreat news folks, Bill Gates is giving away five grand! Er, no not really. Over the past few years this hoax pops up to teach people a hard lesson that it is easy to fake content on the internet and that one really has to do their homework before getting sucked into a lie. What surprises me is that the same people I warned about this hoax keeps sharing it. Hope is eternal and it is cheaper to gamble a share rather than to go out to buy a lottery ticket. The problem is that it might get more expensive if you fall for this hoax.

Nothing about this form of hoax is real: Bill Gates isn’t giving $5,000 to Facebook users who click a share link, the plan wasn’t written up in USA Today (other than in articles about Internet hoaxes), Microsoft isn’t running a tracked “e-mail beta test” with Bill Gates paying people for participating, and Intel and AOL aren’t merging. Microsoft put up a message on their

The reason is that with some of these hoaxes there is a link to a website or individual where one finds out they have to pay a processing fee to get the five grand. There was a similar hoax where the owner of Facebook was doing the same thing. This is the exact same hoax with a new Billionaire being used.

Same music, different dancers.

Stay Tuned

steubenvilleThere seems to be a gesture starting on Twitter for a way to end the bitter debate between all sides regarding the Steubenville rape case and the damage that has been done. There are those with strong wills and viewpoints on all sides. There are the accusations the threats and so forth as is always the case with hot button issues on the internet. There are many who are tiring of the fight and are looking for a way out. Someone has come forward and offered to mediate. An olive branch has been extended and a gesture made.

Now all is needed is for someone to come forward to take that first step towards healing the wounds the rape case has opened. There are lessons to be learned and reforms to be made to prevent another incident of this nature. What is needed now are those with level heads who can cooperate in finding a solution that will satisfy everyone so that all can move on.

Stay Tuned


volcanoThings are getting hot on Twitter town tonight. Michelle L McKee who claims to have federal connections and also claimed to be an investigator of some sort for NICB is now threatening the owner of an Atlanta based blog with some sort of revenge for wrongs she claims has been done to her and others.


I doubt the blog owner has anything to worry about since Michelle has the investigative skills of a rock. She has yet to come close to finding anything other than links to rumors and innuendo as well as demonstrating a knack for making herself look like a fool.

At the least, it will be entertaining watching Michelle destroy herself in her own words.

Stay tuned


deadroyAbout 15 minutes before this article was written, the above tweet showed up. As of yet nothing has shown up by the main stream media to confirm this. It will be another sad joke about the death of someone if this turns out not to be true.


The internet is a strange place where fiction can become fact in a hurry. I would certainly hope that Roy is still alive. If he is not, my prayers go out to his family and the other transporters on the show.



Stay tuned


The next time you read about someone who  is accused of something such as dm’s or posting on twitter, threats to send sex offenders after certain targets, this stunt should show that sometimes these things are created out of satire,parody or pure meanness that are simply not true.

The woman highlighted in this photo is not missing.



This is someone’s idea of a joke as are a lot of items that seem to find their way on the internet. Photoshopped images of people in certain awkward situations, twitter posts, or even private messages made on Paltalk,

In virtually all of the cases the content is fake created by a troll with a warped sense of humor or vigilantism.

Stay tuned


alevyThe talk about a lawsuit as a result of an article by Ariel Levy has to be satire as anyone discussing this subject has to know that the lawsuit is not going to happen and it would not be winnable if it did. What is funny about these discussions is whom it is that is suggested to bring the lawsuit. The plaintiff in this lawsuit would be none other than the defendant in the famous Saltsman v Goddard lawsuit that was filed in the State of Ohio.


The core of the defense in that lawsuit was freedom of speech and it is also the reason that The Ohio chapter of the ACLU got involved. What is interesting about any lawsuit filed by the plaintiff is that her own defense arguments cited in the Ohio lawsuit would be used against her.


There is also the matter of discovery. It might serve those arguing for these lawsuits to watch the movie entitled “The Social Network” which detailed the two lawsuits that broke out over the creation of Facebook. While the lawsuits were mainly for breech of contract and theft of intellectual property issues, it was the process of discovery and depositions that were the most important.


The Plaintiff would have to give a SWORN deposition (under oath) as part of the discovery process in the lawsuit that would be done by the defendant’s legal council. It is likely that prior bad acts would also be admissible in the lawsuit which, in this case, would be the various blogs and social media sites operated by and commented on by the plaintiff.

Another problem for the plaintiff is that since it is she who would have filed the lawsuit, there would be no hiding in the desert to avoid process servers. The act of filing would require the disclosure of residence and a personal appearance at any number of depositions and court sessions that the lawsuit would produce.

In short, the lawsuit would open a can of worms that the Plaintiff would just as soon remain closed.

There will be no lawsuit.

Any talk of a lawsuit satire at best and a joke at most.

Stay Tuned


crystalsI have just confirmed with the Baker County Sheriff’s office that Crystal Sheffield was arrested for driving on a suspended license. She is still being held pending further actions. The mother of still missing Haleigh Cummings just cannot seem to stay out of trouble.

Stay Tuned