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jbjustinmugI was rather surprised that Justin Bieber was arrested around the exact same time I wrote my blog article “The Two Edged sword of Being Famous” in which I had used his problems in California as an example of how closely people will follow the actions of the rich and famous much closer than similar actions of the average Joe.

Justin’s fame just might result in his being deported from The United States. There are petitions and demands that he be deported in order to have him be an example of what can happen if the Rich and famous who are here as a legal immigrant.


Under normal circumstances, a Legal immigrant might have to have more serious reasons for deportation than is the case of Bieber but in this politically charged era, there are a great deal of powerful forces who want to use any excuse to get the bad apples out of this country.

There is at least one petition circulating demanding he be deported;

There are some who dismiss the idea that he can be deported and to them, I would suggest that you do some research into US law when it comes to what is probable cause for finding oneself in the sights of ICE and involved in a deportation action.

Over the next few weeks we will see if his money will buy him out of this latest set of troubles or buy the fuel for a private jet back to Canada.

Stay Tuned