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gates hoaxgatesamaGreat news folks, Bill Gates is giving away five grand! Er, no not really. Over the past few years this hoax pops up to teach people a hard lesson that it is easy to fake content on the internet and that one really has to do their homework before getting sucked into a lie. What surprises me is that the same people I warned about this hoax keeps sharing it. Hope is eternal and it is cheaper to gamble a share rather than to go out to buy a lottery ticket. The problem is that it might get more expensive if you fall for this hoax.

Nothing about this form of hoax is real: Bill Gates isn’t giving $5,000 to Facebook users who click a share link, the plan wasn’t written up in USA Today (other than in articles about Internet hoaxes), Microsoft isn’t running a tracked “e-mail beta test” with Bill Gates paying people for participating, and Intel and AOL aren’t merging. Microsoft put up a message on their

The reason is that with some of these hoaxes there is a link to a website or individual where one finds out they have to pay a processing fee to get the five grand. There was a similar hoax where the owner of Facebook was doing the same thing. This is the exact same hoax with a new Billionaire being used.

Same music, different dancers.

Stay Tuned