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Monthly Archives: January 2014

fromxWhen I was provided the link to this pastebin, I was asked if this is real or not. Quite frankly, I do not know. What I do know is that it is a story of betrayal by those he thought were friends. It is a story of selfishness and the realities that those around us may not be the friends we thought they were.

From the Pastebin:

“When Arron Schwartz took his own life, I often wondered – in the days and hours prior to his death did he reach out to anyone around him?  Either directly or indirectly?  As the moment of my own death draws ever nearer I have my answer. He could have, and it would not have mattered because people do not listen. They hear what they want to hear, and they hate to have their lives interrupted with someone else’s sudden needs.
In the past several days as my physical illness and the agony of it combined with the complete isolation and despair which has become my life these past few months grew unbearable, I began to see a merciful suicide as the only hope and the only release. Some will say I suffered mental illness at the end as well, and I surely would not deny this – I certainly seem to be in the depths of a hellish illness that tears at both my body and mind.
In three days, I have reached out to three people close to me and straight out told them I intended to end my life.  Two of these “friends” were too busy to do anything. A third actually asked if he could have the passwords to all the old PLF sites and resources before I ended it. At one point I offered one friend to postpone for a couple of days my decision if he would drop off at my place some cigarettes and pain relievers. Again, this person was to busy. The cost of a brothers life today is apparently less than a bottle of tylenol and a pack of smokes.
When the lives of others are that cheap, when no on can be bothered to hear the cries of those of us in anguish who need our friends and family – then the loss of people like myself and Arron Schwartz should be expected. Based on my experience these past few days I believe Arron DID reach out. Maybe he was not as direct as I was, maybe he was. I do not know if he blamed those who could have helped but didn’t. I actually do blame those I told. In my 5 decades on this planet I never, ever ignored a plea for help from a stranger much less a dear friend. To do so is so insanely negligent, heartless and cruel there really are no words. All I wanted was to not die alone. Instead I will die alone, terrified and alone. I now know how Arron felt near the end.
So, farewell. I have no kind words to make you all feel better about yourselves. Any loss you feel over my death you need to look to your own action or inaction to weigh what you could have done. For the three men whom I told, shame on you. Shame on you for your callousness. You were my brothers, my friends. I trusted you. I reached out to you and I begged you for help and you turned your back on me. Know that because of you, I died terrified and alone and in anguish. You know who you are, and I hope you bear the guilt of what you have done to the end of your days.”
I am not sure what to take from this pastebin other than it should be a warning for those around someone they consider a friend to listen closely or risk losing that friend to death.
Stay tuned


I was sent an article from a blog by someone prominent in the Steubenville rape case. What struck me about the article is the complaints the author made about what “others” wished to happen  to her and her so called best friend. I find the complaints remarkable since it was she and her BFF who stated the exact same wishes against me and those I consider my friends. This author made a statement that she would offer to perform oral sex to any military person who induced physical harm upon me.


Several years back this same author wished that the wheel chairs would fall off in reference to a woman with one leg amputated. This author has also made pornographic photoshopped images of those she has issues with, me included. This woman who complains about a photo of her in a Nazi uniform when it was she that put photoshopped photos of people sitting naked on an outdoor toilet and also published obviously fraudulant internet content.

As for her BFF that she mentioned in her self pity piece, she leaves out the woman’s vow to pee on my grave upon my death which she has wished for on many occasions. I have been instructed to kill myself by various methods. This same woman has wished the same on others.

Rather conveniently, this woman took down her blog so that those who follow her writings concerning the Big Red Rape case she has inserted herself into cannot see her true history. Her current fans do not get to see the torment she put her own family through when she accused them of such things as racism, criminal actions such as tax evasion and so forth while at the same time acting as a power of attorney for someone convicted of check fraud and in a state prison.

This same blog author also once published a highly racist blog where she poked fun of a woman’s highly personal physical condition.

So I leave it at this. Those who support that blogger  need be reminded that there is a lot of history she has created that she has taken a great deal of time and effort to erase. What you see now is an illusion of someone who is nothing more than a pretender.

The truth to some extent is still out there although the blogger in question is doing everything she can to hide it.

Stay tuned


twitterAn Atlanta blogger has again stated with absolute certainty that it knows the identity of each and every anonymous twitter account that is created. It made this admission as recent as a few hours before the writing of this blog article. Now, before you, the reader, start thinking that the blog owner is using satire, which it uses as an excuse to publish lie after lie about anyone that comes on it’s radar, it must be pointed out the autobiography of this person where it makes certain claims about itself.att

The blogger claims to have a degree in electrical engineering. The blogger also claims to have a degree in Mechanical Engineering. This same person claims to have delved into the highly technical hobby of ham radio. This is a hobby where those with the correct knowledge build radio transcievers and even specialized television transcievers from scratch. In all of these areas, a high degree of sophisticated knowledge is needed to be any good in or to accomplish the various goals that might be desired.


This same person has stated that it is a high level employee (or consultant) that has extensively traveled throughout the country in the capacity  of an engineer, thus having access to servers holding the kind of information that and other social media services possess about each and every one of us.

ontheairIt is also been stated that the blogger is also an expert in the computer software and hardware field. The person has been known to claim that they have assembled computers from scratched.

Thus, what we have here is not some teenager or twenty something bumbling with code they took from a hacker chat site but instead, a well educated engineer who would know the nuances in the structure of Twitter and be able to breech their security.

It would seem then, that Twitter may have someone illegally poking around on their servers gathering information that they have claimed not to be obtainable.

They only need to look as far as Atlanta for the answers to that claim.

Stay tuned


dog1I have been interested in those out there that go through all out efforts to rescue Dogs and other creatures that are abused, abandoned or saved from death at high kill animal shelters. I have always wondered what would happen if one of these rescues went wrong. Today I saw the answer. It seems that this woman who rescued a German Shepard from a high kill shelter asked an unidentified woman to care for her for a short while.


The problem came about when she went to get her dog and the dog sitter refused to give the dog back. Now there is a Facebook page dedicated to getting the dog back from the unidentified woman.


This brings up an unusual problem within the animal rescue and fostering community. How does one solve the problem of a foster who will not give up custody of the animal in their care? It seems that there is going to have to be a written agreement in place so that this sort of thing can be avoided. It is easy to fall in love with an animal you are fostering. It is that much harder to give the animal up when someone wants to adopt it or in this case, wants the dog back.

I would hope that the woman would return the dog to it’s rightful owner and rescue one for herself or perhaps adopt one of the puppies. I would also hope that everyone in the foster and rescue community learn from this woman’s plight and make clear and written agreements between all of the parties involved in order to prevent problems such as this from happening again.

Stay Tuned


amydwebsleuthsanonmaskThere was an interesting debate on twitter today between me and an account holder over the blog article I wrote where someone is accusing Tricia Griffith, the co-owner of of being part of a group who was cyber bulling someone by the name of Amy Durant. One comment by the person was rather interesting:

@MURTWITNESSONE No idea who she is, what was said, or who said it, yet you strongly suggest it is Tricia of WS?”

Vp did not read the article correctly as I stated that it was not ME that made the accusation but that of the author in the article I cited. This was my point. There seems to be a lot of people going around accusing others of things without proof other than questionable links found by Google or elsewhere. The accusers are always anonymous, hiding behind handles or, in the case of the article I cited, not giving any kind of identification at all.

Accusations are also made by members of the hacktivist group Anonymous. Most of this “information” is done through the practice of doxing on pastebin and other accounts where it is hard to trace who it is that is posting the information.

Once again those out there on the internet need to be reminded that it is easy to make accusations from behind closed doors or behind a mask. It is quite another to put a legal name on the accusation and to be held accountable for their accusations. That may not make the accusations true but at least there is a name behind the accuser.

I would suggest that before you accept an accusation from ANY source, including ME, that you take the time to research what is published and decide for yourselves.


Stay tuned



A small blog was recently brought to my attention. In it was the claim that a woman by the name of Amy Davunt was being smeared on the internet. Upon reading the blog I was struck at the parallels to what happened to me. What also caught my attention was one name that was associated with the smearing of this woman. It was none other than Trica Griffith the co owner of


From the blog: “The lies these women (MayraM, Tricia Griffith, Laura Braden, Jennifer Johnson, Andrea Kruger, Heather Sparkman, and whoever they intend to recruit as a part of the smear campaign) are horrible and so untrue, we don’t understand why they would bully and harass anyone. We actually feel sorry for them and we hope Mayra Martinez, Tricia Griffith, and the individuals they recruit all get the help they need.”

What was not contained in the blog is what was said about Amy Davunt that caused the blog in question to be created.

Now why on earth would Ms Griffith be a part of something like this? Is the accusation against Trica Griffith and the others named true? If Trica Griffith is guilty of being involved in this kind of cyber abuse, who else has she targeted? These questions are those I cannot answer. I do not have the resources. Others out there might have the resources to get to the truth of what is being claimed in the blog.

The attacking of a single individual by a group of on line abusers is on the rise. It would be a shame if the co owner of one of the largest true crime blogs is one of them.

Stay tuned


meocsoI saw a rather curious statement on twitter recently where someone was called a freak because certain photos were published on a twitter account that were taken off his and other Facebook accounts without his permission. Why this statement is curious to me is that this very same person took an image of mine, and without my permission, put the photo in a false narrative blog about me. In addition those he is friendly with have been doing the same thing to me and others for years.

He has been noticeably quiet when it comes to their actions. This is consistent behavior on his part. When it is either him or his allies, certain actions are off limits. When it is his foes or targets, every action is fair game.

This shows that this person is a consistent hypocrite when it comes to pointing out the actions of others. I do not condone the use of personal pictures in these kinds of circumstances. If there are images that come from the public domain, then it falls under the fair use. Hijacking images off of people’s personal social media pages and using them to impersonate the individual is both highly unethical and is a violation of their copyrights.

Getting these rules are difficult when the bloggers who engage in these practices have their own domains and ignore the complaints when lodged. Some bloggers have even gone to the extent to hide their identities and to go off shore to hosts that do not honor copyrights and make the complaint process that much more difficult.

I was hoping that we had seen the end of these personal attacks with the coming of the new year, but it seems there are people out there who just cannot stop.

Stay tuned


There has been an outcry on twitter over a post that many considered a terroristic treat against the city of Steubenville. It seems the person making the post does not think well of the citizens there. As a result of his posts, some have contacted law enforcement and reported this individual.


His response? The statement was derived from a song. On his blog he even cited the band who is attributed to it. He called those who took the lyrics seriously, morons.  Some would call him a moron for making the statement in the first place. He did not say that it was a song or link to the band until the backlash to his post was made.

In light of what has been happening lately, the school shootings, the bombings and so forth that he would have thought more carefully before making such a statement.

Will there be any consequences for his actions? Time will tell.

Stay tuned


ohiosasealninethRape of any kind destroys all involved. It destroys the survivor and rapist alike. It does not matter if there was a violent act or if it was an overstepping of bounds by the rapist who was the friend of the survivor. I was the Jury foreman in a rape case here in Orlando around the time of the trial in the Steubenville rape case. While in the jury box within 10 feet of the Survivor as she testified, I was able to see the pain and betrayal on her face. She had to account the evening where a friend she had known for years betrayed her trust and forced himself on her, ever so briefly and destroyed both of their lives forever.

As I type this, the rapist is in a Florida state prison for his crime and the survivor has moved on trying to mend the wounds the event created. The same thing holds true for Steubenville. Those who were charged and found guilty have paid the price for their actions. Others involved in certain aspects of the case are also paying the price of their actions. Some by criminal acts and others from the scorn of the internet and the public at large.

All sides of both of these cases, be it the actor, the survivor or those around them, will live with the life changing results of these cases. What one can hope is that all can learn from what happened and that solutions can be found to prevent these sorts of things from happening again.

Stay tuned


bigredThere was once a blogger who criticized those who wanted to Boycott Casey Anthony and continues to discuss that case today. There is a blogger who criticizes those who to this day discuss the Haleigh Cummings case and the various theories that abound that case. And now there is the Steubenville Rape case. With those found guilty serving their sentences and living with the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives as well as a number of others facing trial for various criminal acts associated with the case, there is still the intense discussions criticisms and infighting in full force to this day.

That same blogger not only does not criticize those who still attack the residents of Steubenville. The blogger either remains silent or even joins in on the criticism from time to time.

Just as in the other two cases, those who still attack the citizens of Steubenville who are trying to mend the wounds caused by the rape, seem to refuse to move on.

Human nature at it’s best.