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rodkimI just got through watching the CNN interview with Dennis Rodman. As most know, Mr Rodman has been taken to task for not intervening with the President of North Korea over the situation involving the American citizen who is in a hard labor camp for a questionable charge having to do with going against the North Korean Government. What is happening to Dennis Rodman is an extreme example of what happens to most of us on the internet on a daily basis. What is this that is happening? It is some of us associating with people others determined unworthy of that association or have done them or their friends wrong.

In the ongoing disputes with bloggers and those around them, this is a common complaint. People draw sides and have this unspoken rule that nobody should interact with those who are friends of or support “the enemy.” Another side of this argument is that once someone has “done you wrong” they should be ostracized and not paid any attention to. I have always disagreed with that policy. I have given second and third chances to people I felt have not acted in my best interests or with whom I had questioned their motives at doing what they did.

I have always felt that there comes a point where one can reach a certain level of interaction with others without fully agreeing what they have done to me or to others. This does not mean that I excuse their behavior but , instead, have made a personal decision that there is some worth in having some interaction with my former and in some cases , current enemies.

This has made me understand to some extent why Rodman considers the man we all consider a despot, a friend. He has found a level of compatibility with someone he calls a friend and that should be a lesson to all of us.

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