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jbThere are a few ignorant souls out there on the internet that accuse me of wanting to be famous. The rather crude term for this desire is “a fame whore.” True there are some advantages to being known by a vast number of people. One might get to the head of the waiting line, better food or even free food. One gets to meet and interact with other famous people. One might find themselves invited to some neat parties or on tv after taking a free plane ride, limo ride or get to stay in five star hotels for free. Finally, one stands to make a great deal of money which is why a lot of times famous people go out of the way to promote their fame.


And then there is the other side of being famous. The primary advantage of NOT being famous is that there is a lack of accountability for your actions. Depending on how many know you or of you, if you make a mistake or do something stupid, nobody is going to care. If you are NOT famous you are free to do just about anything you want. There is nobody looking over your shoulder. There are no car loads of paparazzi hounding you for photos of you on a bad hair day. Those following you on your social media sites are few and far between. In short nobody gives a flying fuck about you or what you do.


The famous, on the other hand. pay a big price for their fame. One only has to browse the check out stands at the local Wal Mart or tune into the late night comedy shows to see what famous person is being targeted for screwing up in one way or another or who is wearing a crappy dress. enq2

Then there is Facebook and twitter. That little blue dot on Twitter can land a famous person in a whole lot of trouble. That blue dot garners both who love you and who hate you because of who you are. Every second of your life gets probed into because everyone wants to know everything about you. The famous wind up being stalked by hundreds or thousands of people. Since they are public figures, it is far more difficult to fight stalking than if one is not famous.mf1mf2


Next those who are famous find themselves on Google, Bing or other search engines. There are links on those search engines about things that may or may not be true about the famous person. Defending oneself against the lies or hoaxes about them are much harder and most likely will fall on deaf ears.

I laugh at the famous out there because I can do anything I want and go anywhere I want. I am one of the millions of minions out there going about my unimportant life, partaking in my own little routine. I get to go on the social media and read about the famous out there, being arrested, exposed, chased, looking at the photos they do do not want people to see and read the articles people do not want them to read.

Enjoy your fame you famous people for I will read about you on twitter and Facebook or laugh at Jay Leno’s jokes about you.

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