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Monthly Archives: February 2014

gayflagOne of the things I find confusing about the Anti LBGT laws that have been either enacted or are being considered to be enacted is why businesses would want to turn away an opportunity to make money. This certainly seems to be the case in Arizona. While it is noble of the LGBT community to fight this kind of legislation, another battle tactic would be to hit those who are against the LBGT community in the pocketbook.

Those inside the LBGT community and those, like myself, who do not engage in the lBGT style but support the LBGT community should declare their support.

I am not a business and do not make any money from my websites but I do feel compelled to set an example here by declaring my websites and blogs as LBGT friendly.

Businesses should advertize themselves as LBGT friendly and welcome their business and most importantly their MONEY.

As those businesses who reject the LBGT lifestyle stare at their empty stores and cash registers, those in the LBGT community and their supports will reap the benefits.

Stay tuned


1062The principal reason stated by supporters for the Arizona law that was just vetoed was that it violated their religious freedom to serve those who exercised the LGBT lifestyle. The supporters maintain that the only valid marriage is between a man and a woman and that the LBGT lifestyle as a whole is a sin. One possible solution to this problem is for the LGBT to create their own church. Under the protection of religious freedom the LGBT community would then be able to lobby for the same religious rights that are afforded the so called “mainstream religions.”


While their lifestyle is not legal in this country polygamy is a lifestyle practiced by those primarily of the Mormon faith. It would be logical, therefore, for this group to also fight for their religious freedom to conduct their lives as they see fit.

I am a bit surprised that these various groups have not taken this approach in the debate over the legality of their lifestyles and marriage. The US constitution affords everyone their freedom of religion and their right to abide by the guidelines of that religion.

I would suggest that the LGBT community consider this approach to solve their long standing problem of being able to live the lifestyle they so desire.

Stay tuned


ACCUSEDOFI was a bit surprised when I came across this link tonight on twitter.

It seems that more proof about the weakness of Google and other search engines came at a time when a troll is bragging about having “links” as to some proof of one kind or another. This rather young ignorant fool does not appear to understand how Google works. The troll does not understand what Google can and CANNOT do. The one thing GOOGLE cannot do is to validate the truth or authenticity of the content of the link. All ANY search engine provides is the location of the material and nothing else.

Relying SOLELY on A web search engine as proof of a point or accusation is a fools errand.

Stay tuned


krDuring a spate of twitter accusations from a troll who just cannot seem to get a life of his own brings up some rather interesting accusations against a blogger out of the state of Ohio. Now I am not going to name this blogger but am writing this article to make this blogger understand just how these accusations come about and how links to these troll accusations can be used by unexpected sources in ways the troll may not have anticipated.


About a month or so ago, someone put me into their twitter log while intimidating the blogger in question. When I checked into the twitter log of the sock account, I was surprised to see that there was a claim of Pedophelia within it. This brings us up to tonight’s accusations from my current troll. He claims to have proof of his accusations which are links off of the internet. The sock account made this same claim. The sock claimed to have proof to back up their accusation.


What is important to understand here is that there are people out there that are willing to throw out all kinds of accusations against others that they disagree with or consider an enemy. What the accuser does not take into account is that they may become the accused from unexpected sources.

The lesson to be learned here is to stop the accusing and get a life. Much to much time has been wasted over the years with these vendettas rather than partaking in more constructive activities. It might be incumbent on certain bloggers to reexamine their past actions and those they associated with to see if corrective actions may be necessary to correct past wrongs.

Failure to do so may result in unwanted and unexpected consequences to the accusers.

Stay tuned



canadaconstitutionA rather odd dispute broke out recently between me and a Canadian Blogger who seems to like to write blogs where she mentions people by name but does not like it when her name is mentioned in small blogs such as this one. In it’s face that would seem to be counterintuitive since mentioning her name would generate more readers to her blog to see what all the fuss is about.

Apparently, the Canadian blogger did not realize that Canada does have freedom of speech. While not exactly the same as the USA first amendment, it does address that right:

Fundamental freedoms

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

  • (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
  • (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
  • (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
  • (d) freedom of association.

The blogger in question decided to threaten me by stating that if I did not remove her name off of my blog she would report me to Canadian authorities for harassment or invasion if privacy. Again this is rather odd since the bulk of her writing is about both public and non public figures that she feels like gossiping about. The bulk of her writings are of a negative nature concerning an Ohio blogger that I have also had issues with in the past.

The Ohio blogger and I worked out a simple solution to our problem. We simply quit arguing with each other and agreed to disagree when it came to certain points of view we have.

It is an option the Canadian blogger might choose to consider.



SP26OEXXGAMES_ADO4263In 2012 Snowboarder Sarah Burke died as the result of injuries suffered after an accident she had while on a practice run. She was a four time gold medal winner in the Superpipe Winter X games as well as winning the 2005 world Superpipe championship. What is unique about Sarah’s achievement is that she is a pioneer in the sport. She fought hard for the woman’s Superpipe games and also strongly lobbied the International Olympics Committee to have the games included in the 2012 games. While the sport was not in the 2012 games, it did debut in the 2014 games.

sarah1This turned out to be Sarah’s legacy. The woman who competed in the sport tonight honored and thanked Sarah for her efforts in the creation of this sport and for successfully lobbying to have the sport included in the 2014 Olympic games. There was a candlelight vigil for Sarah this evening by both the Snowboarders and the volunteers. Many Snowboarders had “I believe in Sarah” painted on their helmets.

sarahIt is rare for someone to achieve so much and be remembered for it. Sarah Burke was a rare person who fought the good fight and won.

Stay tuned


rcmpThere are times when I check my twitter account and think “now what?” Yet another accusation against me is alleged and again this is alleged to have been reported to law enforcement. The problem is that this time around Holly Briley has denied doing any such thing. On it’s face this is a rather odd claim to be made about me since I have nothing to do with Canada anyway. I do not have a passport. I do not go to Canada since it is to darn cold up there and I am broke to begin with.

So the question has to be, how does Canada come into play in this latest drama? The answer lies with someone that Holly Briley has had an ongoing internet battle with for years, Brianne Chantal. Now I do not know if Brianne is behind the sock account but Holly certainly believes this is the case. It would explain how Canada got pulled into this since Brianne is a Canadian national.


One thing this stunt does point out is how easy it is for someone with the will and ability, to create false content and direct that content towards those who may have an agenda against their target. Remember the mantra “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” This is how I got entwined with Holly in this latest drama. Holly and I are not exactly friends and there are those out there that know it.

By sending me so called proof that Holly told a law enforcement agency that I was a rapist, someone hoped that I would start an all out blog war with Holly over this accusation. The problem is that the author of the tweets seems to have forgotten the DMCA incident that got my other blog shut down for a month. It was claimed that Holly faked this claim by somehow impersonating Brianne’s e mail account when sending the complaint to WordPress. The problem with this theory is that WordPress sent me the e mail address of the person making the complaint. It was the same account that Brianne and I had been communicating through when trying to sort this situation out. Now is it possible to hijack an e mail account and impersonate the account holder? Yes it is but it is not that easy to do and there are ways to inform those concerned of the impersonation.

This incident is yet another lesson for everyone to learn when it comes to coming across serious accusations made against people on line. The vast majority of these accusations are being made by trolls that have nothing better to do than ruin the lives of people they target. The sooner we turn against these trolls the better it will be for all of us.

Stay Tuned


dcboookAs part of his promotion of his E-book, Private Detective Dominic Casey states that Cindy Anthony knew as early as August of 2008 that Caylee was dead. Detective Casey also makes other startling comments on his Facebook page regarding the activities of Atty Jose Baez, Casey and the Anthony Family.

For example, BOOK – “Privilege Waived”

“Had I been asked the right questions while on the stand, my testimony would have put Casey Anthony on death row.”

dominiccaseyThis statement by Detective Casey is striking in that it implies that Detective Casey may be claiming that he had full knowledge of the fate of Caylee early in the case as well as having inside information of what may have caused Caylee’s death and the alleged cover up of this information.

There are other statements on the Facebook page that are just as startling:

“Jose Baez and Casey Anthony were formidable partners of deceit. Together they damaged many lives using the frame and blame game.”

Dominic Casey, D&A Investigations, Inc.


As of yet, Detective Casey has not been specific as to what lives were damaged. Were these lives those that Atty Baez tried to imply had something to do with the fate of Caylee or does the detectives statement imply that there were certain actions taken against those in the mainstream and social media who expressed certain points of view regarding Casey as well as Cindy and George Anthony.

The one thing I find interesting about this E-book is that Detective Casey is emphatic that he will not be granting any interviews. He has also made statements that any rumors stating that he has scheduled interviews with any network are false. This goes against the grain of the normal practice by an author to promote their work. Usually it is the goal of an author of a work to get as many people as possible to buy and read their work. The e-book is not free. One has to pay to read the full contents.

Part one is already published and available and as the title of this blog states, part two will be published on the 21st of this month.

Last year I confronted Detective Casey with a few questions of my own regarding his actions on the behalf of the Anthony family that concerned me directly. He hid behind the client privilege shield and did not answer my questions. Somehow I doubt that he will this time around although there are some truths about the fate of Caylee and the actions of certain individuals that need to come out.

As the year of resolution plods along day by day, we can only guess what truths will come from the pen of Detective Dominic Casey

Stay tuned



“I ask the community for their prayers for our fallen deputy’s family which includes a wife and three small children.” – Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Sheriff Jerry L. Demings



thackedEvery day we see news reports of hackers reaping millions off of credit information obtained by hacking commercial websites. Today there will be more congressional hearings where the management of the commercial sites that were hacked will discuss what steps they are going to take to prevent such massive hacks in the future. One thing that is not being discussed is how to deal with the hackers directly.


The best way to deal with hackers is the make the cost of their crimes be not worth the price of hacking into places where they do not belong. There are a number of steps that can be taken by BOTH the government and private sectors to put the pressure on hackers.


The first step that can be taken is that all levels of government from the states to the federal government is to start ENFORCING CURRENT LAW. Anyone who has been a victim of those who violate the various laws regarding cybercrimes can attest to how difficult it is to get their local law enforcement to go after hackers who have targeted them. Most law enforcement agencies do not have a clue what hacking is and they certainly do not have a clue or the training to understand what it is against the law.

Law enforcement also considers the hacking of an individual a minor crime. Size does matter as the recent hacks of Target and other major websites has demonstrated. What law enforcement does NOT understand is that the hackers that went after Target did so after training themselves by going after the small fry, namely US.

A hacker is almost the same as someone who gets addicted to drugs. They start out by hacking individuals e mails and various social media sites. As they gain knowledge and experience, the begin to get greedy and look for ways to make money off of their hacking. The key then is to nip their criminal activity in the bud.

ALL hacking from the most minor to the worst needs to be punished. Getting scared straight might deter some beginner hackers from moving into the more serious and damaging areas of hacking.


The legislatures of all levels of government need to start beefing up the laws regarding hacking and other acts of cyber crimes. The punishment level for hacking needs to be severe enough to deter people from getting involved with criminal hacking to begin with. A lengthy jail sentence might help curb this problem. The laws should also have restrictions on how hackers can access the internet and that access should be prohibited in the most severe cases.

The next step would be a combined government and private sector solution to the hacker problem. There should be a national and perhaps international hacker registry modeled after the sexual predator registries. The database would be exactly the same.  Anyone convicted of a cyber  crime would have to follow the same rules by having to notify law enforcement of where they live and provide their real names as well as their online access information. This might also prevent employers from hiring someone who could do a great deal of harm to their computers.

The next step is for the private sector to lobby the various legislatures to enact, enforce and beef up the laws regarding all levels of cyber crimes. The private business sector has a lot of clout with the various governments and could bring pressure to bear on the government that we as individuals cannot.

The private sector also needs to do their part in the civil arena. They need to start suing the hackers. A lot of companies do not seem to understand the costs they incur by being hacked. Hackers have been largely ignored in the past because the damage done by their actions and the costs had not been fully understood by the businesses being attacked. Most businesses simply absorbed the costs as a part of doing business and the costs were eventually passed on to customers in the form of higher prices.

By taking hackers to court, they get put on notice that there will be a severe price to pay for their actions. Not only will a hacker have to shell out for the costs of going to court, they may also find that their parents or guardians may pay the price as well, if they are underage. There will also be a court record naming the hacker as a defendant.

Another step that anyone who has been the victim of a hackers is to post complaints of their actions on the various websites set up for purposes of this nature. If a hacker finds himself on one of these websites, his prospects for gaining employment in the information technology fields or in any area of trust will be greatly diminished. Employers are using the internet to screen future applicants on the internet and  would not  employ someone who is an acknowledged thief.

And, yes, a hacker is a thief. They steal information and eventually steal money. It is time to treat hackers as the thieves they are.

Stay tuned